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A few stuff that happened in my musical life this year:

Hi everyone!

I just made a new rule for that member page.

Rule: If you want to be part of the CPUN, you must be active. Every army who has ever been active in the CPUN has turned into a majorly known army now. Yes, some armies you know about have started here, in the CPUN. Please be sure to be active and keep commenting on the posts or we might have to delete you from the alliance as the list is being filled by more inactive people. Thank you.

Who is that person who updates the members page? I appreciate it very much. I’ll be adding an awards page and once I know the name of that person I’ll give him a medal of honor. Many more people will be having medals so don’t worry.

Jedi, you’ve done so good this year. Everyone isn’t force to stay in the CPUN anyway. I’m just someone who wants to help. I still have a few old comrades such as Speed015, Lsund, etc. Everyone has done so great. Jedi, I remember when ACPE1 said “You’re everywhere Jedi!”. Yes you were. You got big. Congratualtions and an advanced Happy Anniversary.

Here are my favourite songs:


What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

Crawling by Linkin  Park

One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Bleed it Out by Linkin Park

Somewhere I belong by Linkin Park

Remember the Name by Fort Minor (With Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park)

Hmm..Let’s just say I memorized every single lyric of every singe Linkin Park song. yes, even the EPs. Yes even Dedicated 1994 demo. Yes, I was a crazy Linkin Park fan. I knew the birthplace, age, former jobs and activities of all Linkin Park’s band members. I introduced Linkin Park to my school. I introduced the albums: Hybrd Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight including QWERTY.

When I started playing the guitar, I tried playing some Linkin Park songs. Dudes playing LP’s songs are hard! I’m tellin’ you guys. Anyway I had brought Linkin Park to my school. Soon, people were getting really crazy over it which made me look like a ‘feeler’. Someone who feels he knows alot about something like the rest of those people at my school who had LP songs on theirmobiles and singing the wrong lyrics. It made LP’s songs look babyish! I was like, “Nooooo!”. LP is supposed to be Nu Metal! It’s supposed to be Hard Rock! But now I see quite alot of the…well, ‘weird’ people liking it! Anyway, I told myself that music is for everyone…even a Rapcore band like Linkin Park. After this, I said it’s time to do something new. My seatmate was the best rapper in the whole class (probably not the best singer). So I said, “Hey dude, do you know Linkin Park?”. Dave (his name): “Yeah. Do you know Faint?” Me: “Yeah.” Dave: “Cool.” Me: “Yeah.” Soon we were singing and singing through the whole year. I’ve been singing since I was 6 so it was pretty ok. Rap and rock was the best genre I ever heard of. Yeah, once again, the feelers started taking over the music. Linkin Park had spread to 3 of the Filipino schools in the city and in the British School. This is when I found Club Penguin sites and saw that most people here liked Linkin Park. I was like, “Cool.”. I made my idols Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda… Then I introduced Collision Course featuring Linkin Park and Jay-Z.


What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

Lying From You/Dirt of Your Shoulder by Linkin Park and Jay-Z

Basket Case by Green Day

American Idiot by Green Day

Holiday by Green Day

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Longview by Green Day

When I Come Around by Green Day

Brainstew…by Green Day

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Well I said I should go move on to some new music and genre. Rapcore was dying out but it was just beginning in the class. I created a band. I had:

1 Vocalist (me)

1 Rhythm Guitarist

1 Lead Guitarist

1 Bassist

1 Drummer

We played Basket Case on our first gig which was really awesome. Showing the school what you can do feels great! I started liking Green Day and more Guns N’ Roses songs. many people would judge songs by their tone and catchyness. if you want to be good at music, you should learn to like all songs. Learn songs and their meanings. We’ll be playing Sweet Child O’ Mine for the Battle of the Bands. That’s gonna take alot of Practice. We’ll also fit in What I’ve Done if there’s time but it’s pretty easy.

Anyway, I’m getting a bit carried away so uh, I’ll just be at the Veteran Soldiers Association site (www.veteransoldiersassociation.wordpress.com) and Mr Deedledoo site (www.mrdeedledoo.wordpress.com). If you’re a retired soldier, join the VSA! Ktman, ACPE1 and I are in the Club. Ktman, can you send a link of your picture of your penguin? I’ll paste it on the gallery of members. Thanks!





Well, goodbye to my Winter Holidays igloo…!

Dee's Christmas Igloo

Dee's Christmas Igloo


9 Responses

  1. LP songs r hard to play……. here’s a funny story-

    One day my friend got a new laptop for his birthday but that night he also go a NEW gutiar!!! He had an old one and he knew EVERY LP song and played good and he new EVERY 3 doors down and 3 days grace song AND he knew EVERY Painc at the Dico song!! So the next afternoon he got his stepdad mad so his stepdad went into my friends room and pushed everything on my friends desk into the wall (the laptop too) and the laptop left a hole so that night the stepdad walked in and saw the hole and smashed the neck of the NEW guitar!! But then the strings wiped back at his leg so my friends stepdad has six LONG cuts on his leg and my friend is mad!! Im over in the Guest Room laughin’ my head of when I get kicked out!!!

    -So now my friend has a NEW stepdad and a NEW guitar and is LEARNING the songs again

  2. I Speed015 have made this desion- Im retiring…..

    CP is getting boring and I hate it when people act like they run the place! That’s what has been happening everywhere!! You can find me at these 5 places-

    1. http://www.roblox.com (every day)

    2. http://www.clubpenguin.com (1 a week)

    3. http://www.veteransoldiersassociation.wordpress.com (maybe)

    4. http://www.mrdeedledoo.wordpress.com/ (2 times a week)

    5. http://www.clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com

    -I know I said Im leaving but I’ll still like to here want you guys talk about!!!!

    ~For one of the last times~

    NOTE: I welcome retirement like an old friend… not an emeny… you should too….

    NOTE2: I have waited for this day… after over 3 years of fighting and 4 years of Penguin Fun….. I have been found by Retirement!

  3. Well, almost all. CPR is dwindliing now 😦

  4. I’ve done a bit of updating to some of the pages, including the join page. Anyway, I agree, LP is truly awesome.

  5. Speed i wish u luck in the world to come.

  6. LP PWNS! Live with it people (d)
    My favorites are numb, In the end, and some others..
    I wish you luck Speed, it was great knowing you.

  7. LP used to be my favortite band but now I’m starting to move into other bands that I like more like Three Days Grace and Escape The Fate. The only song I like in LP now is Faint.
    I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace was voted the second best rock song of 2007. Try looking it up on youtube if you never heard it.

  8. thx guys… wish you guys luck too

  9. I wish I was in a band. 😦 I would be able to write songs, I woul;d just have truble fitting them to the insturmental aspects of the song. 😦 Plus I dont really play any insturments. 😦

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