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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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ACP vs. RFW War

Speed015 edit: Guys I can’t be active because of testing at my school… srry CPUN peeps… havn’t been on in like 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lolz (Im not even 18 yet lolz) Peace!

Batin Edit: Hey Dee… Could you consider me for the postion of Head of Secratist? Just wondering because I’d love to become more involved within the CPUN.

Godplayer: Hey guys. I just have a couple of things to announce… First off, the only way another army can get involved in the ACP RFW war directly is to declare war on one of the allies. This is becuase the RFW stated that only 6 armies can participate in direct fighting, and those six spots have already been occupied. Also, the Ice Warriors will be having a leaders meeting tonight to discuss their involvemnt in the war.

Also, Dee, can I have the CPUN Secritariat position since I don’t really play a big role in the CPUN anymore? 😕

G98’s edit: Godplayer, ur already the Minister of Defense. 


Dee edit: Hey everyone. I’m back from my exams! It’s finally summer vacation! Well now i can concentrate on the CPUN again. The ACP is back in war. I believe this war will be a long one. Like a ‘seven years war’ but not literally. There are reasons why this war started and why they might go on longer, one reason may be, because they want war. This is actually a great start of the summer. The UN were able to presuade the Dutch from colonizing a certain country some years ago. I’ll see what the CPUN can do. This war is a great benefit for bored soldiers, and for us 😉 . We are back in bussiness and this post will attract attention, please don’t over-post.

We are going to elect a new Head of Secretariat and staff. The Secretariat will be providing us with all the information, reports, and news we need. When we need a piece of info, the Secretariat will be the ones to get it. This position is the THIRD highest in the CPUN Board. Second is Prime Minister (Ktman), and first is the Secretary General (Myself 🙂 ). Jedimaster17 used to be our Head of Secretariat, but I guess she never came back to say good-bye or anything… Well I wish her good luck in her life.

Batin edit: Okay, guys I’ve decided that this post will follow the war all the way through.

May 13 2009



Hello, it’s Batin here and I’d like to start off by saying that there could be another large war in the midst of CP. What happened was that after the short Nachos-ACP war ended, one of the Nachos best allies decided to keep on picking and picking at the ACP. In a recent post by Shaboomboom of the ACP he has announced that ACP was going to declare war on the RFW.

I am not telling anyone to make this war bigger, but, instead to keep peace perhaps, like the CPUN should always have been doing in the first place. Sure, if you are in either of these armies then sure, help your army, but when you are doing your CPUN duties, I’d like it if you could try and keep the peace. Here are some of the other large armies thoughts on this war:

IW- The Ice Warriors are now comming in oon the side of the RFW.

UMA- UMA has been good, close allies with ACP for a while and they have not ever like the RFW, they are coming in to help the ACP.

WW- Nothing yet, but they have been arguing alot with UMA so they could possibly help the RFW.

RPF- They made a poll about if they should go to war against UMA, and so far Yes is winning. If no wins then they could possibly be neutral.

Nachos- Person has said he won’t get involved due to an innapropriate video made by rice insulting Spacey.

Now for some other small armies that will be involved so far:

Golds- They are comming in on the side of the ACP.

ST- The Shadow Troopers are comming in alongside of the RFW

IMAF- They are supporting the RFW.

Militia- They will help ACP in the war.

Club Penguin Special Operations-On the Nachos side….Oh and Mustang422 likes pie!

Mustang422-Hes hungy so he’ll eat every evemy of Nachos xD

The MA2-On the Nachos side .

SPA Air Force- Invading Powder Ball tonight at 5:00 PST PM from RFW.

So, so far the war looks like this: ACP, UMA, Golds vs. RFW, ST, IMAF, and possibly IW

Thank you for your time and patience.



12 Responses

  1. First, can you make me an admin/editor on this site and secondly, the MA2 will be taking the Nachos side – we are remaining neutral. There’s a problem with the MA2 – the majority is in the ACP but it’s a Nacho-based army. And the leader is a Nacho (me!).
    I like pie , by Mustang422
    I like pie too, by Unicow Rules

  2. And I am a Head General ……………and the CPSO is on Nachos side.

  3. I added Militia to the list.

  4. I added CPSO and MA2 to it , ohhh And I like pie…..

  5. SPA Air Force will be invading Powder Ball from RFW. So we on ACP side.

  6. I added us to the list

  7. IW is officially helping RFW, but on certain terms…


    more info

  8. I honestly have no clue why people take it that I said I “want to see what RFW are really made of.” The reason we’re NOT helping RFW is because Rice44 made an inappropriate video of Spaceybirdy, so helping them would be a bit disgraceful.
    Batsy: okay, person im srry. ill change it i obviously got my information from the wrong dources for that one

  9. SPA Air Force now owns Powder Ball!

  10. I think ACP is going to need your help on this… They have more allies than we know…..

    I’m sorry but the RFW and ACP are both CPUN members so technically we are not allowed to help one while not helping the other. So, instead we will try and stop this before it escelatesd into anything too big.

  11. SPA air force is now going to invade rocky road and weaken RFW!!

  12. ммм )) симпотичный blog 😉
    не хотел случайно сменить движок? Поставить ещё тройку плагинов от спамераи будет безопаснее..ну это вот это будет красиво действительно 🙂
    Кстати , ты какой хостинг юзаешь? =)

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