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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Having doubts…

Hey everyone…

First of all, I wanted to say that Godplayer123 will be replacing Extreme the Great~ as Ambassador of Fjord. Extreme will be the assistant. P.S. G98, I think Godplayer and Troopx113 want to have peace. Continuing this case may cause the members of the CPUN to leave.

2nd of all. Ktman, you, as Prime Minister, head the Headquarters. I’ll just be helping you around…

Ok now to my point…

I was awake all night last night thinking. Thinking of my position in the CP Army world. I had an army. I lead the CPUN. Then I stopped. I said, is that all I really am? I never achieved anything for myself. I looked back in the past when the CPUN was small and still new. Itachi6Dark joined in. Jedimaster17. Then Ktman2. They were the first outsiders I knew. We were all pretty unheard of. I guess that is why they joined the Club Penguin United Nations. For the unheard, to be heard amongst themselves. I had fun. We all did.

Soon, Order 67 came about. This was the time of revolution. Independence. We were considered noobs back then… The CPUN was halved in 2. The ones who wanted to fight Order 67, and those who didn’t such as, myself, Jedimaster, and ACPE1. Due to the ANTA releasing the Order, dozens of armies flooded into the CPUN and we became the biggest alliance of all time. Ktman and Itachi lead a group to fight the Order. I never really heard about it untill the war was over… The ANTA recognized the CPUN as someone who can walk alongside with them.

Now after that, nearly everyone was recognized. Itachi became a bit popular in the ACP. Ktman as well. Jedimaster17 too. Then they all went ahead, and became leaders and high officers of the best armies ever known. But I. I was just recognized as me. Mr Deedledoo. Head of the Club Penguin United Nations.  Head of a group of nations who was able to overcome the bigger armies. Untill now, I’m still here. I’ve been in the Army of Club Penguin for 2 years now. I don’t even have a rank. I’ve been in the RPF as a private for a year. Been in he UMA Runescape Division for a few months though they never even responded to me.

I don’t think I can catch up anymore. Everyone has moved on. The CPUN used to be about the unheard, to be heard. My old comrades and I kept that mission. Now everyone’s heard. Now what. I’m the only one who’s still sitting here making posts and giving joy to everyone. Giving them positions. Making them happy. I’ve only had one position in the CP Army life and that’s Head of the Club Penguin United Nations. I can’t go any higher than that coz no one can promote me.

I’ve had fun helping people around. I’m proud of you all and I don’t ask for much. But maybe I’m like Mike92. I never get anything. Anyway, I never ask for anything and I’m ok with that. I don’t know if I should quit now or continue.

Maybe I’m like ACP Embassador 1. Maybe I’m just a name



Happy New Year everyone… 


19 Responses

  1. Dude! your not JUST a name! If you can form the largest CP alliance, you’re NOT just a name! If you can basicly beat ANTA and make the respect you like you did, your NOT just a name. to me your the most influintial person ive ever known! (Except for Jarlo777) im POSITIVE if you quit, then most of the government will quit. and also, im there with you. if you go, im going with you. if you stay, fer cryin out loud im stayin!
    your the best thing that ever happend, happening and ever will happen to this governemt and the alliances!

    P.S. if you didnt get the messeage, YOUR NOT JUST A NAME 😉

  2. Dee, I would like to explain something to you. You are one of the greatest people in the entire world of Club Penguin Armies. You created the greatest army alliance evr known. The LOCPA is dead. So is ANTA. But what you created still stand strongs. Your name is known throughout as Dee, creator of the organization that brought popular armies like RR to the top. And Dee if you want to join ACP, go join it! I only joined four months ago and I lead my first battle yesterday. It is never to late Dee. And you arean’t a name, your a person who is much wiser then me or alot of other people here. You are the creator of the greatest organization ever known.

  3. OK Dee, let’s talk a little. When you have made such a difference in the CP Army World, it’s not just a difference in a video game. You, Deedledoo, have made a difference to the people sitting at their computers, staring at this post. You have made them realize how to be better in the real world, and how to get along in the virtual world. This nation has outlived so many things, that even you cannot recall all of them. If you gave up now, then all you did would go to waste. ACP vs. IW, Elites vs. UT, all that crap that is now over. It seems to me that you are taking credit for the sole actions of someone else. If you want to be in an army, speak up! Leave comments, talk on chats, that’s the only way people will notice you. Stand up for yourself. Look at the difference you made between Elites and UT. You made the Leaders realize that peace was the best solution of all. Imagine how much you have helped them in real life. Don’t give up now Dee, not when the CP world is in terror and conflict, not when all the armies need you to unite them together for peace and prosperity. Don’t quit.

    If you decide to quit, there are many opurtunities waiting for you ahead, and CPUN will carry on and you can continue promoting fairness and justice in the virtual world. If you decide to quit, there is a high ranking position in this organization which I recently started. http://www.cparmyalliance.wordpress.com

    Don’t give up Dee, not when the virtual world needs peace at the height of it;s time.

