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CPUN government again

Our government is sorta like a Canadian-American mixed government, it has a prime minister and a congress..one thing is that Congress is from the Americans.. and the Prime Minister..is from the Canadians and they might not go together. So I suggest we have a government system like the United Kingdom, with a monarch ( a king or queen), a prime minister, a House of Commons ( House of Representatives).

    Executive Branch:

    The Monarch – He or She is the head of state, as in the leader of the country, he or she will have a Privy Council ( for advice) , the penguins in the privy council will be appointed for a term ( 1 year).

The Cabinet will consist of The Prime Minister and 7 ministers, Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice , Minister of Foreign Affairs and The 4 Cabinet Ministers representing each of the CPUN servers. * Ministers that could be: Minister of State ( Sport).

Legislative System:

The House of Commons will consist of 1 MP ( Member of Parliament) per each army . There may be 50-60 MPs, the Prime Minister also is in this. There is also the Speaker of the House there. There can be an Oppisition Leader

The Senate or Upper House consists of 10 elected senators. There is also an opposition leader in the Senate. There will need to be also a government leader for the senate ( Speaker). To pass a law they have to have the bill from the House of Commons and must win at least 6 votes votes from the senators.


The Judiciary or the Supreme Court would be run by a undecided number of justices ( judges) appointed or elected by the Monarch or the public,  There is also army courts , where armies can hold court against war crimes, or other stuff.


I suggest these party names:

Liberal aka Dion in Canada ( I don’t like him, he lost the election!)

Conservatives aka Harper and Tories in Canada ( Won the elcetion)

NDP ( New Democratic Party) aka Jack Layton in Canada ( I’m so-so with this guy)



And please.. no rude comments,  Itachi, Fine! I’ll finish those ideas,but I lost so may of the documents , But this is the FINAL time I;m saying this Itachi!

-nice ideas 😀 read the post before this again plz  i updated it… 


31 Responses

  1. Um Monarchy is a very unfair Government because the Kings laws are final alwys.

  2. Yeah.. but we don’t use the feudal system aka The Medieval unfair type. But the monarch does not have the power it used to have. When a monarch passes a law the House of Commons and The Senate have to vote if it could go into affect.. so its kind of fair now these days unlike 600 years ago.

  3. lol… we shuld just have this type of goverment-

    1 King/Queen

    A war minster – his own group

    A person to keep records – his own group

    A person to plan – his own group

    A person to protect and hunt down wanted – his own group

    A person to spread the word/inform everyone – his own group

    It’s like this… the king makes a law and the group of people (war, plan, protect, ect.) are the people who vote. Each person in the army get placed in a group (if they fight a lot they join War Group) and then the leader of that group (say G98 is record leader, so each person who is apart of the record group is under his control) and then each leader makes a site of their own to keep track of everything and then the (say CPUN) is the main site where everything important goes.

  4. Good ideas but how many armies in this united nations

  5. I like the other idea where we just combine the GA and Government into one… so much simpler

  6. lol… Extreme is kind of right… and G98… (*thinks- hmm who should I side with… or wat about my idea… hmmm*)

  7. I don’t really understand Speed’s idea.. Extreme.. the House of Commons is actually the GA ( House of Reps.)

  8. There are 53 armies according to the CPUN Library in CPUN.

  9. Speed what the heck are you talking about !?!?! This aint the MIDDLE AGES THIS IS 2008 the only country that i know has a queen and a king is UK AND THIS AINT UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Extreme they are 51 armies in cpun i know alot!!!!Dee we sould have a year end meeting on chat or just in club penguin to ilke have ideas or plans for next year.

  11. The middle ages was actually 700 years ago.. I’m not using the Feudal System, where the King was in Charge full time. But now things have changed and the King has less power and the civil government has more power. And the UK uses the Wesminister system, the fair system, along with Canada,Australia, New Zealand, and many other places as well.

  12. Also Kingjared, why are ya shoutin’?

  13. Thank you General for the history lesson.Since you want to give people history lesson answer this! When did the civil war start ???
    C)79AD want more General?? Who was the first man on the moon???
    A)Mae jemison
    B)Neil armstrong
    C)Buzz aldrin General this is for fun answer this! When was the attack on pearl harbor??
    How many years was John kenndey president????
    A)7 years
    B)3 years
    C15 years
    Where is the Alamo??
    B)New york
    Who won the super bowl last year???
    A)Chicago bears
    B)New york gaints
    C)New york Mets
    What is the Thrid planet??

    What is the tallest building in North america??
    A)Sears tower
    B)Empire state building
    C)Mount everst

    What is the tallest mountin in Washington state
    A)mount rainer
    B)Mount hood
    C)lassen peak
    OK im done answer them mr history teacher!!!

