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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Meeting Schedule

March 20th 2009

Hey, Batin here and I’d like to just say that this’ll definitely be my last edit or post until I come back on the 29th of March. So, thanks and goodbye! 😉

March 20, 2009

 Mr Deeldedoo

Mr Deedledoo

Hidude – Pending Editor

What: A gathering meeting (not the practice war yet!)

Why: To meet, greet, and discuss about the practice war

When: Changed 8AM to 9AM Penguin Standard Time, March 21, 2008, Saturday (Tomorrow)

Where: DojoCourtyard (outside the Dojo building), Klondike Server

Other notes:

Color Peng – Administrator

Furbur – From Author – Editor

Manjensen – From Author – to Editor

Ironkid2894 (Dj) – Editor

While waiting for others, be in the new  CPUN Chat page

Purple Heads, please submit your website URL again. It doesn’t work 😦 .

Sorry Bat, if you can’t come, it’s OK. We’re just going to discuss and get to know each other. You can come on the next meeting and on the Practice War. 2PM is 2AM for me and everyone else who lives in the East. But if you want a coverage, I could set up a meeting for you and those who can’t come – at 2PM 😉 . We’ll see.

I’ll see everybody tomorrow!


P.S. SCPO, can you please give me the URL of your website so that I could notify you too? Thanks!


10 Responses

  1. Hey it’s Big AL 56 from CPSA.Can we please join your army!!!

  2. Hey Dee, I was just letting you know I’m thinking about merging RR, but im setting up a pw with them just to be sure. If anyone wants to come and kind of advise me and benu on the choice we would be happy to have you guys there.

  3. I’m RR leader now btw.

  4. hey purpur ill help u plus i will make it to meeting im the new guy the ph leader if possible make me and m2rocks a author thts all Harv

  5. Purpleheadarmyph.wordpress.com

  6. plz add us to the blogroll in small/medium blogroll
    its the link b4 this question

  7. actully under members

  8. goodbye guys thisll be my last comment or anything til im gone cya!!!

  9. back* and thatll be my last comment

  10. I MAY be able to make it…

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