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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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What the CPUN would do in these situations

General98: I live in Toronto (Canada), and for the last two days and today, it was hotter here (in Toronto) then it was in LA.

Mustang422 here , uhh…………..I live in LA but I forgot biout’ the internet for a few weeks……..

Dee edit: Oh yeah, we’ll make the official editing colors in tomorrow’s post. I’ll also be making editing rules. 😀

 ATM Edit: I call dark red! Dark red is the one I’m in now. So no one takin it.

Godplayer: I call red! 😀 OK guys, I fixed almost every error I could find on the members page, but WordPress is having BIG formatting errors. We can’t edit posts from the top, make spaces in pages, etc. So bare with us while we wait for WP to fix this mess up. Da coolest edit from da coolest Uni: And I call green! I’m very defensive over my green

Atm, you are part of the Ministy of Defense. You and Swat 😀 . Feephil is now leader of the Golds, I’d like to congratulate him though. He wants the Golds to join the CPUN.

I put General 98 in the post 😀 .

Unicow is making “cool edits” below. 😀 Uni cool edit: Cuz I’m cool like that. Lots of 😀 ‘s

May 21, 2009


Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo

Hi everyone, Dee here.

In some recent news, I heard the United Nations Security Council or ‘Blue Helmets‘ (which I posted about some time ago) went to Congo to see how the Security Council there was going. They went to investigate because some Security Council members weren’t doing their work well and were abusing the Africans.

I suggest we get our Security Council active. Maybe two representatives from each army.

This may help to situtations such as war between members – Miroos/Zamros question.

Here are some things that could happen:

1. Security Council investigation

-We could send out the Security Council to see the server on where the war is going to happen. They’ll be there to keep the war safe and not overcrowded by too many ‘citizens’ and ‘pedestrians’. This will be hard because armies might complain that we are joining the war. This will be easier to do with non-major army wars. We should respect the wants of major armies like not butting in a war or staying out of a war.

2. Try stopping the war

-This option might not be the one to have the majority vote because… nowadays, war is more of a fun thing 😀 . But if the war is something that really should be stopped to protect out members, then we as the CPUN, should look for a way to persuade them out of the war and settle things in a different way like the Supreme Court.

3. Support

-Sometimes, armies want to have war because they really want to. We respect the rights and wants of these armies, but, if one of the armies ask for our support, we could support that army, but that doesn’t mean teaming up with them. that would be completely unfair to the other army unless they are not in the CPUN but still, unfair. But hey, it’s a privilege to be in the CPUN because you have so many friends to look out for you and your army 😉 .

Ex. The On-Going war. Maybe the ACP couldv’e asked for our help. Maybe not. The RFW perhaps? They could just ask and then we would help. This is also why we should keep our members active, it’s so that they don’t forget they’re in the CPUN and that they have special privileges.

Anyway that’s all for that. I wanted to ask Ktman if maybe the Gamma Brigade could represent the ACP for now in Practice Wars and etc. But I think he’ll need permission for that. Jedi and Shadow aren’t here anymore to represent the ACP for us… and I’m not a powerful person… and I don’t think I am. Anyway, I’d rather not be one. It’s all about respect and what you want to get done.

Some new positions:

Ministry of Defense:

Minister of Defense – Godplayer123

Assistant – Benu2 (Has anyone seen him lately?) Batsy is the Assistant for now.

Members: Unicow, Mustang (Has anyone seen Mustang?), Ads, Speed, Color Peng Uni who likes cool edits: I MADE IT!

CPUN Board:

Secretary General (Head of the CPUN) – Mr Deedledoo 😀

Prime Minister – Ktman

Head of Secretariat – Godplayer123

Secretary – Batintrenche Meh again with meh cool edits: Maybe I should patent the cool edit…

Head of Supreme Court – General98

Head of CPUNCMIA – Miroos/Zamros

Other members: General98, ~Extreme the Great, Articsledder

*22,000 hits!* 😀 😀 😀 Uni editing here cuz he’s cool like that: I’m the 22,500th XD

Oh yeah, we need really need to fix that Member Page. Admins and Editors, we got alot of work to do. Uni editing the cool way again: I don’t like alot of work to do.

-Make sure the forms are stuck together and aren’t one space below the other.

-Fonts should be the same.

-Optional colors should be kept 😉 Uni’s sixth cool edit: Yeah, original colors. I’m not gonna mention any names though *cough*Godplaya*cough*

😀 😀 😀 😀 Just another Uni cool edit: More 😀 ‘s



9 Responses

  1. You should put me as Chief Justice of CPUN supreme court

  2. ill get to work on the members page right away

  3. 😦 I don’t get a job.

  4. Thanks that really explained everything!

  5. Can I be dark red for my editing like I always do? Plz.

  6. Reds MY color!!
    ALL MINE!!!!!

  7. orange is mine… no takin it

  8. I said dark red. Not your red Godplaya. DARK RED! NOT THE RED GODPLAYA USES!

  9. ……………………………

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