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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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CPUN Embassies and other stuff (IMPORTANT)

Hey everyone. I wanted to continue about my idea. This is General98’s content that I got from the CPUNLAA:


“Here are the CPUN Embassies armies, a divison of  the CPUN Foreign Affairs Ministry. For CPUN use only:

CPUN Ministry of  Foreign Affairs :  teha

Minister:  The Right Honourable Ktman2

Site: http://clubpenguinfa.wordpress.com


Embassy #



Server  Belonging to

Room Located in

















Extreme the Great




We need conformation from Shaboomboom of ACP, akaBobbert22, Person1233 or Linkin55 of The Nachos of Club Penguin, Ziehen of RPF and Itachi6dark of The Underground Mafias Army.

We will also need  12 troops altogether ( 3 troops per base)

The troops will be like those people you see at the customs.( 1 doing customs work eg. stuff involving CPUN, 2 guarding a door and the customs table.  We will need to pick a room for the embassy.

Troops List:

A1: Speed015 ( customs) 2 more needed

B1: Godplayer (customs) 2 more needed

C1: 3 more needed

D1: 3 more needed”

Ok. Now with my plan. We have 5 servers. Klondlike, Husky, Arctic, Marshmallow, Sleet. Each of these already has a Premier. Now all we need to do is change the name of premier into: Ambassador. The Ambassador. Under the Council and Council Secretary (please suggest a different position under than Council). The last 1 is a customs officer or diplomat who…well, works for the embassy. He’ll be the one who notifies news to the embassy. For example, ACP invades that server, the Diplomat reports this to the Ambassador. Sort of like a lookout. For further explanation, check out Wikipedia.

That’s it. 4 people in each server. then those 4 people could just recruit a guard (if they want). For example, Benu2 who is now the Ambassador of Husky, will be giving out a form during the elections. It will say:

Elections for the Embassy of Husky

-Council General

-Council Secretary

-Customs Officer (s) ( 2)

And it’s all up to them on what they want to add. They can add a:




So basically, it’s all up to the Embassy on what they want when they have their job. First we need to ask permission from those people.

Itachi6Dark of the UMA, we ask your permission to stand an embassy in the server: Marshmallow. Will you accept?

Thank you.


When should we start the elections?


P.S. Merry Christmas to all! Best wishes to all of you. To those who don’t believe, advanced Happy New Year! You all get the rest you deserve so I wouldn’t expect you all to be on much this week. Happy Holidays everyone!


16 Responses

  1. O.K. I did my job i told nachos and they said ok!So you guys are going to have to ilke set up a time every week to patrol that server.They said the server would be fjord and the room would be snow forts.Hey General answer this !! Who owned Alaska before the u.s owned it ???

  2. I know! may i answer?

  3. O one more thing Dee i got the o.k. from person (nachos).We need to recuit for cpunforces if we going to have this embassides thing!!

  4. sure what?

  5. Russia! 🙂

  6. wow you a smart cookie hey how do you get them icons??

  7. How do you get a icon??

  8. Dee we have six server remember i gave acp a land grant

  9. You take a pic then put it on paint, save it then go on wordpress.com then click edit profile then go to picture, it should be on the left of ur screen, then click browse then choose ur pic then crop it then click upload and ur done! it takes a couple minuets for it to show up

  10. Kingjared, Russia owned Alaska before the US. Now I heard on Wikipedia that Alaska could become Canadian.

  11. Can we call the embassy council, Foreign Affairs Council, because embassies are part of Foreign Affairs.

  12. Also, who is the Premier of Sleet? On the CPUNLAA, every server is called a territory.

  13. General my sister just bit me what do i do????

  14. umm..
    Dee, I’m minister of Foreign affairs..
    not Kt.

  15. The best thing to do is have Benu get UMA, Jared get ACP, and Extreme get either RPF or Nachos. General doesn’t really have much good relations with the outside armies so maybe someone who is fit for the job should get it.

  16. You are correct, I’m not that popular, but why can’t I get an embassy though?

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