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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Ok, Hi people..

I’ve been slightly inactive in CPUN for the lastcouple of days because of a few personal reasons.

Thanks, Dee for promoting me to Minister of Foreign Affairs..

Whoever’s “on my staff”, can you notify me of your wp-emails, so I can add you onto a FA site.

For Sleet, I’m wondering if Furbur and I can just use Sleet Empire..

What happened in 1 year, in CP armies changed a lot…

Oagal retired. He then Made Fort leader.

Three people joined ACP, Boomer20, Shaboomboom, and Jedimaster17, the first two as corporals, and the last as a Captain.

Zippy500, the beloved Nachos leader retired…Zippy’s last battle was fought extraordinarly well.

IW, became a major army…I mean before, who ever heard of them?
UMA was in a slight depression, with Abercrombe29, Nicole654, and Jackfrost all retiring.

Dialaga tried to destroy ACP, failed..and he left the armies.

ACP’s first turmoil, Fort quit ACP, and formed VLA. Later returned to ACP.

Shadow2446 quit Nachos briefly.

Fort retired, and appointed Dr.Nono Jr as leader. Oagal contested it, and appointed Rapidy.

ACP unhappy with it, had elections, and elected Kg007 as Leader of ACP.

Shadow2446 retired, and moved onto UMA..to work his magic.

Kg retired, and held Elections.

The three party nominees were, Abercrombe29, Shaboomboom, and Jedimaster17.

After, a closely contested race, Shaboomboom won, due to Jedimaster17 conceding, to become Co-leader.

Jedimaster17 and Shaboomboom, had a huge fight, and after that Jedimaster17 was demoted to 3rd in Command.

Oagalthorp returned, and jedimaster17 became ACP Prez (First Ever).

Boomer20 was made leaderof ACP.

ACP won the christmas tourney.

UMA Rebuilding Project came along..UMA Came back!
A lot more..

What we’ve done:

A prominent member of CPUN, Itachi6dark, put much interest into UMA..and rose through command levels, eventually becoming leader.

Another early member of CPUN, KTman2, became active in ACP, and reached level of Presidential Advisor, and ACP Brigadier General.

General88, reformed the CPUN Government.

Extreme the Great, among other things became a well respected critic, and was even on an RPF post by commandro.

Benu2, became active, and highly ranked in UMA. 

Dee, resigned from his RPA (cum other armies), and went on for CPUN.

Colorp, became highly ranked in CPUN Government.

Kingjared7, mayor of an ACP Server, and also now CPUN ambassador.

Speed rose in CPUN, has a cool blog etc…

Godplayer, sorry I don’t know you that well, but became force in minor armies, and also a key witness in the first major CPUN court case.

Jarlo77, ACP Embassador 1, and also..Ideaman. Amazing. He contributed a lot to my own philosphy, helped with my army career, gave advice, one to be remembered.

Monkekmanmua-Joined CPUN, became a great addition..and more..

Jedimaster17-well, I rose from little known captain, and loser of a Governor race to (the future leader of ACP), to a Top Senator of ACP. Then became a popular and influential person, and finally became a Co-Leader and President.

I’d like to thank everyone here, especially Ktman, Itachi, Dee, and the other original members of the CPUN.

You guys have really inspired me, and I’m glad to know we’re all moving forward.

Lastly.. a special thanks to Jarlo777, we’ll always remember you.



5 Responses

  1. A very nice post jedi.

  2. Wow a lot more happened in the army world this year then any other year. It’s getting chaotic but atleast CPUN is under control.

    P.S.- Top on list again! XD

  3. Claps!

  4. XD well done everyone. I’m sure this will get better…


  5. Nice post, better then Kyle’s incomplete best leader of the year post. This is for RPF, from the point that I returned.

    Part I

    An RPF WWIII veteran named Furbur27 returned to RPF as a general.

    Commando717 retired as RPF leader, leaving Kg007 in charge.

    RPF and ACP got into a large war with a new army that was getting alot of troops, the new atrmy was called elites.

    Commando, formed a gaming groupcalled ‘the federation’ other RPF members didn’t want that so RPF went into a 24 hour civil war.

    RPF entered into a war that nearly became WWIV. I call it Dialga’s war.

    Kg007 retired from RPF unexpectedly, along with his second in command, leaving 16 days of disputed leadership.

    John borne nearly became leader in those 16 days, but in the end Ziehen was named the RPF leader.

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