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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Ideas and a good start

Batin’s Edit: Hey! I’m Batintrenche and as you probably just heard I’m the newest member and editor of the CPUN! Thank you for welcoming me sooo much and I’d be glad to help out with anyone who wants suggestions or any help whatsoever! And also I hate to start my time here up on a rough note but I will be absent from the 20th of March all the way to the 29th 😦 . So thanks again for welcoming me and have a good life!

– Emporer o’ da N00bs!!

Dee Edit: Since we are doing our best to get active members, I have made Batintrenche an editor. He says he’ll be active in the CPUN. We are open to all who volunteer at this moment. Don’t think I’m makin’ too many authors. Everyone does their job. Batintrenche leads the Noobs of Club Penguin (one of our new members). He says he is aware of of the happenings of the CPUN and will help us. Thank you Bat. We appreciate the help. Please introduce yourself in a post. 😀

Hello everyone.

Dee here. I’m glad to say that the CPUN has made a good head-start. Furbur has returned and we’re getting recruits everyday. To the new recruits, yes, we will be having Practice Wars soon. As long as you keep coming back on this site and comment on its posts.

Now, I agree with that Democracy. The Philippines is called The Republic of the Philippines but it is a Democracy. Here are some advatages and disadvantages of Democracy.


– Give people the right ot speak up

– Gives people the right to vote for their leaders and for who they think would do good for their sake

– Gives more value to the people; especially those who aren’t being heard

– Lets everyone cooperate and relate with others


– The more powerful people wouldn’t cooperate. Powerful people are found in a Republic.

– The Democracy is sort of like the good guy. Not all republic governments are bad but they give more chances to bussiness men and the rich. But with the rich, the government has more money to fulfill there own needs and not the people. Some people of the CP army world do that. They listen to the more higher people.

I recently watched a video with my family, about the plans George W. Bush (a Republican) had, before, and after 9/11. I’ll tell you the whole unbelievable story on our next post.

Now, I’ve got some ideas. A new system. Posting. Please check this post. It explains my idea.


That’s for now. More posts soon. We’ve had a great start for the Club Penguin United Nations. Furbs, please tell us how you did in the RPF was.

Benu2, thanks for staying in the CPUN. Yep, I guess being in armies is a hard thing. All of us have a life (except for some people). the Club Penguin United Nations will remain here and welcome you and help you. You did good in those armies Benu. Anyway, you still have friends in this community. Great job. You’re now probably a veteran. 😉

See yah everyone.



7 Responses

  1. thanks for this now i know that im not the only democrat here i have and always will agree with anything democratic lol!

  2. Well democracy in CP armies can be pulled off in several different ways, and it varys from army to army. In RPF Omega39 wrote a constitution of sorts, we already had a congress in RPF but the constitution showed the powers of congress and such, making everything run smoothly. No democracy, however, can be perfect, there are still many flaws in RPF’s constitution and some in the US constitution. That is why anty congress should have the power to change laws.

    Now back to applying democracy to CP armies, RPF went a complex way, which caused problems in the amount of troops, alot of RPF troops got bored with all of the govornment stuff. I’ve made a few simple plans before that probably would work for the average small army. Simple is the best way to start, congress should have the power to change the constitution at any time.

    Each army/nation should have a court a congress and a leader, the leader has the power to veto any laws congress makes. The court punishes people for breaking the laws. That is the simplest way to do it, though a bit more detail makes it more fair those are good first steps. 🙂

  3. I live in USA and I hated Bush as a pres!! I have hope for Obama.


    Did you know that some people (in different countries) ran outside and danced on the streets when Obama won the elcetion


    PS: Does the CPUN even have a nation… like people… well… the armies soilders…


    I bet almost no one knew that I’m not attached to any army (as of March 10th 2009)

    Now I am Co-leader of UNSC (might be… Color Peng says he is… idk

  4. Personally, you are despicable for not even acknowledging me for my service to PARLIAMENTARY democracy in CP armies. It’s one thing to get the (“old Greek”) democracy going. But it’s five times superior if one gets parliamentary, a.k.a. representative democracy going and keeping it sustained over time. I revised the USRPF Constitution at least ten times so that Constitutional policies would meet with actual ones. Unless you include me in this “movement”, you can forget it. And thanks for deleting my comment the other day. Your posts just contradict what you are trying to achieve and sustain in this online society. Good Bye.

    Itachi6dark: Dude stop yapping nerd stuff and kiss a girl. XD

    Batintrenche: What was all that? Lol!

    Speed: lolz he can’t kiss a girl… cuz he’s a nerd!

  5. I don’t thing I can help out much and be committed in CPUN like I used to. I’m getting busier but I will still check on the site and comment and help every now and then.

  6. Zie, I’ll explain everything when I see you, it’s not CPUN’s movement, it is mine, this was just the best place to start getting the word out.

  7. Speed, Zie is three times the soldier you’ll ever be, and Itachi, ummm respect Zie. 🙂

    Itachi6dark: I don’t need to respect him because you told me too. I never respected him but now I can be mean to him without getting in trouble because he isn’t RPF leader anymore. He was a bad leader in fact. RPF got bigger and less boring now that Commando took the lead again but I don’t like RPF because I don’t like Commando lol.

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