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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The Royal Rumble Practice War

Batintrenche: ANY tactic is allowed! When I say that I mean any tactic whatsoever (unless interfering with other rules)

Itachi6dark: Rules:
2. Have atleast 1 person take pics of the battle to post after.


April 4, 2009

Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo

First of all, I wanted to say sorry to Hidude for removing him of the Authors. I’ll put him back on. This was a test to those new authors. If they came back asking for their editorship, I’d put them back on. So far, only Hidude’s returned. Welcome back.

Now for the Royal Rumble Practice War!
Here are the ones who will compete against each other on Sabertooth:

The United Troopers

The Red Raiders

The Nachos

The Club Penguin Rangers

The Club Penguin Warriors

The Noobs of Club Penguin

The Purple Heads -> Club Penguin Special Ops

The Club Penguin Defenders

The Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force

We have nine armies joining the RRPW! Here’s a short description of what the Royal Rumble Practice War is.

“All armies joining the RRPW will have a starting base on the map. Each army in the RRPW will be facing everyone else. There will be no teaming up formally. (ex. Meeting up with another army and plan to attack this army first and so on.) Run around the whole map!”

Here are the bases for each team. Please see the color you’re army is above to identify your army/base…

RRPW Setup

RRPW Setup

Chatbox: http://xat.com/chat/room/42208678/

THE WAR WILL BE ON APRIL 11, 2009. It will be on a Saturday. So I’m giving you all time to get your armies prepared. See you all soon.

Time: 10AM Penguin Standard Time (See the clocktower at the Snow Forts)

Where: Sabertooth

See you all soon! 😀 😀 😀

Hidude45’s Edit: Well can we form a team but not just atack one specif army and then later in the war split and fight again its just like basicly helping each other for a while so idk what else


46 Responses

  1. As a special treat and to give the CPR a boost, I will be leading them throughout this week and during the war.

  2. i dont think having the nachos here is a very good idea…

  3. wwe will join

  4. Nice Ktman! 😀

    Godplayer, welcome back! Oh. Uh then why do you have the Nachos on your Gravatar? Lol. Well, i think the Nachos, being a major army, would allow the smaller armies to let out some steam like what Batsy said. Also, Shadow has been helping the CPUN throughout the years and the Nachos haven’t done anything to the CPUN since Order 67. Also, it won’t be the WHOLE Nacho army…

    Ok, the Purple Heads are confirmed! We just need the Club Penguin Defenders. Can anyone please help me tell the CPD to come here? Unicow, their CPUN representative is on a vacation so it’s going to be hard to get them to know that they ARE in the CPUN.

    Now I’ve been trying to contact them for two days now and they won’t reply. Can someone please help me? I think they’re thinking I’m one of those guys talking nonsense and trying to get hits for our site. Lol. So help me out guys!

    That’s their site. Tell them at their latest post! 😀

  5. Unfortunately I can’t make the war since my Karate class is at that time but have fun guys!


  7. It’s been too long since the last…

  8. sorry MRW couldnt join. We where businnes with a war with VCP and IV. But still checks the site

  9. UMA will join we need more battles

  10. The Nachos will be splitting up into groups at the battle so it’ll be easier for smaller armies to fight them at once.

  11. Alfy UMA can’t join it’ll get over crowded. Also you’re not even a mod rank so you can’t decide that. 🙄

  12. i dont really think uma should join cuz i think the ncp will be knocked out by the nachos right away already!!!

  13. the nachos will just over power the small armies

  14. cpcnn is in this tournament

  15. nachos aree gonna beat everybody

  16. Nachos will be splitting up into groups, probably 3 different rooms at once. It’s not like we’re going to overpower a single army 40 to 5.

  17. Hi guys, Havent been here alot since I joined the IW. You guys are doing real nicely. Can you please vote for me at http://simmer27.com ?



  18. Is It anyway i could help ilke leading groups or help commmand. dee u know i have experiance in the battlefield and leading troops and my new rank in acp is major or captain i think.or person could i help lead a small group of troops ive been out of action in the battlefield.Please if i could just throw one more snowball on the battlefield that one be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help a old fighter out! one last snowball one last snowball is all i ask.

  19. I posted this on the RR site. Dee also you are an editor on the RR site.

  20. CPSO is in it right?

  21. My army would like to join. Fire Warriors

    here is our site.


  22. IW are going to be joining. It will help us recruit.

  23. FW and the UPA are thinking of joining the CPUN. Lets welcome them with open arms. I’ll be talking to their leaders.

  24. were going to be destroyed… lol

  25. Wow.

    Many are thinking the Nachos will be overpowering. Well, I let them join because I thought smaller armies wanted to let out some steam. Didn’t small armies always want WAR against bigger ones? So here’s the challenge! Anyway, this is our first RRPW of 2009. There’ll be many more to come.

    I guess we should welcome them. Those who want to join but weren’t here in time could join next month or sooner. It’s too full.

    Next month:

    We’ll discuss more about that when it’s coming close.

    The Fire Warriors and the UPA are welcome to the CPUN. Wasn’t an army here in the CPUN having war with FW? I forgot.. :-S

    The MRW is fighting the VCP? Who? Nooner must’ve forgotten that his army is in the CPUN.

