Making a new start!

Hi everyone. Dee here.

Speed, uhm… Ok nice suggestions. Made me kinda hungry though…

Well I wanted to tell everyone that I’ll be making a new army. I figured that since CPUN members are made up of armies, maybe I should recreate my own so that we have our first recruit – my army. I’m going to call it the UNSC or the United Nations Space Command. Those who play Halo would probably be interested as I will be making it like the real UNSC.

Maybe having an army would give me more ideas on how to improve the CPUN by seeing what my army and I would need…

Anyway I wanted to say I’ll be off for two days because I have my examinations for school. It started two days ago actually and I try to drop by here like times like this. 😀

Catch you all later. Ktman, please keep this site entertained. Give us your ideas and all. Usually, when I go off for some time, when I return, everyone’s gone. Like the  time when I was off ’till February.

See you all soon. Thanks to Mr Nate for his activeness.

-Chief (Dee)

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  1. Nice!

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