  14. thats for General

  15. 1861, Neil Armstrong, 1941, 7 years, Texas, The Colts,
    Earth, Sears Tower and Mount Rainer.
    Although I’m Canadian, I’ve studied US National geography and world geography since I was four,and I’ve studied world history since kindergarten.

  16. I’ve got one for you Kingjared7,

    Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?
    A) Sir John A. MacDonald
    B)Brian Mulroney
    C)Jean Chretien

    How many provinces are in Canada?
    A) 12

    Who invented basketball?
    A) Wilfred Laurier
    B) David Miller
    C) James Naismith

    What stadium did the Buffalo Bills play in Toronto,ON?
    A) The Rogers Centre
    B) Air Canada Centre
    C) Exibition Place

    What is the team name for Toronto’s NBA Team?:
    A) The Grizzlies
    B) The Raptors
    C) The Dolphins

    Where was the first Baseball Type game played in?
    A) New York
    B) Chicago
    C) Beachville

    What is the capital of Canada?:
    A) Ottawa
    B) Gatineau
    C) Iqualit

    What is Canada’s Navy called?
    A) Royal Canadian Military
    B) Canadian Forces Maritime Command
    C) Seaship Army

    What is the Tallest Freestanding sturcture in North America?
    A) The Sears Tower
    B) The CN Tower
    C)The Empire State Building

    What was the first satillite launched by Canada?
    A) Alouette 1
    B) Coco
    C) Cochon

    What was the latest satillite launched by Canada?
    A) Hubble Space Telescope
    B) Alouette 2
    C) MOST

    Who was the first Canadian in Space?
    A) Dafydd Williams
    B)Marc Garneau
    C) Chris Hadfield

  17. Why are you acting so mad around me, you are shouting. Here is your fun test on Canada kingjared.

  18. OK YOU GOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But here the toughest answer of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who shot John F. kenndey???
    and what city was he shot in???? What was date he got shot??? Did john F.kenndey brother get shot???What year did his brother get shot??? Where is john f.kenndey grave???Is john kenndey wife still alive???What was the color of the car he got shot in??Did the person that shot john f.kenndey get shot??Did theperson that shot the john f.kenndey that shot oswald still alive??? answer those General !

  19. O General you got two wrong on my test .But your smart !

  20. Yo dee told me ppl were looking for me and said i could be author, is that still on?

  21. Oh hi Lsund. Ok here’s the thing, stay active in the CPUN for 5 days and recuperate with us and I’ll make you an author. Speed and KJ as well. KJ, I’m just waiting for your e-mail.

    G98, KJ, I think you guys should host a weekly quiz for us. 😉


  22. Is that whole all really necessary? Dee’s idea works better for cp.

    P.S.- This isn’t a mean comment, I just think the whole monarch thing is too confusing and won’t work as good for cp so don’t cry about it.

  23. The monarch thing will work, don’t assume that it won’t work. I just forgot to add the cabinet minister for each CPUN server in the Cabinet.I’m saying that the GA becomes the House of Commons and the Cabinet will also b mixed into the House of Commons.

  24. “I don’t really understand Speed’s idea.. Extreme.. the House of Commons is actually the GA ( House of Reps.)”


    “Speed what the heck are you talking about !?!?! This aint the MIDDLE AGES THIS IS 2008 the only country that i know has a queen and a king is UK AND THIS AINT UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    and I mean GOD it worked for them and I mean DEE’s the King (leader) and I mean it’s more organized and GOD its not your choice it’s DEE’s (and I think DEE’s plan works) so I mean GOD and GOD! And Im an AMERICAN so I dont know about UK and I mean GOD it worked back then!!! I mean GOD!!!!!! I mean it will be easier to plan and GOD! You guys are just getting into the Age of Politics!! Next year (its gonna be really soon) could be the Age of War again!!!! It would give us a head start! I mean god the King wouldn’t make the laws all by himself!!!! All Leaders of groups would be apart of a Court (GA)!! It would be far and when we go to war we could plan (the person to spread word would have to be a spy and tell the War Minster who would prepare the armies and then the Record person would keep it on record and then the King and his Royal Army ,all of the armies together/some, would go to war together) so it is far!!!

  25. and when I said far I was typing mad fast ( I’m p_ssed) I messed up and I meant fair!!1

  26. Really, why are you saying GOD so many times? Are you saying a prayer or something? I was saying it could work if Dee verifies it and approves it. ( I did’nt men to type it, I thought I was writing something else) The Age of Politics was less then 1 year , so it could go into next year.

  27. And for the comment a few hours or so ago was supposed to end with “in my idea” after the word ” Reps.)”


  29. lol im not dead

  30. Yeah but we nearly don’t have enough people for this and this is really confusing. Would you rather have 50 soldiers doing cabinets and stuff like that for the monarch or making a simple government in each server and have fun recruiting parties on it?

  31. I agree w/ Dee’s idea.
    We have a small entral government, and smaller governments for each server.
    Also, General I’m moving 2 canad next year.

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