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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Meeting and invasion plan

Batsy: yupp good news good news AND WITHOUT even going to war 😀

ATM: Oh. Now I get it Dee. We are just patroling IW’s servers. I thought we were invading the golds servers. And its good that wordpress suspended there site.

ATM: ATTENTION! ATTENTION AGAIN!  The Golds site is backup and running.




Dee edit: We’re not going to ‘invade’. We’re just going to go around IWs servers making sure they aren’t manifested by Golds and this is a sort of campaign. If the IW misunderstand what we’re trying to do, I hope they will understand and appreciate it. 🙂

Feephil posted this comment in Godplaya’s post entitled: “Time To Take Some Action/Other Things”

Feephill, on April 22nd, 2009 at 1:47 am Said: Edit Comment

You guys will die Golds has RFW in our side.
Golds+RFW=Destroys CPUN and RFW and golds r major armies so get ready to say ”Bye Club Penguin”

Feephill, on April 22nd, 2009 at 1:48 am Said: Edit Comment

All CPUN members my ass

Well for your information Feephil, the Roman Fire Warriors are in the CPUN. They joined in as the MRW and FW before you guys came along. I thought I told Spongie555 not to merge? 😦 Anyway, we’ll show you that we can beat you Golds. You say you have two major armies? Well we have 5 so don’t think we’re a bunch of noobs. We already went up against the ANTA itself and it went really well. See you soon Feephil. CPUN members my ass?

April 21, 2009

Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo

If you are going to edit this post, please edit below instead.

Hi everyone, Dee here. Yes, Godplaya is right, you are allowed to submit your suggestions and plans to the War page but only as a comment. Atm, don’t worry, I didn’t have time to mention all the armies. Also, if I did, I would’ve mentioned all the CPUN members. 😉

Now here’s the schedule:

When: Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where: CPUN Summit Room Chatbox


Why: To plan about the invasion and to invade right after planning!

Time: 8AM Penguin Standard Time

Ok, basically, we’re going to meet up on chat and plan a little bit. Once many people are on chat, all our armies will meet on CP. Here is the list of servers we will invade:





Cold Front


Deep Snow

Down Under


South Pole

Sub Zero

We will start with Husky because it is a CPUN shared server. This was our only relation with the Ice Warriors. If we are never able to take this back, think what the Golds will say to us if we ask for a land grant? We will all meet at this server. Deep Snow is my hometown… 😦


You have four days (starting now – Tuesday to Saturday) to get your army ready. Copy this post and make it a sticky post at your army’s website.

During the invasion, we will be going all around each server and throwing snowballs everywhere but we will be shouting “Give it back“. We will spam that everywhere around the server. Then after we go to each room of every server, we will go to the next server. Servers are in alphabetical order so we will go from this server to the next – starting with Husky then C – S.

Those who come to this war will be given an award. I am currently making the site for CPUN awards and etc. Whoever has most awards will probably be CPUN’s strongest member! You get points for joining or winning Practice Wars. If you attend activities such as this invasion, you will get some too. Especially this activity..


Now, I want every CPUN member to copy paste this post in a comment to the latest post of every CPUN member we have. Here is the page for our members: https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/members/

Except to major armies unless they really want to join. Please don’t post this on major army sites because anything can happen if they know about it. They are always allowed to join it if they see this post anyway…

Here is our theme song for the invasion!

It’s a new song released on April 18 just on Sunday – two days back!

It’s the first single on Green Day‘s latest album called 21st Century Breakdown. The album is coming out on May 15 but the single came out earlier. The song is called Know Your Enemy. it’s a really good song for war so you better listen to it before the invasion! 😉

Last notes:

-Benu2 will be a big part in this invasion and so will Godplayer123. Benu2 is the CPUN’s Minister of War… so yeah. During the meeting and the invasion, Benu2 will be guiding you all. 😀

-General98, I’ll put the Constitution page into the Community page. This is so that all our pages will be seen. 😉

-Sorry again atm, all armies are needed in this war including the SPA Air Force. 😉

