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Battle for Brumby/Mittens war

We seriously need more posts…

 FGR suffered a terrible loss, and there is no way that they could have won, being outnumbered by such a powerful enemy consisting of a huge Nacho and ally force.

And SSACP wish to reclaim Mittens, which has caused unrest with UMA. Nachos now plan to stay neutral after the threat of a world war, ACP has decided that they will not help. Personally, I’ve thought of them all (except Boomer, he was one of my favourite people in ACP) as retards ever since their contradictory and hypocricy during the Nacho vs SSACP war. Maz: Anyway, SSACP is a spy agency, so you can’t win. Later in the war… Aka: SSACP are a spy agency anyway. Maz: We’re also an army. Seriously, wtf? Anyway, on topic, Maz can’t admit defeat, and is cowering.

WW crushed KCP. No more is needed to be said.

Articsledder: Appearently some high ranking shadow troops were insulting the Ice warriors, so the ice warriors declared war on them.


6 Responses

  1. No, Boomer said ACP will not help SSACP or UMA. Plus we pwned SSACP today yet they think they still won. We had 20 and they had 4.

  2. I would not help those dirt bags even if had too!

  3. Why cant it be peace come on some people might forget but it is (SUPER BOWL SUNDAY)!! i think they should hold off the war for today

  4. The war was yesterday, stupid. 🙄

  5. ik 🙄

  6. Jeez u didnt have to be so mean itachi. (cries) JK

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