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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Staying neutral

May 4, 2009

Batintrenche: Hey guys!!! I have a couple things… 1. I tried logging onto Batintrenche on CP today and I found out… that I was banned!!! And for no reason!!! 🙄 So Anyway my grandparents are comming Wednesday and they hate it when I’m on the computer so I won’t be on much. Well thats it for me, see you.

Godplaya: Dee, the site you gave on the last post didn’t work. Can you give a new one?

Hey everyone. Dee here.

Please, do not make any posts that won’t help much. Ok, yes, the MA2 quit. We know. But I wished they hadn’t. They could’ve left for a while but they could’ve stayed because we could help thmem anytime. It’s quite strange joing an organization called the Club Penguin United Nations and then expecting to use the organization as a war alliance. Yes, we can do that, but we can’t but in.

MA2 quit because they wanted war. We can have war as a group but we can’t butt in. I mean, it’s ACP vs Nachos. We can’t just butt in. If anyone was allowed to butt in, then why didn’t the IWs or RPF or UMA butt in. So yeah…

Ok, maybe the GACP might be out of hand so we’re to keep that away for a while.

For now, I need our War Tactitians (yes you know who you are) to think of a good war system. Make a law, some rules, and how we do things (uniforms? ranks?)…

We’ll start recruiting again for May and then have a head count on Thursday. 😉


7 Responses

  1. Alright, my mistake.
    We’ll rejoin if you accept us.

  2. My statistics show that wars happen because of,


    Dee is right, no butting in to a war. We need to remain neutral. They are both qualified members of the CPUN, I don’t want another Order 67.
    My best advice for a war system is a 4 step system.

    Step 1. Begin planning and conversing about the next invasion or war with fellow army leaders or soldiers

    Step 2. Declare war or start the invasion on the army or it’s territory (i.e comment on their site)

    Step 3. Train your soilders, begin with simple snowballing, then into more complex tactics.

    Step 4. Plan the battle date, time and place. Do a headcount and do a practice war.

    Step 5. Begin the war or invasion at the correct time and place


  3. sounds cool

  4. Sancho, they are great tactics but there’s obviously going to be verbal abuse in most wars. There’s nothing we can do to prevent it unless the two armies are allies and it is just a Practice Battle.

  5. I go by the name general98 or g98.

  6. Sorry (Miroos here).

  7. Sup miroos I just owned the team golds website by my SELF! Thank god for youtube…….walkthroughs

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