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RRPW Turn-Out

Uni: CPD couldn’t make because nobody posted about it while I was on vacation… so now we look like n00bs who don’t attend battles 🙄 I’ll try to get everybody to attend next time but I was on vacation so don’t blame me. That looked pretty fun, we need to do that more often. I don’t really have any suggestions for you Godplaya. I’m not really one of the technical people. I can’t even take screenshots because my PrtScn button is broken! Lol

Godplaya: I served with the Nachos in this one, and to tell you the truth, this was my first ‘real’ battle with the Nachos, and I was amazed at the sheer size of our army (even though Person considered it small :lol:). We did really good and I made a video of it on movie maker, but i can’t find a decent video converter. Any suggestions?

Dee edit: Happy Easter everybody! Yeah, it looked fun. 😀  Sorry, I got the times mixed up. 10AM PST is 9PM here. So in the latest post I made about the RRPW, I put 9AM PST. So I was surprised to see the Nachos there so early. Anyway. Comment on this post if you were there. Those who came will be granted some special privileges in the CPUN.




-NCP (Barely, it was only me and my co-leader)

Those are the armies I saw. By the way, Shadow retired! For some reason, someone took him off from the Hall of Fame. I had so many plans to talk about with Shadow. 😦 I hope he comes back. Harvin13 of the Purple Heads retired today as well… JojoFishy of the ACP also retired… 😦 😦 😦

General98 is back on the other hand. Welcome back G9!

Batintrenche, Color Peng, and Atm will be giving us weekly news. For this, I’m going to make Bat and atm special authors. You will be relating the news to us every Thursday. 😉

Mutsang will become an author too.

Authors’ posts will have to be approved by the ditors first so that we don’t get out of hand ‘post fests’. 😉

Btw, Godplaya, what’s the status of the Ice Warriors now?

Hidude: Well here’s my picture to show what was happening i think the nachos got their time mixed up…..war2222222

Ok everybody else can put their pics up this was at about 10:09 PST. Dee you post wiener (hehe) and stuff lol 😛


7 Responses

  1. happy easter ppl!!!

    Dee: Happy easter too Batsy!
    Uni: Happy Easter three Batsy! Yes, I’m bored.

  2. Sorry wasnt able to come my dad treated us to dinner last night.Must have been a small battle doesnt look ilke there was alot of people. p.s.HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!!! o one more thing anyone know a good army that i could get in?????? not as a low rank cuz im a captain in acp.

  3. Mort:(From Madagascar): I Like Easter Lol Happy Easter Everyone

  4. Lol.. Mort.

    KJ, right before the RRPW, the server was FULL of Nachos. 😉

    I’ll comment more tomorrow. 😀


  5. Hey Dee. My army SPA Air Force was running around too.http://clubpenguinarmywarriors.wordpress.com/ And thx for a making me a author.

  6. I’ll reregister again as Sanchonachos, I lost my password to my old account and my hotmail,

  7. Sup guys. Happy Easter. And you guys in the RRPW did an awsome job at the RRPW.

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