-Can someone post the Golds site here? thegoldsarmy.wordpress.com

-Please re-comment for the Constitution at the CPUN Community Page! Great Constitution G98! 😀

-Here is the site to see your army’s points! http://cpunhq.wordpress.com/cpun-points/

-The CPUN has a new ‘army’ or force. This army is used when all CPUN members team up together. The site can be found at www.cpunhq.wordpress.com or here: www.unspacecommand.wordpress.com

Godplaya: :mrgreen: Awesome plan!! But, I was wondering if we could knoeck out some of those servers becuase almost every server except a couple belong to IW. So maybe instead of invading IW’s servers, we could invade the new Golds capital, and take that as a “prize”.

Mustang422’s Edit: Hey guys am I an editor? Because I can EDIT! Well if I am , thank you. And guys please listen to godplaya , of he will probably yell at all of us. So …………. and guys Good Luck

And Dee answer me if Im wrong. Can you please get some people to join the  CPSO. Because , hold on! Can we get our allys to attack with us?

Godplaya: Sorry if I gave you that impression Mustang :(. I just don’t see why we are invading IW servers in a Golds war.

Uni’s Edit: CPD is now with the invasion. I made a bill and the leaders signed it, copied the post and pasted it into a post on the CPD site. I’m hoping most troops will come, but I’ve noticed a sharp incline of inactivity on the CPD site. So don’t expect a lot of people.

ATM 23 edit: I think I’m a editor to Mustang. I agree with Godplaya, we should take over there capital. Your really intelligent Godplaya.


20 Responses

  1. Dee, I can’t make it. I’ll be in Arizona on a trip. 😦 GOOD LUCK!

  2. We need 2 big armies to win husky thats going to be the main server we need to win.An army ilke ACP and CPW might work.Allied invasion always work

  3. Sorry I freaked out Dee. Also, can I be a author on the Foreign affairs site since I’m the minister?

  4. Just give me your email atm23, and you’ll be an author on the site

  5. I’ll try to make the meeting but sometimes I don’t wake up that early. Also, my computer takes 10 to 15 min to start up. So I might be late. If I can’t make it tell me what happened afterwards.

  6. i posted it on the CPD site

  7. Hey guys , the people who live in Ohio , what time is it? My cousin lives there.

  8. 1am locally is obviously not the ideal time for me.

  9. If The rest of Uma found out about this, Id say we’d probably help since a couple of people in uma hate golds.

  10. oh, and i’ll try to bring BPF if we have a decent size by then. If not..I might just Help a random CPUN army thats there.

  11. I have a Karate Tournament at that time. Im not gonna make it. Godplaya has to lead this. Then next attck I’ll try to make. But I can skip the Tournament.

  12. Ill be there to watch. Ill probably be in CPR uniform, So I guess Im bringing the CPR in on this too.

  13. […] Now, We will be helping the CPUN with there invasion of the golds servers.   To see the current plan, Go to https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/meeting-and-invasion-plan/ […]

  14. SanchoNachos, want my email? Well then just go to comments and look for this comment and look at the email address.


  16. Oh hi Tiny. Tiny is the Golds leader. Anyway, don’t get
    Me wrong. Feephil is a nice guy. He and Tiny lead the CPEQ.

    Too bad Benu and Extreme can’t make it. Goodluck in your tourny Benu. Remember your breathing. Extreme, what army are you in?

    Oh yeah, we’re only going to go through the servers. Taking the servers should be to your army. The CPUN approves the activity but we are not tellin anyone to get sergers. The CPUN is for peace and a chance for everyone and we do not coordinate wars only defence. So yeah.. We can campaign but not capture. That’s for different organization. 😀

  17. If you wage war with the Golds, the Nachos have your full support

  18. RFW isn’t on Gold’s side, they’re a bunch of cowards. We are on CPUN, Nachos, IW, and what other army’s side.


  19. Hey person , im soo sorry bout chat.
    Oh , can the cpso be ur ally person?

  20. CPUN has the support of NMA, and i got the post up on the NMA site.Dee if you don’t mind, NMA will be focusing on down under. talk to me on chat.

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