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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The Year End General Assembly

Welcome guests. The Year End Meeting is located in the CPUN Summit Room it shall start at 8 AM Penguin Standard Time. There might be another scheduled meeting at 2 PM Penguin Standard Time for those who cannot come at 8 AM.

Here is the chatbox link: http://xat.com/chat/room/42208678/

Thank you. I’m already at the chatbox so you can come meet me now.

Mr Deedledoo's signature.


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  2. Hey G9. Please don’t forget to post all the reviews you have. Including the Ktman meeting as well. It’s pretty late so cya! Good work.


  3. Dee whats a runescape???O one more thing everytime i get on summit room no ones on i was on for the meeting but then you all left.

  4. Dee may i come to the valkire meeting???Just for the heck of it even know im not on the list.

  5. Dee GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND GO THERW THE POST ITS SOMETHING YOU MIGHT WANNA SEE!! http://www.cpiaclubpenguinarmy.wordpress.com the title is The small army allince for 2009 read the whole thing its carzy!!

  6. Dee I can come to ameeting at 2:00 PM Penguin Standard Time.

  7. Uhh Kingjaed a runscape is a online King and Knight game!

  8. he said-
    The small army alliance is an alliance beetween all the small armys of Club Penguin to take back Mammoth and make it neutral from the hands of the bigger armies on CP. To do this all of us small armys must unite and fight together against these big armys. On the nachos site for instance they say the noob armies of Club Penguin say they own Mammoth. Since when are we noobs, and who said we own Mammoth. We need to stop these guys before they claim Mammoth to themselves. That is why I am makng this post. All armys with under 2000 hits are invited to paricipate in the Alliance. Here are the conditions:

    You must not go to war with an army in the alliance
    Armies under 500 hits are aloud to borrow soldiers off other small armys with over 100 hits
    All Alliance soldiers must be equiped with an AK47 machine gun, a mark 56 handgun. 2 g7 gernades, 2 smoke gernades, 5000 rounds
    Please CPIA soldiers advertise this before these Nachos and IW ACP get it. I know I am in ACP but I am not attending the invasion beacuse of the simple reason that i dont think its a good idea. Instead I am organising a resistance.We are in charge of Clearing out all of the Nachos who think they can ambuush us. I wnat you to do this quickly and eficently. Stay together. All the alliance armies are welcome too. We need to stop thse people. If the ACP Nachos or the IW attempt to call us noobs I will serioulsly consider my resignation from the ACP. I hope ashes feels the same. We might be small but we will fight to the death, thats the words I gave to ACP leader Boomer when he said we cant do anything we are too small. Also they need to remember that they, the IW Nachos and ACP were once small aswell. I mean look at the Nacho site and youll see Akabob talking about when he joined the Nachos and they only had about 15 troops, much like us small armys. I think that if Oagal was at the ACP helm he would not let this happen beacuse he knows what it feels like to be a small army. Same with Zippy. These men were great leaders who are now overshaddowed by dictators who think the big armys are all that matters. I urge you all ACP, Nachos and IW to leave us alone. What will happens when you the big armies are gone? If you try and wipe out the small armys there will be noone left to carry on the armys. This is the main reason why I am setting up this alliance. We need to carry on the armies of Club Penguin.If not the CP world wont be fun anymore. I remember back in the good old days when the ACP was cotroled by only Oagalthorp and Tom Yellow. On the widget the ACP had the question, What do CP Think abou the ACP? The reply was, Club Pneguin thinks its great to show creativity, keep up the good work. This good work has not been kept up beacuse of the way the leaders are coming and going in armies. Like when I came home from my summer holidays I was blowing my brain out trying to figures out who the ACP leaders was. It is that annoying. The ACP have lost it, as simple as that. I am in the army, I know that but if the ACP dont pull out of this I think I might have to resign. I just dont see what the whole point is. If you want ot get the small armys out of Mammoth tough luck you cant, May I remind you all the big army leaders that CP is meant for fun and not for saying who can and who cannoth go into a server. There is nothing stopping me now, lets say in a day, if the big armys invade Mammoth, from gahering a group of CPIA soldiers and walking right in. You just cant do that. None is going to make me get out of Mamoth. How do these patrolers know that im another army leader. They dont. I can walk in any day, Fire at these armys soldiers and walk away no harm done. And to be quite honest with you I think we should fight to keep Mammoth neutral. Over the years many wars have been fought to claim it. I also am aware that the big armies do not intend to keep Mammoth, but the might as well just form one big army and say “THis is our now, go away small armys.”This is the biggest catastrophy ever. I hope we can fight it.


    PS: 800 Words


  9. That is the most sadistic, retarded and demented post I have ever seen, and is obviously made by someone with absolutely no experience in this field. ACP grew incredibly fast. Zippy joined the Nachos when the Nachos were already a huge army in Blizzard server. That guy actually thinks he has 15 troops?! HAHAHAHA! He’d be lucky if he could pull out 5 for a battle! Order 67 to destroy them may actually be necessary for real. Someone with so little knowledge on the subject they are writing about obviously should get a life. The correct word for someone in this instance is “noob”.

  10. I highly recommend that the CPUN does not support this cause.

  11. See thats stuff cpun needs to handle cuz we are the club penguin united nations right???Extreme i disagree on that we are the united nations and what do you think we do??Sit around and grant land grants and have meetings and post stuff.Look a that Gaza strip thing united nations told them to cease fire right ?!?!We are post to being peace and slove problems ilke those.

    Dee: Ok guys. I’ll make a post about this soon. Let’s see how things fare. I think we should just give them advice and keep them from doing this as early as possible. Extreme and you ahev a point(s)…

  12. By not supporting this cause, I refer to meaning that we tell them this isn’t a good idea, and we will help you to understand the facts, not to just ignore them. 👿 👿

  13. Isn’t our job peace?

    Dee: To keep peace yes.

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