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Meh Story


I got this idea from Saint1994 of ACP. The story is mine but the making of stories is her credit.

“Well so he died” I told Ennbay on Red raiders chat. ” Wait how did he die” he asked.  “Well he chucked a rock at him.”  I was telling him about a Klay World video on youtube.

“He talks about violent clay people .” he said.

 And then he went red.

“Ennbay? Hey Tach- where did they go…..” I said. “Great well I think I will go to UMA chat.”

When I got there it was fully loaded. Jack was talking for a long time until he franticly was typing.

“Guys! There someone in my room help!@we,dxcoiprdf’l;kxcnlgjzilxu. cvog” Then he went red.

Then all them went red exept me. “Um ok…….”

I went to ACP chat and I was PCing KG:

” Yeah both RR and UMA chats went red all at once.” I said ” Wow I checked and they did and jack must have hit the keyboard will going. That sounded urgent… Help!;iodjugh!” he said

KG! Was he  under attack?!?! Then I looked back at messages that were urgent saying someone- or something was there. The last was Fort. He slammed the keyboard hard it seemed he got hit with a hammer. 

Oh no! I thought. Then my mom called me.

“Sam you have mail!” She hollered.

I read it and breathed heavy. I knew what I had to do.

The note said where all the UMA, ACP and RR were.

Well then! I took off. My mom calling after me but I didn’t listen. I had my skis and poles.  I then ran 3 miles to the airport and paid for a ride. I flew to The Adirondeck Mountains.  The airport was atop the mountains and We landed. I got off and walked to an edge of the mountain. Here I go…. and like that I was off!

I flew down the mountain like lightning. I slowed down a bit. I was going awesome. Then I saw it. It was a massive Snowmobile shooting at me. A bullet hit my arm and I kept going. Then my skiis were shot. I tripped and the world spun…….

Falling………… It seem to be forever as I fell. As if time had stopped as I fell. Then, I hit the snow. My broken and un-broken skis were taken off and smashed. I started rolling. Snow was all around me, rolling with me. Then I moved a little. I got it!, I screamed in my head.
I shifted my weight so now I was sliding down the hill. I raised my arm to grab on the handle of the snowmobile. I turned the handle…. and punched a guy off of it. I got up and started driving. I kicked the gunner out. There were skis on the back and I grabbed them. I also got a grappling hook that was on there.
I was off again skiing This time I was right at the turn I needed to reach. Then it happened. Another snowmobile came and shot me in the chest. I lost my balance and fell in a big pile of snow. The men on it laughed as they came by. I was almost out cold…….
Purpur5222 was visiting UMA ACP and RR chats but nobody was on. He was worried. He knew Benu2 would find out. Benu emailed him two days ago saying he would find out. But then the Xat noise sounded! It was Benu2!
“Benu!” Purpur said on chat!
“Ugh” I replied. I was using my DS which I rewired it to be a PC.
” Purpur I’ve been shot in the arm and chest!”
Then Purpur took a blow to the head. Someone was in his room. A guy lunged at him and Pur dodged him. He ran downstairs. But he was tripped. A mask was put over his face. He was unconscious and so was Benu.
30 minutes passed and Benu woke up to helicopter blades. A boy was being led out in shackles escorted by guards. I decided to follow them. All of a sudden we were in a cave. They locked the kid in a secret door then left and kept going down the hallway. After they shut the door I snuck in. I entered and all these kids were staring at me.
“Umm hi…” I said nervously.
” Who are you?” One asked.
“My name is Sam but my online name is Benu2. I’m from New York.”
Then one person Came up to me. He shook my hand.
“Ktman  from online.” he said.
“Let me guess Red Raiders, UMA and ACP are all here.” I said.
They all nodded to me.
“IDK why you are here but I’ll get you out.” I assured them
Footsteps filled the hallway. They hid me under a bench. After a quick check the guards left.
“Is there any weak spots in the wall?” I asked.
“Nope.” answered Squab.
Then Froogly noticed blood.
“I know they shot me but focus there has to be a way!” I said
I used a side kick (Yoko-Geri kekomi) on the wall and I was thick as concrete. Then I took out my DS and hacked to the main door. It wouldn’t work. Another guard came in. I tackled him and got the door open
“Run!”  I said!
They took off through the cave and we were losing the guards pretty bad. Then the snow mobiles came. 10 of them I took Ennbay, Ktman, Batista, and Ankita to face them. Fort and Aber made a rope to clothesline the riders.
Bat took out 2, I got three and Ennbay Ankita and Ktman got the last one. The 4 left were clothe lined by fort and aber. Then we dove out of the way. A big giant truck was roaring on the path with 3 snowmobiles next to ’em. One snowmobile got Itachi and Hero and Bat. The next grabbed Boomer. The third came after me, Ankita, Shab  and Explosion since we’re Second in commands. But we all ducked or fought back. I punched the gunner and Shab kicked the driver. Wurburt Grabbed the snowmobile and tried to stop it. He missed and the snowmobile hit Big Peng. We got him up and I noticed someone standing on the back of the truck that was pulling away. They were in a cloak. I got the grappling hook and threw it.  It caught the truck and I skied   away with the truck. Everyone ran after me. And the Chase was on!
And thats my story

Extreme: That was an absolute HTML disaster I cleaned up…


9 Responses

  1. Vey cool Benu! Can’t wait to read more.

  2. it was okay but (not to be rude) it had some spelling errors… but other than that it was good!

  3. thx guys

  4. It says Bat was helping you fight but then he comes on a snowmobile. That doesn’t make sense. Aww I didn’t do anything in the story 😦

  5. Itachi you’re big in part 3. But Bat was fighting then he was captured by a snowmobile.

  6. There’s a part 3?

  7. itachi are you a kid (1-12) a teen (13-19) or an adult (19-100)

  8. 12 but a lot of people think I’m 14 or 15 because I diss out a lot of them XD .

  9. whats (101-other numbers) old people :S

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