Another Edit By Batin: Lol you should get to know me I’m here to stay. So do the rest of you agree that we should organize a practise war?

Speed: I dont even know you Batin… and I agree with you!

Batin’s Edit: Okay Speed, in a way I agree with you in that we should cut loose once in a while because it is JUST a game, isn`t it? But also we don’t want any full scale wars between, say the Nachos and ACP, that could cause chaos. So I guess that is why we have practise battles, isn’t it? Whaddya say we call a practice battle so some major armies and even some small ones can let off some steam!


I guess this is the way you post now… well anyway!


1    Their is this game called Pokemon, D&P, and if any of you have those games my code for my avater is- 1762 2055 2236!

2   I’m thinking of taking a vaction (away from every army in CP) for a week or so…

Okay people, this is hard to say but… we can’t have peace all the time.  I was watching this movie last night about a village where everything was peaceful.  But really it wasn’t.  Some people were threating the peace so a group of people secretly killed them.  Only a big time cop saw it… and in the end the cop left, came back, and shot everyone who was a murders!  So well, I guess I’m saying… Club Penguin was funnier and better without Disney and peace!!!


~Well Peace!~


9 Responses

  1. Lmao I hate pokemon.

  2. haha they follow u around everywhere shouting there names XD

  3. the pokemon hate you too itachi

    Itachi6dark: Yeah if only those poke pixel poops existed so i can shock their ass.

  4. lol

  5. Doesn’t the entire world. . .? xD

  6. jedi makes a good point

  7. lol

  8. uh lol..

  9. lol jedi ok anyway…. should we throw a practise battle and if so who?

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