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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The Line-Up and other plans

Batsy’s edit: Well I hate to break my own rule again… but Dee do you have a time or a place set up for any of this yet?

April 1, 2009

Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo

Happy April Fools Day! Hey everyone! Welcome back Batsy.

Well we do have something to do now. We’re going to get this line-up finished and we’re going to start helping those armies in need.

Here’s the current line-up for the CPUN Royal Rumble Practice War.

-Club Penguin Warriors

-Club Penduin Defenders (congratualtions on being army of the week or somethin’ on the ACP’s site!).

-Purple Heads

-United Troopers

-Noobs of Club Penguin

Club Penguin Rangers (still pending)

Red Raiders

Here are the rules and instructions for the Royal Rumble Practice War or RRPW:

-All armies are allowed to use the whole server

-No insulting

-You are allowed to recruit during the war (that’s how people get to know your army)

-No Cheating

-Be friendly

-No teaming up (this rule will probably be reconsidred soon)

-Be on the CPUN Summit Room chatbox: http://xat.com/chat/room/42208678/

I’ll be setting up a base for each army on the map as soon as we confimr from all the leaders that they WILL join. Schedule is still soon to be


12 Responses

  1. Good idea and I assume the CPR will be attending.

  2. RR will attend

  3. Thanks Ktman. It’s not really an idea anyway. The credit is Itachi’s though. lol.

    Glad to see two armies confirmed especially those two.


  4. After this RRPW I think it would cool to have the old armies of CPUN fight the new armies and see who wins. So basicaly it would be RR, CPR, and UT vs PH, CPD, CPW, NOCP and rest. Even if the old armies get clobbered it will atleast show them that they need to fix themselves up lol.

  5. Put in the Nachos.

  6. lol i think itachi has a point

  7. Batsy, there’s no exact schedule yet. We’re going to have to confirm before we can start. So we got 4 armies in.

    -Club Penguin Rangers
    -Red Raiders
    -Noobs of Club Penguin

    Uh, Shadow, so how do you want to do this..? Hmm.. Is it the WHOLE Nacho army going to the war? Maybe a large squad or something.

    We’re still waiting for

    -Purple Heads
    -Club Penguin Defenders
    -Club Penguin Warriors

    Speed, that wasn’t a point, that was a suggestion 😉 . But anyway, good idea Itachi. The thing is, Lucario (Representative of the UT or United Troopers) said that he was sort of like the only one left in the UT. I bet there’s others left but they’re just inactive. So let’s SEE if they’re active if they attend the RRPW. If they are, you’ll have your match.

    I’ll go around confirming with the CPD, PH, and CPW.


    Batsy: Okay thanks for telling me!

  8. Can the SPA Air Force be in this. But can you not put the schedule on Saturday at 11:00 AM because my army is battling the Fire Warriors for Powder Ball.


    -ATM 23 Leader and Founder of SPA Air Force

  9. MRW and VCP have gone to war. Even thought the leaders wont stop it. I say that atlest a rep from CPUN come and talk to our leaders. MRW might lose a server.

  10. Ut will go

  11. cpw can defiantly come.

  12. Great! Now for the PH and CPD. 😉

    SPA Airforce, of course you may join. we’ll have the schedule soon. goodluck against the Fire Warriors.

    MRW, the VCP is IN the CPUN but they have not renewed their registration in a long time. I’ll talk to Noon.


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