  4. Dee your inspiration got me this far. I know Jarlo is great and all but I never really knew him. All I had to look up to was you and that was all I needed. You’re not just a name. If you want to join UMA I’ll add you the second you join! Dee just remember that if you make it to the top there are prices you need to deal with. Here are some of the following:

    1. A million complaints from soldiers.
    2. More busy and less fun.
    3. Making soldiers learn some dicipline (most of the time my soldiers don’t listen to me when I give commands in a war).
    4. Making sure you don’t lose control of yourself from all the chaos
    5. Trying to stay calm and nice when it’s nearly impossible at that point.

    Now here are the good things about being at the top:

    1. Pride
    2. Honor

    That’s it…

  5. Dee I respect you even if you guit… but maybe were all just name’s… but you… YOU, stood up and became one of the greatest people in the Club Penguin Army World!! Yes the wonder goes away and then we get depressed and think of other… better things… but still… anyone who can get ARMIES (big and small) to work together must have some bright futur ahead of them! I sure you will too…………. I respect your wishes yo quit… maybe you are a name… maybe not… and all those other armies… ACP, and other one’s that are big act like they own the world… their leaders are jerks… but you are the best leader!!! You responed to the comments and the questions… maybe one day you’ll be leader of the WORLD!!! Maybe not? But still you are the best…. as a soilder and a commrade I respect what you do and stand by you all the way… Club Penguin is getting less war like… not needing us… like they don’t what real evil is… your not just a virtual penguin in a virtual game… your a hero to me… a friend… it will be painful to see you dissapear… but still I will stand by your wishes to leave… friends come and go… but the imprint they have left will always, ALWAYS, stay… the imprint in the Club Penguin Army World will stay too… it will stay and then you’ll become a legend… a wonder of the Club Penguin World!!!!!!! I hope you stay but still…… you can leave… it will pain me but Im under your command… and I respect you so…… do as you must….


  6. -their are typeo’s in that-

    “I sure you will too”

    is really

    “Im sure you will too”


    “I respect your wishes yo quit”

    is really

    “I respect your wishes to quit”

  7. Dee, look back at what you have done, you’ve started the largest army alliance in the CP world with some of the best armies, you’re known around the CP army world, to some people , you are a role model. You know Dee, don’t give up, lots of penguins look up to you,You are not just a name, you are an inspirational person, you were kind, and you are one of a kind.

  8. http://cpunwars.wordpress.com/ War division.

  9. DUDE! You are a really nice cool guy!!! You arent just a name! OK!?! Really you are cool.

  10. erm..Dee, you’re an excellent leader. Your amazing, really cool,and nice. You formed the small armies Federation..and you are still rather well known. Secondly, damn it Dee, your not just a friggin name. ACPE1, is no more pretty much…but people still know you, respect, and like you.
    Now, about ACP.
    Just fill out the ACP Join Form, and e-mail it to me at jediacp@gmail.com
    I’ll add you, and since you’ve been in it for 2 years, you’ll easily be a Lt.Colonel, or Colonel.
    Its never too late..


  12. ..

  13. Dee if you were just a name then CPUn would be very bad. We couldn’t go without u.

  14. What happened to the other 2 or so posts?

  15. I thought it might’ve offended some people alot with that song but there’s a big explanation. Anyway I’m not going to exaggerate this.


  16. The respect your name alone has makes you much more than ‘just a name’. Creating an alliance like CPUN; an organised, strong alliance that can match even the largest Club Penguin Armies is definitely no small feat. I get annoyed at all of the pretences on here, people self-glorifying to gain attention. But you have solidly worked on several websites without craving the attention that alot of others seem to have. If other people can’t see what you’ve accomplished, they are ignorant fools.


  17. You are not just a name. I rate you as the eighth most powerful person in CP armies. I can easily promote you in RPF if you wish, you do deserve it. I respect you and look up to you.

    Your words are some of the wisest I have heard. Even if the ACP n00bs have never heard of you, or if almost no one has. You can always be the great unheard of. However as long as I and othr CPUN members are here to remember you, you never will be.

  18. I would like to thank everyone. You’ve made me feel stronger and willing to go on. No thank you guys. I don’t want to ask so much from you as to join an army. Not everyone knows me and they’ll complain for me getting a position.

    Itachi, Ktman, Benu2, Lsund, King Jared, Speed, Extreme, Jedi, Kid, G98, Furbs, Shadow, and everyone else, thanks for staying with me.


  19. Dee… are you going now? I mean I know you have a reason and that’s okay… I stand by you. Good luck with life man!! I wish you luck with 09 and all those other year’s!!!! The day you leave will always be a hoilday to me (lol not to be mean) I mean I will have a party each year on the day you left…..

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