Hey Guys…

Speed015: Yeah thx Dee and I have to say I may not have much time to talk anymore!  Srry!

Dee: Welcome back SpeedoDee: Welcome back Speedo. Nice outfit 😉

Im back and ready for ACTION!!!

Okay guys my computer died (on new one that works) and I got into my account so just wanted to say Im alive and will be on Club Penguin (severs I go on are Frozen, Snowflake, Klondike, and Siver!) from 10:00 am EST (Eastern Standtard Time) to around 3:00 pm EST.  5/9/09 (sorry but that’s the date for the day Im writing this but might not be for you) I’ll be on Frozen!




5 Responses

  1. The eyes are edited, aren’t they? XD

  2. Hello Miroos I want an early Promo

  3. Mustang, that is a quintiple negative.

  4. yeah i randomly edited the eyes

  5. Im makeing a Tv show called Speed Tv for u guys bye

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