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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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My ideas

Hey everyone. How’s it going?


Ok, let’s have a recap about the last posts. I thought hard about something. What if we had a government on each of the servers we have instead? Not really a Government to overpower the server (since they are only land-grants). Each server could have it’s own president, VP, Secretary. Basically those 3. Then just a summary of the cabinet instead of the WHOLE list. Then we can keep these servers active. These governments will then give reports to us. For example, a server is under the ACP. That server is invaded by, say, the Nachos. That Government would then be able to give reports to us. For example, the Gov. of Deep Snow would always be on the look-out for news about their land. What I mean to say is, our eyes will be open through these Governments. Armies use troops to patrol these places. With governments, we can keep everything in order. We’d need the permission of EVERY army that owns the servers we currently have. G98, do you have a list of servers and their current army owners? With this, we can actually direct and patrol the land, accuratley. Just like the Sleet Empire. A very successful server. It has it’s own security, medics, etc. It just simply makes everything fun 😉 . These governments would be similar but a little smaller and summarized. Basicially a President, VP, Secretary, Small Cabinet ;). We’re going to have elections for this next year. We own 5 servers…I think. We should update the CPUNLAA alot so we can know these things easily. If any army leader is reading this, by saying ‘own’ I don’t mean we own it. With all due respect, we just say it that way. Sorry. We will always be crediting your land to you. Thank you. Now, I will also approve the Ministery of Foreign Affairs. We’ll have the Ambassadors (Ktman, KJ) in good use now, We also need 1 diplomat in each embassy (once again, summarized). By summarized I mean, we don’t have enough people in the CPUN to have 50 people in each server just to make up the Government. So I’m summarizing it. We’ll talk more of this during the Year End Assemly which I will post about tommorow.

Advanced Merry Christmas everyone! To those who don’t believe, Happy New Year then! 😉

Welcome back Lsund. Wombat 99, Speed 015, King Jared, and Lsund are still on hold for Author bussiness. Soon people. Cya!


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7 Responses

  1. […] Original unknown […]

  2. So we will have a Provincial government for each server? This is great.. but really, do we have enough people for this?

  3. Also, when you do this, it might be confusing because there are so many governments and people might fight over which server is the capital or the best.,

  4. Well, many armies have always wanted a good government for each server but it’s hard for them since they have too many. We have only 5 or 6 servers and we’ll be IN control of them. We’ll be having everyone we know to join the elections. Like Lots of Pie, Godplayer, Solraida, Troopx, etc. We can still use them. I mean, there’s still so many CPUN members who don’t have a position in the CPUN. Lots of them. Maybe we can have 5 people in each server.
    1. The President
    2. The VP
    3. The Secretary
    4. Ambassador
    5. Representative (for that server)

    That’s simply it. It looks pretty strong actually. 5 sturdy members in each server. That’s what I mean by IN control. We currenlty have heads for our servers right? They’ll automatically be the President. First we need approval of everyone here in the CPUN and the current-REAL-owners of those servers. We’ll need their approval. With a government in each of our servers, we won’t need to worry about Practice Wars being held rather weirdly. We’ll have the help of the government of where that server is (getting ready, preparations, PW venues). They’ll be the Organizing Comittee if ever their server is chosen.

    For Klondlike.

    1. The President
    2. VP
    3. Secretary
    4. Ambassador
    5. Representative
    6. Guards (at least 2)
    7. The GA (Will be held here always unless…)

    Now, the Government of the other servers can also employ anyone they want. They can choose to have a Police Station for example. Then they can employ Policemen to guard that server as well. It’s all up to the Government. it’s sort of like having a little town. Yes, a little town. Wait, I think we must change the President into Mayor. What do you think? Then the Government into Embassies except for Klondlike.


  5. We’ll be having a meeting at my house on December 28 in Klondlike and the CPUN Summit Room. This time it will be at 8 AM Penguin Standard time. It may change to 9 AM though. I’ll make a post about it tomorow…and a post for Christmas later.


  6. P.S., General, I think it’s better to have the CPUN Newsline here than in the CPUNLAA. They theme in the CPUNLAA makes the etxts scrambled and stuff so it would be hard to read. Good idea though. Try it here.


  7. Good Idea, the CPUN Newsline is really messed up there!

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