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Hi everyone. Dee here again.


I just watched the move: Valkyrie today with my family. It stars Tom Cruise as Colonel Clause von Stauffenberg. He lead Operation: Valkyrie. Yep, I found out what Ktman meant by his ‘Operation’. In the movie, Colonel Von Stauffenberg revolts against Adolf Hitler. He joins a group of people revolting against Hitler. He gathers more friends to join the group. They plan to assasinate Hitler so they place a bomb under the table in which the meeting is occuring. This bomb does explode which makes the Colonel and his group, successful in the meeting. Before all this, while the Colonel was gathering more allies, some of those he approached didn’t want to cooperate in their revolt against Hitler’s Germany unless Hitler was comfirmed dead. The Colonel thought he had succeded in killing Adolf Hitler so he approached those men again, and they agreed to join him and bring Germany back. During that day of truimph, Adolf Hitler broadcasted himself in the radio. Hitler wasn’t dead. He ordered the arrest of Colonel Von Stauffenberg and al his loyal friends. Once arrested, they were to be executed.

It’s a really big movie. it’s really worth watching. It shows a big lesson. Not all Germans are Nazis. It’s a story of freedom, honor, and alot more virtues shown in the end of the movie. It’s also a story of betrayal and treason (it really depends on which side you are on anyway). Now how can we relate to this movie? I can’t really explain the story line, sorry. It’s kind of complicated. But for htose who have watched it, share what you think about it.




2 Responses

  1. Well, actually Jedi invented the operation and recruited me, and it still is an oongoing project.

  2. I went to go see that movie !it was great but in the middle it was all talk in stuff i kinda got bored.

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