Practice Wars?!?!

Hey there hasn’t been much going on lately except for a bit of an argument and attempt to go to war with the army, Golds. The Golds site has recently been deleted by WordPress for language issues. Anyway, the CPUN and its armies have all been pretty boring so I decided lets not be bored and do something! 😆

I have an idea that would need to be approved by Dee or somebody! I propose to see the ACP vs. the Nachos vs. any of CPUN’s smaller armies that would like to join! So that could amount into a HUGE three-way battle on one of our servers.  Also come to the Congress meeting thats coming up soon! Thanks

~βã↑ιη↑Γéη€Ηé™ :mrgreen: like it???


One Response

  1. ? CPUN would get crushed, no doubt.

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