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ATM’s Easter Party, the return of Monkekman and General98, Mustang

Hidude45:So who actually won the RRPW i never figured out?

April, 14 2009

Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo


We got like, 3 posts all at the same time on April 13, and then another 3 posts on April 14! Guys, we’re going to have to lessen the posts! If we have too much at the same time, no one will read or comment on them! If other armies see the CPUN like that, they’ll look at the number of comments and they’ll see “1 comment” or “No comments“. That’s really embarrassing. So here’s the deal. I’m gonna make ATM, Mustang, and Monkekman, authors. Don’t think it’s a sort of downgrade. It’s just so that I’ll be the one to approve your posts. If one of you posts earlier on a day, I’ll approve that one, and approve the other one the next day. Anyway, guys, you don’t have to post all the time. I’ll make your posts for ya 😉 .

Well I wanted to say welcome back Monkekman (if he really is back) and General98. General98 is the head of our CPUN Court. He also heads many other branches.

Batsy, you, ATM, and Color Peng will be making CPUN’s everyday news.

Well here’s ATM’s easter party info!


Hi everyone. I’m ATM 23. The new author. How about I tell you about myself. I started playing Club Penguin at the end of  November. Then I got interested in Club Penguin cheats sites. So I was gonna make one of those. But then I found the ACP site. And thoguth it was real cool. Then I found more sites like this site Nachos, IW, RPF and others. I spent a little time studying these sites so I know how to make a one. Then I made the Red Warriors. Later I found out that there was already a  army of that.  So I made the Club Penguin Armed Forces. The I thought that name was weird so I made the SPA Air Force. (Seperatist penguin Association Air Force) Now my site is begning to be a large army. We have 84 troops already. Also, I have never been banned. And I would like to thank Dee for making me a author. Thx Dee. My army (SPA Air Force) was going to have a party for Easter. But then I became a author on this site and I thought that the CPUN would like to come to it. This party will be very fun.

Easter Party hosted by the SPA Air Force and CPUN

Here is a map of where we will start and end. Please comment if you have any questions.

Party Map

Server: Ice Box


6:00 PST

7:00 Mountain

8:00 Central

9:00 EST

Note: All times PM time.

Armies that are coming to the party:

SPA Air Force

-ATM 23


Well, the whole Golds situation is getting on my nerves after them yelling at me and threatening to invade CPD servers on their chat :roll: The best part about it is that I was trying to make peace :lol: So I think that we should get in touch with all armies declaring war on them and we should invade them, take their servers, and give them to armies that need them. :twisted: Of course this bill needs to be signed by Dee and other CPUN high in commands. The IW don’t have to suffer because the Golds act like n00bs. I need Dee’s signature though for this bill to become an action, and if you don’t like it, IT IS NOT AN ACTION, it’s just an idea.Well, If you agree with this Dee, sign this below:

Dee’s Signature: ____мя_∂єє∂ℓє∂σσ___ 😉

Batin: If I had a signature I’d sign it!!!! :-D


P.S. Sign it with your full CP name to make it all official like :D

P.S.S. You’ll have to plan all of it though, because I’m not that great at planning… I have a long story I could share about that, but I wont because I know it’ll make me look like a moron :)

P.S.S.S. This post is very smiley filled :mrgreen:

Phew, that’s it for now. Tomorrow, I guess only G9 will be makinga post. Mustang and Unicow, you can make one more the next day. Then ATM, Batsy, and Color Peng on Thursday.

Please do not publish your posts yet. Just click save draft. I’ll be the one to approve it 😉 .

I like your goal Unicow 😀 . Oh yeah, Godplaya, I’ll read the page first and I’ll look for a place to put it so we don’t need more pages ‘hidden’. 😉 Also, post the youtube vid in the PW & P page! 😀 Then on Thursday, we’ll put the vid with the news Batsy, Col P, and ATM will make. 😉

Anyway there you go guys! Bye! see you all tomorrow! 😀

Remember! Color Peng is my brother! 😀


9 Responses

  1. great site!please visit http://www.candete.wordpress.com thank u!

  2. Thx for telling me the rules Dee. I did have it saved as a draftand I asked the editors to approve it but for some reason they wouldn’t. And I saw everyoen else posting so I posted. But I will save it as a draft for now on.

  3. Dee can you please re add me as an author. I forgot my password to my old account and to my hotmail. Please! Also add me to the CPUNLAA site again and the CPUN court!

  4. MRW mergeed into FW so now we are RFW(roman fire warriors) but i think we might merge into the golds?

  5. Dee, I seriously forgot my password to my old account and can you PLEASE add me to the list of editors again and to the CPUN Supreme Court site (as a admin) and to the CPUNLAA as well. My email is sancho.angulo@hotmail. com

  6. Spongie, I don’t think you should merge with the Golds. You’ll be in BIG trouble. The RFW are already respected by Major Armies!

  7. Welcome back general!!!!!!So does this mean that the court is going to be active again????If it is can i ilke get a judge spot or jury???

  8. Put back muh CPCO Post . We actuly won! I was in SHOCK!

  9. The Club Penguin Special Ops won the Royal Rumble Practice War. I just wanted to tell Hidude45.

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