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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Our Plans

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas!


Hi. I’m going to be making some announcments and plans.

-First of all, we’re going to have a Year End:

When: December 28, 2008 – Sunday 9AM Penguin Standard Time (Time can be found on the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts in Club Penguin)

Where: CPUN Summit Room (Not the CPUN International Chatbox)

What: Year End GA Meeting


We’re going to talk to have a recap of everything we’ve done this year. But most of our meeting will be about our plans in the future or simply, next year starting January. We’ll be having Elections for the representatives for the 4 CPUN Embassies (Husky, Arctic, Marshmallow, Sleet). Why only 4? What about the 5th? the 5th is Klondike – Our HQ. Klondike won’t just be an embassy. So for those 4 other servers you’ll have:

#1. A Consul General

#2. A Consul

#3 – infinity. Anything you want to add (Guards, Medics, workers, it’s all up to the Ambassador but it’s all your responsiblity).

Simply those 3 (and any optional stuff). But for Klondike, no. We need more than just those 3. We need guards, diplomats, and reporters. HQ is like NASA while those Space Bases and Moon Bases are our servers. Everything is in the HQ. Anyone who is not elected and left with no position is automatically a worker in the HQ. So that this post won’t look complicated, I won’t explain what these people do. If you’re going to run for a rank, research about it now.

General 98, can we change the premier into an Ambassador instead or are they different? :-/

The Premiers stay as they are. Our positions will only be the Consul General, Consul, and etc.

Current Premiers:

Klondike: General 98 (But we’ll need more people to Premier this are and we’ll not simply be called Premiers) So maybe we can add itachi6Dark, ktman2, and myself?

Husky: Benu2

Arctic: Jedimaster17

Marshmallow: Ok, here’s the thing. it’s Articsledder. Now I don’t know where he is. Hmm…I know he commented on the post about the Rapidy’s UPA joining the CPUN but after that, he dissapeared. Well Lsund is back but what about Artic? Let’s just hope nothing bad happened to him.

People, you know who you are. All Premiers should now make their own form. You can make any form you like. What is a form you say? This is a form:

1. Consul General (Name)___________

2. Consul __________

3. Potato Boy __________

That’s an example. Those in red must be in the form. The premiers can then add ANYTHING they like in the form. If Benu2 thinks he needs two guards, then he can put: 3. Guard (2) __________

Then you’ll submit it to us and we’ll post your form. So, the embassy has it’s freewill to have ANYTHING they want to make them feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Good isn’t it?

Ok, so much for that part of the meeting topic. That will be the biggest topic. Here’s another topic I think would be good: Giving positions to the people.

What I mean by that is this. We’ll be sending all of you guys to your rightful positions.

For example, Lsund says he’s good at politics, good. he goes with General 98’s company at the Supreme Court, helps with politics, etc. Speed is good at guarding, patrolling, and fighting so he could go to Itachi’s war company (Itachi, I think you should make a site for your branch unless you want to have the CPUN Forces which I do recommend) or he could go help out at the CPUN HQ and do some patrolling or just stay alert in case war breaks out in Klondike. Extreme would most likely go to the War side as well. Benu2 is good at both politics AND war so maybe he can do both? Jedimaster might have to do both too. I don’t know how to classify that one. So will Ktman. there are many balanced people so maybe they can go be in the HQ or simple stay in between the War and Politics side – the CPUN. Do you guys get me? I’ll be classifying you guys. I’ll be putting you into seperate branches. King Jared, you’re an Ambassador so you’d better be the Ambassador at Klondike to the ACP. I think we have 2 Ambassadors.

Oh yeah, the HQ has the Ministry of Foreign Affaris under it which is headed by Jedimaster17.

So we have 4 classes for every CPUN member:

1. Politics side

2. War side

3. HQ

4. A simple CPUN member

There we have it. Choose your side.


Now, Speed, KingJared and Lsund will be Authors at the CPUN HQ site. www.cpunhq.wordpress.com Many more as well will be authors there. Your job has not yet started but you may start posting. Your job will start once the Embassies are activated and the Elections complated. Your job is listen for news and report news. We have Marshmallow right? Every week, try researching for anything about the Marshmallow server (including stuff like the Marshmallow server crashing or being closed). If you have news, good or bad, go to the Embassy of that server and report it too them. See those guys at the NASA base? The guys with Headphones that keep talking and stuff? That’s going to be you.

Benu2, Jedi, err…Artic. You guys should start making sites now. Something maybe like: cpunhusky.com or benu2husky.com or whatever you guys like. Then send the link to us and we’ll immediately add them to our Blogroll here in the CPUN and the headquarters. Start making forms too. Think carefully of what you need in your server. I recommend having at least 2 soldiers with you. Make sure you guys make your site before the elctions so once they are elected, they can go straight to your site and keep checking back. You’ll have your own homes now. You can use your site to campaign as well. You can recruit people from anyone in the CPUNand I don’t mean anyone meaning the people who are active here. Jedimaster could probably just go to the ACP and recruit 10 soldiers to work at her embassy. Benu2 can go to ACP and recruit as well. It depends on you guys.

That’s all I have to say.

See you guys at the meeting! Comment please! Ideas! Thanks.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. King Jared, Speed, and Lsund, one last final test. King Jared, Speed, and Lsund will become authors in the HQ. Lsund will also be an author in the CPUN Government and CPUN Supreme Court. First, you must notify EVERYONE in our Big Links about the meeting. Time, date, where (show them this link: http://xat.com/chat/room/42208678/) and WHAT. Tell them it’s  a Year End meeting and it’s very important. Thanks guys! I urge anyone who sees this post to advertise it to the Big Links as well. They’re the most active but you can also advertise it at the Blogroll. It’s for our own good anyway. it’s for YOUR own good. Yes, YOU. If we have a successful meeting, with lots of people…we’ll have a successful year..with lots of people 😉 .

