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Deeply Dissapointed

April 30, 3009

Please do not edit this post…


Hello everyone, Dee here. I am very dissapointed in what the CPUN has done. I noticed how most CPUN members have changed their attitudes. Look, Team Gold could’ve been friendly with us. I made the CPUN so that every army in CP would be able to have people to talk to. Now, most you just drove them away. When I invite new armies to join the CPUN, I hardly mention that we have 4 major armies and 60+ members. The more I’d say that, the less they’d decide to join.

Look at what smartkid called us, NACHOS. Weren’t the Nachos CPUN’s biggest enemy back before Order 67? People, we have become what we were fending against almost a year ago. The CPUN has never been insulted but from what I see, we are turning into some kind of WAR MACHINE. Smaller armies in the CPUN don’t find a chance to join in with us because we all think big now coz ‘we’re big people‘. But no, I have never changed my goal.

Smartkid, you make think the CPUN is the one against you but no, we aren’t. Mustang advertised it here. I know he made you look bad in front of a whole bunch of people. Mustang, please don’t make any decisions and wars so early. We have to plan together. One person can’t simply decide for the rest of the org. If we did have a plan, I’d say, welcome Team Golds into the CPUN.

As for everyone else, I’m very dissapointed. Look at your attitudes. Look at yourselves. Yeah you might not mind this thing I’m saying because you probably have a big rank in another army. I don’t. Look how many armies I was able to attract without having any special rank.

Team Golds may have done something wrong but look, we’re here to show them how to do it right but we just missed that chance by butting into a Nachos war. The CPUN never makes wars. It prevents war.

I really felt down when Smartkid said: “You’re talking like the Nachos”. we’re becoming a brute of force. A group of prideful people. I hate it when pride takes over. The CPUN was going well. Good and active, too active. To confident that we start wars. These armies that we have declined will one day be a big army, and they will target our people. If they become de-funct, it will be because of us. I don’t want any person to say: “I once had an army but I gave up. Armies like the ACP, Nachos, and jerks like those CPUN lamoes ruined my humble group.” NO. I will not accept that an army had fallen because we had not helped it in the first place.


I want you to think about this. Smartkid, please reply.


13 Responses

  1. Dee, I don’t know what to say.

    Attitudes are changing because of one reason:


    Why do we get bored? What do we want so bad? The answer is war. Why did the ACP vs. Nachos war start? Because of boredom. ACP hasn’t had a war in over a year! And you wonder why so many of them retired.

    War is what should make up Club Penguin Armies. Armies are created to fight, not standby and make post after post with meaningless words.

    This is what I had suggested when the CPUN had almost died. Maybe, we don’t need to be a total war machine, but we can at least have a division that helps armies with wars. After all, isn’t that what Itachi created the War page for?

    Please think about this Dee. The Club Penguin Era for peace has continued to long. What we crave for is not peace and comments/posts that mean nothing but “politics”. Whatever happened to the snowball fights we had, and the joke bombs we charged?

    Now, I see why the Nachos declared war on FGR. To have some fun, not politics.

    Peace has overstayed it’s welcome, Dee. It’s time for a new era. Not in the CPUN, but in the CP Army World.

  2. i STILL HATE THE TEAM GOLD! But im sorry Dee.

  3. Yo Mustang u dont scare me.I can send a hacker to ur site or declare war on CPSO idc about Team Golds this is the Golds Army Leader threatin u.This will happen suprisely u better be wary cuz u have a person tht will destroy u.

    ~Feephill Golds Army Leader~

  4. A hacker? Oh, that’s so scary! Who do you think you are? Someone who has the right to challenge humanity’s morals? Golds were started by a c### pile whose arrogance brought their downfall. Not once have the Golds not been causing trouble.

  5. Guys we hafta remember that cp is just a game. sure keeping peace and working things out can send us good messages for in the future, but i beleive that if its in good blood than a war could be good

  6. No , not the real golds , the TEAM GOLD…..The leader is 16 years old and needs a life.

  7. Extreme this is not ur frikin business.U need a life go do something tht makes you gay.

  8. Me!?

  9. Meh, the MA2 quit.
    We are an individual army.
    We want war, not peace.
    It’s actually good if you’re a War Machine.
    Screw governments, the MA2 is going Old Skool.

  10. Sadly im am retireing bye dee,godplayer,general,you guys were the best.Thank you dee for leting me have this postion. even know i really didnt do jack for you guys other then ask some armies for land grants and you got them.So dont do anything because i did nothing for you guys really.So ill be back and ill comment when i get a chance. But for now good bye ill be back probley some time.


  12. feephil plz be quiet bcuz this is meant for cpuns staff members not u. and last time i checked extreme was a cpun member

  13. If we were a war machine, we would have a war every day. Wars are to settle disputes. Practice Wars are to have fun. A war machine is too much of a burden on the CPUN., we’d be sending troops, finding new recruits, scheduling battles, commencing operations for every single day if we were a war machine. Peace is better than war, war is tiring, I’m fine with a war once every month, but too much war is not good for us.

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