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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Jedi’s Edit: I agree partially. Dee and I are admins, and I believe Itach, General, Kt, Extreme and a couple others are editors. Anyways, I think that we trust each other enough..I mean sergie actually had a good reason. Check the site.

I personally think that we should not have any more authors…. they may backfire on us and delete important stuff which would be like something that would be like what happened to RPF a few weeks ago. There should be rules around this:

  1. Must be in CPUN or army.
  2. Army must be in CPUN Members
  3. Active in CPUN.
  4. Does not be mean.

Who is ninja09, I never knew him.



23 Responses

  1. Well I have know DEE since like… BEFORE he made this and Im his servent… and his soilder… and I’ll do wantever he says and well… ^-^ I really want to be an editor or author… and I think I should be ONE!

  2. Ninja is a soldier from CPR for your information. You should pay attention to the members more.

  3. They could prove to be useful, there is just nothing to post about now.

  4. Ya what army are you in General?

  5. I think we should use 3 and 4. People who stick during the good and bad times.

  6. Wasn’t Ninja09 the one who declared war on the Sleet Empire as his first post on CPR?

  7. Well…Ninja09 is just a contributor for now. Also, check out the Author’s list and see if there’s anyone you don’t know aside from Ninja09. There all friends and actually one of the only people actually active in the CPUN. Btw, where’s Articsledder? And Lsund and Red Destoyz? Btw, guys, we’d better plan something for Christmas (even for the people who don’t celebrate it) coz many will be. We don’t want to be left out do we? Also, try getting invitations from people holding xmas parties for example, ACP and stuff.

  8. Red Destroyz mysteriously left cp armies months ago. I thought you knew, Dee.

  9. Dee – you
    Itachi – RR Leader
    Col. P – He was your bro or something, right Dee?
    ktman – CPR founder
    Jedi – ACP leader
    General – The political guy
    Benu – the person who comes here regularly
    Extreme – Me (lol)
    Furbur – another active member
    Ninja – the guy who tried to declare war on the SE.
    Arcticsledder – the CPR guy
    Manjensen – the guy who used to enter the FCPS.

  10. I’m so happy that RR is going to be part of a 6vs6 world war just for fun. No more politics to stop wars. We going back to the past when there were world wars everyday just for the heck of it!

  11. You can’t have war with politics Itachi,

  12. Well, recently the army world were having less and less wars and more politics. When someone declares war. People used politics and argued it out so there would be no war. In the past there were no politics. Just none stop wars.

  13. Non-stop wars can lead into hacks that can ruin a reputation , this is what cpun is about

  14. Blah blah. Wars are fun, but can get out of hand, politics are kind of important but boring and attract less people. A while back, I was dying for a proper war, and finally I was put of my boredom when Oagal came back.

  15. Well, there are historicall times in life. Maybe this age was the Age of Politics for the CPUN. Last year it was mostly just beginning. I wonder what next year would be like…Do you think the CPUN wil have any conflicts? By the way, what armies are in the ANTA?


  16. Dee the ANTA doesn’t really exist anymore. Its dead.

  17. Dee… all great things most die… everyone of us will… and the CPUN will… and even the earth will… and then… new things… greater things… will be born of this… off of are life… new things will be born…

    In other new….

    Wars are fun… we used to have wars every day… every server… every flag… every nation… it was fun and a way to meet and bond with people… I met Dee and and ACPE1 in those…. good times…. good times…. and now no more wars 😦

  18. Yes it did lead to hacking. That’s what Pink Mafias did (UMA Creator), he led UMA and made it so huge it covered 3-5 rooms. It was the dominate army back then. That led to WW3, probably the greatest war the cp armies will have. It was UMA vs Everyone (mostly ACP), UMA suddenly lost when one of their soldiers, Commando, started rebelling and soon got a lot of followers. Commando and his followers eventually became the RPF. Like Speed said, all armies die and new ones born so it doesn’t matter if you get hacked because something worse might’ve happened in the future. My predictions for next year is that the cp armies will crash because the leaders were too busy with politics that the soldiers complained and left cp armies for good.

  19. BTW Jedi me and Itachi are admins.

  20. I think all the armys will soon die (ACP, Nachos, ect.) and new… smarter… more powerful ones will fill there place… like in the near futur a group of young kids will form ACP2 or NACHOS2 or SLEET2!!! And thats about it.

  21. I’m an admin? No one told me I was an admin… also I don’t think the Sleet Empire are that great that you should compare them to ACP and Nachos. They’re actually rather small. Sorry but I just don’t like when the wrong things get compared to others.

  22. lol ik i was just looking for another army to use as an example so I looked in the CPUN Members for some armys

  23. This day was around the day I discovered this site. Awwwww memories.

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