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Hey everyone. I just wanted to make this post to tell you about some Pirates from Somali. Maybe you’ve heard in the news about this. Well they go around theiving and lately, the biggest thing they’ve got is a Ukranian freight which is loaded with $30 million worth of artillery and tanks. I just found out that these pirates want money. They want to stop people from dumping waste into their waters. That’s their positive side anyway. These pirates are attracting many SomaLian men and criminals. Their group is getting bigger and bigger. I’ll be reporting to you more news about this soon. By the way, who is affected by this? I am, and so is my country.

P.S. Before I go, i wanted to ask the Jury if they could help me in the Supreme Court. I’m handling a post with 30+ comments and only 3 people debating. It’s pretty hard! Please, I need help.



Dee Guitar Tank Signature


9 Responses

  1. I think we should have a 5 day vacation on the 1st week of January…So that everyone can be free of a little pressure :D.

    Monkekman, I’ll add you to the list. I’ll look for a position for you. Do you have a Wrodpress Account?


  2. dee can u add me too help out on the blog as a contributor or an editor

  3. ya he does he has a site.

  4. I heard of those pirates.

  5. lol of course i do how did i make my site then? But about the pirates thing damn i think im in bigger trouble they might want to attack dubai more than abu dhabi
    ps. super blip said hi

  6. Lol ik one of those pirates (my uncle) and he only wants for people to stop dumping things into his sea! I love the sea… I think we should stop… maybe after Jr. High I’ll go to High or the sea with my Uncle to help his cause… *laughs* its no a big deal I mean god we kill the sea!!!

    And DEE can I be an Editor or somthing?

    My site is-




    PS: I have an icon now but its on my frist site

  7. dee can u make me a contributor or an editor plz

  8. dee?

  9. I heard an Indian Navy Warship sunk the Pirate mothership a couple weeks ago.

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