I Found Out Who Deleted My Site

Yep, the title is telling the truth. I got an email from one of my friends in my class saying that they deleted it. It was supposed to be a silly joke. They apologized, but I still don’t think that’s enough. I made a new site for Militia, http://militiaofcp.wordpress.com/ Thank you to everybody who helped me find out who the hacker was. They do not have a wordpress account, nor do they get on CP, so I can’t report them to anybody. I’m still very angry about it though. Just today, I quit one of my best armies, and rejoined it. This argument has made a lot of my friends mad at me (If you read this Miroos or Fresca, I’m sorry) I hope to just forget about this and start all over again.



5 Responses

  1. Well, at least you found who deleted it.

  2. that kid in ur class maybe is maybe a spy for one off the armies and lied about not having a account and stuff. The first guy in our army to kno this is called TRY and we dont kno were he came from

  3. Good job Uni. To bad you get get him back.

  4. Err your my friend in the CPUN but my enemy in the USCP if that makes sense… XP

  5. We are the champions and we are
    http://www.rubmyboob.com/gallery/395bth/23.htm no.1 , iupiii

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