Helping the ACP

Well, here it is. I do not like the ACP, but they have definetley had enough of the BS all the other armies especially RPF have given them. I am with ACP and refuse to fight a war against them. Personally, I am no leader/supporter of ACP, but this time, it is far to wrong of Commando and far to true about Oagal. WHOEVER IS WITH ME, comment on the ACP site…


The RPF has betrayed ACP.

The RPF has turned nearly every other army against ACP in a display of might which they themselves cannot back without their allies.

The RPF has tried to invade ACP servers and has successfully destroyed their own dignity.

The RPF has hacked polls on nearly every major army’s website. Hacked their own blog stats to make themselves out to be far greater than the pathetic ghost of the army they once were. Hacked and monopolized the hallowed grounds of Pink Mafias’ UMA, for personal and commercial gain. Attempted to hack and delete ACP’s very website; the website of an ally since the beginning of alliances in WWIII — the website of a friend. Proven themselves to be no more than liars and traitors.

Please help the ACP.


~~Liberty’s Warrior~~

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4 Responses

  1. This war was cancelled which sucks because it would have been fun.

  2. Well, if the scheduled battle was before Shadow gave the Nachos a wake up call, it would’ve ended up like that 58 vs 2 on the Battle for Mammoth…

    • Ok guys, I’ll be making a post about this tomorow…

  3. can I be an editor plz I have some very good ideas I want everyone to see and commenting doesn’t work. and Im like one of the only ones that has been here long and isn’t an editor!!

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