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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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2008 CPUN Awards

Hello everyone, Its General98! I have an idea for a CPUN awards thingy for this year. This is like who we liked this year and we’ll guarantee that w’ell like them in the upcoming new year! Here are the catigories:

Most Outstanding Army, ACP, Nachos, UMA, RPF

Most Outstanding Penguin-Mr Deedledoo, ACPE1, Jedimaster17,Ktman2,Trickster

Most Outstanding Army Leader- Mr Deedledoo, Jedimaster17, Itachi6dark,

Best Soilder- Benu2, Soccer,Seanehawk

The Order of CPUN – Mr Deedledoo, Jedimaster17,ktman2, Colorpeng, Benu2,

International Friendship Award- Mr Deedledoo, ktman2, Jedimaster17,Furbur27

Please comment your nominations by entering :

Your Nominee ‘s Name





14 Responses

  1. Dee’s not an army leader anymore.

  2. Your Nominee ’s Name: Trickster

    Reason: Been a good sport this year… left for a while to play runescape and then made a comback and surprised everyone. And also made tons of youtube videos of him so hes like famous on clubpenguin now.

    Category: Most outstanding penguin

  3. 1. soccer793
    2. Been loyal and kind to the ACP lately, came to wars, and can state problems that we need to fix.
    3. Best Soldier

  4. That is what I meant to say!

  5. ill be best ambassador i guess!! GUESS WHAT I HAS A BLOG~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my sister made it SOMEONE CAN BE AN AUTHOR CUZ I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT PICS AND PAGES STUFF JUST SEND ME YOUR E MAIL o u have to have a blog

  6. Your Nominee ’s Name Benu2

    ReasonI fight very hard aand good ,I listen to the commander and never give up.

    Category:Best soldier

  7. I am not going to nominate myself (unless anyone else wants to) but I am very proud of my two awards. Now can someone explain why I was nominated for both because I don’t exactly understand what they both mean.

  8. Nominees Name: Ktman
    Category: Most outstanding penguin
    Reason: ditto…

    Now I will nominate myself in one category, because I dont think anyone else was going to.

    Name: Furbur27
    Category: International friendship award
    Reason: As head of foreign affairs for RPF, Furbur27 has reached out to CPUN ALOT, considering RPF is not yet a CPUN army.

    He however has tried to change that, and is very close. He has become a friend and advisor to many CPUN members.

  9. I forgot one!

    Name: Seanehawk
    Category: Best soldier
    Reason: Seane has been one of the most active ACP soldiers for a long time now. He used to have his own army (it was in CPUN) called FR. It was a very succesful small army until their website was hacked. I believe Seane deserves this award because he has always been there. As a soldier, and as a person.

  10. Name: Trickster

    Category: Best Soldier

    Reason: Trickster has been one of the most active people in the army. Is the leader of United Warriors, and doing a fine job on it. Helped the Nachos and the IW in the Christmas Tourney. And is sorta an Acp Legend. I believe he deserves this award because of his hard work, and his great effort! Keep it up Trickster!

  11. Most Outstanding Army-UMA

    Most Outstanding Penguin-Jedimaster17

    Most Outstanding Army Leader- Itachi6dark

    Best Soilder- Benu2

    The Order of CPUN – Mr Deedledoo

    International Friendship Award- Ktman2

  12. thts what id choose

  13. Your Nominee ’s Name
    Great dude and leader.
    Most Outstanding Army Leader

    Itachi6dark: I was already running for that XD

  14. Memories – first approved comment in this post.

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