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Merry Christmas ( 1 day late)

Happy Boxing Day ( for the Canadians, English,Australians), It is Christmastime ( November 15-January 6 in some cultures) , time to give and forget your differences! Now here are the worst and best presents I got:

Underwear 😦

Club Penguin Trading Cards

Box of Chocolate

TMNT DS game 😦 

2 Coffee mugs

15 dollars

lots of Cocoa powder

A Club Penguin DS game

Something else from NYC

Funny Story: My aunt had to work on Christmas Day, so I gave her a Late Present Tax ( LPT) for arriving late on Dec.26 , so she said she will give me NPAA ( No Present At All) .

Story of Giving: It was Christmas Eve, I went to my aunt’s home for a Christmas Eve Party to stay up till midnight or so and open gifts at midnight. My relatives love gambling, they go to the casino every now and then. I won five bucks, all the kids did, but when my cousin got some money, she was only one year old and could walk at 7 months of age, she started to give the money to an aunt of mine and when my 1 year old attempted to give the 5 dollars to my aunt, it was so amazing to see a baby giving someone money, Another thing is… my other aunt got way over the 100 dollar jackpot, she got 120 bucks!



8 Responses

  1. lol. Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day to you G9.

    How cute. I bet your 1 year old will have an early futre (I mean good luck..in an early age).

    Lol. Ok, we move it to Monday. MONDAY PEOPLE. Lsund, SPeed, KJ, change the date to Monday and inform everyone. Thank you.


  2. Please notify CPR as well and those armies u know but make sure u notify the whole BIG LINKS.

  3. 😦 Stupid RPF.

    Anyway, I go an Ipod! XD

  4. Thanks D!, I waz expecting a iPod Touch (8G)
    But , Oh Well!

  5. Really, after the she got 120 bucks thing people started to say “boo” when she got picked a second time! He.He

  6. Didn’t Commando say that you were going to be SIC of RPF when he won, Furbur?

  7. Furbur! You weren’t meant to get that job… 😦 Maybe you could get a 2nd chance in something else…


  8. That rili brought me down Furbs… 😦

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