Everyone. Please go to Dee’s site. This is just a small reminder.

Col. P


5 Responses

  1. Ok, I didn’t really ask you to advertise that and I don’t get how it became a reminder so uh…ok thanks anyway. 🙂

    P.S. If you wanna help me out at that blog, your always welcome to give me pictures and cool links and videos and tips! We got some tips for Card-Jitsu belts as well…:)

  2. Dee umm ilke please read this .I would ilke to present Club penguin united nations with a land grant for ice cold.Im mayor of ice cold in acp so I just wanted to make it offical that ice cold is yours.Im sure its only one army in ice cold and thats acp and they wont mind a land grant. p.s.i have been going in my dads cds and micheal jackson and kurtis blow from the 80″s have really great songs i ilke that 70″S AND 80’S STUFF i ilke funk and disco for some reason!!!! lol

  3. U guys should check out the coat at dbpenguin.wordpress.com
    Allies mayb?

  4. dee you still havent made me author it seems that you may be reluctant to do it? im ok with that anyways….

  5. Thanks King Jared. We accept it. Lol yeah they’re cool.

    Oh sorry, I forgot Monkek! I’ll add you on right away. G98, do you have a position for Monkek on the CPUN Board?

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