Dee's signature!


Extreme: I think that we should make all our sites http://cpun[something].wordpress.com/. It is neater and makes more sense. Also, maybe having a consul for each server might be unnecessary, should we have ‘national consuls’ that act in every base?

Anyway, so we have a government, an HQ and a War Division, right? I’ll try my best to simply this, although I’m not sure if it’s accurate:


  • Klondike (Capital) – General
  • Husky- Benu
  • Marshmellow – Arcticsledder (???)
  • Sleet – ???
  • Arctic – Jedi

Bases will include:

  • Consul General
  • Consul
  • Anything else necessary

Divisions (not complete):

  • The CPUN (war & politics people)- responsible for keeping everything together, everything.
  • Members – Dee, Color P, Ktman, Jedi, Benu
  • Politics – responsible for servers, supreme court, and anything else to do with this.
  • Members – Lsund, General.
  • War – responsible for foreign relations, in charge of the planning of wars, responsible for reporting wars
  • Members – Itachi, Me.
  • HQ – responsible for news and entertainment
  • Members – Speed, Jared, Lsund.
  • Member – responsible for their own fun.

Need to go, add more later…


18 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas!
    (I don’t celebrate it though lol)
    Anyways, so basically the premier of each server selects, a consul general (SIC), Consul, and like w/e you want.
    Anyways, I’d like to be in HQ, War, and Politics..
    I can get my own soldiers for the embassy..true.
    I think I’d be good in all 3, because well..
    I do all of them.
    Secondly, we could have a section thats basically both..
    I’ll add more ltr.

  2. I’m ok with the name Change! I’d like o be in HQ and Politics and sometimes war. So , Dee, you are The Prez, so we should hand half of the power ( in governing the territory) to The President and half of the power to The Premier of The Territory, I think All CPUN servers should be titled as “The Territory of _________”. Also, can you add me to the CPUNHQ site as an Admin? If so, Thanks in advance! (8

  3. Well, im not allowed on chats but i can advirtise. whered u want me to advirtise?

  4. One more week till the 1st anniversary of the day UMA screwed up ACP’s New Year party!

    Yeah, I’ll be with Itachi in the war side…

  5. I have a branch? I thought I only do wars and defence. Well I hate the CPUNF so since I’m leader of it I’ll shut it down. The armies of CPUN have to make sure other armies don’t take the CPUN servers along with their own. When there’s the whole CPUN vs. another army then I lead the CPUN in battles. It’s simple, I don’t need a site for it.

    I have an idea that we should split CPUN in 2 for some practice wars. So it will be like Team 1 vs Team 2. I’ll lead Team 1 and Benu will lead Team 2. I can add it to the practice wars page if you approve.

    Also I don’t think it’s necessary to put dates of every practice war since I skipped some, lol.

  6. Merry christmas ! Dee umm ilke really we are making to many websites .We need troops and we need yo get cpunf up and running!!!And we need to invade wind chill!

  7. Also, I could be in The CPUN Division as well!

  8. Whats forms for our servers?

  9. Dee..add meh as an admin for CP HQ!
    Merry Xmas people!

  10. You’re only retiring from ACP, Jedi? I hope…

  11. Thanks G9! Well ok. Yeah Jedi, we’re going to have to get a section for both. Anyway guys we’ll be talking about this on Sunday. Lsund KJ and Speed, just comment on their latest post. yeah I’l;l make the others admins…

  12. P.S. Those icons are those for the guys without pictures for their wordpress accounts. I can choose to leave it blank, or have an icon on it. Monster icons, cool IDs, blank, or the Gravatar icon…So just to let you know…

  13. Dee! Please move the meeting! I have church at that time , BTW, Are we busy on Saturday?

  14. lol…. I think I may have church let me check the time…
    yep I may go… to church… may not 😛

    Here’s my list of bad and good gifts-

    67 Lego box
    Indana Jones Game
    Batman Game 😦
    Star Wars The Complete Saga
    Manga Books
    Books 😦
    New TV
    New Vedio Cam 🙂
    3 Vedio Discs 🙂
    A program to edit my moives 🙂
    New Hyper Cam
    Membership :I
    A giant cut on my arm going from about the elbow to my wrist (Im so happy wheee ya *emo*)

    That was about it…………. IM AN AUTHOR!!!! #$@% IM BLEEDING AGAIN D_MN!!

  15. Extreme that post is for Hattrick..

  16. Dee we seriously need to talk about a few things at the GA meeting….

  17. I got legos too:
    From my annoying cousin..
    He gets me legos every year..even though I’ve told him.. 🙄
    I got a :
    Droid Federation Trade Ship thing w/e..so I’m goingto have to get my friend to build it or use it for school..cause it costed a lot.
    Not that I hate legos..but I’m a girl..seriously (D)
    A Nintendo DS LIte 😀
    A shopping spree to Gap, Old Navy, Aeropostale..*yawn*
    A book..
    New Jeans from DKNY
    A really expensive Tommy Hilfinger Shirt..
    Oh, and lots of chocolate..(erg..Calories XD)..
    and some sort of shampoo set.
    Super Mario and someother DS Game.
    My moms going to buy me a good camera 😀
    10 megapixels maybe..for now I can use hers 😀
    A promise that I’m going to get a new phone next year 😎
    (I’ve got a Chocolate from Verizon)..
    My family’s safe..happy..sound..we all have jobs (Well my parents.), we’re not hungry..everything I take for granted.
    I got all this..and I don’t even celebrate Christmas..
    I got them in increments though.

  18. […] Our Plans […]

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