    King Jared, good luck in looking for an army to join 😉 . And thanks Benu, I’ll help the RR out.

    Any more questions about the RRPW?

    Batsy: LOL yeah Dee I know, and we aren’t gonna give up easy, but I’m just sayin’.

  26. Oh yeah and the IW will be in next time too. Smaller armies, please don’t be afraid! This is a Practice War. A good activity to get your armies active! 😀 Don’t worry Batsy.

  27. We should get MRW to join too.

    Anyways, I talked to FW and UPA leaders last nite and they said they wanted to join. We need to have a meeting sometime soon about this.

    Db Penguin is the UPA Leader Im contacting.
    Pringle64 is the FW Leader Im contacting.
    and Casiusbrutus is the MRW leader Im contacting.

    Maybe this whole tournament would be better if we split it up between 2 days or 2 different servers?

    Suggestion: Put the Nachos, IW, UPA, and maybe FW ( The bigger armies out of the enrolled armies ) on a different server. We shouldn’t have to kick 4 armies out.

  28. Isn’t the UPA the United Penguin Army of Rapidy or am I mistaken?

    Having a 2 server war for the small armies and the bigger ones are OK but I think someone like you should organize it.

    There’s just one thing, the Sabertooth server (with the first nine armies including the Nachos), is already full. We can’t have anymore armies to join it for now. It’s already confirmed. But, that 2nd server can still accept.

    I think, since the Nachos want to be on both wars, they should split up. This is a fair for the Sabertooth server. because if ALL the Nachos go on the Sabertooth server, the other 8 are dead. Lol. But the problem is, what about the other half facing it’s fellow major armies?

    We should have a meeting about this. We’ll have the first RRPW on Saturday. Then we’ll talk about the 2nd one after that. It’s a little hard to change things so fast. And we’re not sure if the smaller armies are even going to attend (you know). So we’ll see how the first RRPW goes then we’ll talk about the 2nd one which has the MRW, UPA, FW, Nachos, and IW in it.

  29. P.S., Ktman, I think you should get the CPR prepared ;). I’ll help out. The CPR’s going down so I’m going to help it go up.


  30. Hi dee! You sorta got CPT wrong, Lol, Leader should be Lsund, so is reb and the other blank stuff lol and CPT would like to join, (hope we dont get pwned 😉

  31. Omg im on still on vaction but I checked in to see the new posts… 30 comments… now 31 cuz me. Okay nachos may not win this guys (and girls) cuz if all the small armies team together then they may win…

  32. Hey DEE , whats with me not being an AUTHOR! Ive just been asking for I can help you guys. Oh , and CPSO beat RPF in a small battle on Southern Lights.
    A tiny army bear huge RPF , wow there not that strong.

  33. Woah I’m only a contributer now? I used to be an admin. Now I can’t even make edits on posts. But what I wanted to put in an edit are the rules loud and clear so that it doesn’t get chaotic so everyone please read this comment if you are attending the war.

    2. Have atleast 1 person take pics of the battle to post after.
    4. Don’t have fun because we all know that some idiots put “have fun” as their last rule to get you guys encouraged which I think is retarded and childish.


    P.S.- Sorry if I sound mean but this is getting out of hand with all these armies joining in a week after it was already planned.

  34. Sorry I’ve been inactive.

  35. whts ph land

  36. i lost my power and i dont kno y so i might just quit also ph is not making it we cant come we r busy


    That is what iw war looks like now.

    also MRW is practice battling UMA saturday.

    MRW beat VCP and IV to win ROckey Road. so war is over Dee.

    Then please make trickster a author he is MRW leader

  38. We can figure out who can be the author or not. There are many MRW leaders. Also, MRW and UMA have been scratched from the tournament. I still think the battle is in one server at the moment. If it isn’t I will do the changes tommorrow.

  39. Sorry Mustang, CPSO can join in the next RRPW maybe next, next week. I’ll make you an author soon but you have to be a bit more active here. No one likes authors who just come out of the blue 😉 . I just need these new editors to start making posts first.

    Itachi, sorry about that, I’ve been having trouble with the Users lately but you’re an Admin again.

    Spongie, thanks for the update. We’ll see too MRW’s author. thanks for being a good representative for them. 🙂

  40. Dude I come here every day.! So………and thanks for letting us join.

  41. Wow the CPUN is coming along great!!!! We have alot of members replacing our old ones, like:

    Red Raiders < Fire Warriors
    CPR < MRW
    MC < UPA

  42. I think that this royal rumble will be great publicity for the cpun because its on 9 different sites! one being the nachos!!!!!

  43. Ok Mustang but still. Most of these authors took months before they came on the list. They also showed the CPUN what they could do. So show what the CPSO could do in next week’s RRPW.

    Shadow, yep, I think so too ^^. But we shouldn’t use the word ‘replace’ because these armies are still active!

    Ktman, I joined the Gamma brigade 😉 .

    Bat, yes, it will be! ^^


  44. MRW and FW merged. We have to consult with a few of their leaders about their new representative.

  45. Oh, and I think I got the Club Penguin Earth Quakers and the Midnight Marines to join.

    I forgot the CPEQ site, but here is the MM site:

  46. Oh cool.


    I think we should look for a site that could advertise the CPUN so we can have better publicity. So that people with armies could be recommended to us. 😉


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