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Pearl Harbor

Today at 1:55 pm EST (7:55 Hawiian time) the first bomb fell on Pearl Harbor  into World War 2.

Back Ground of Pearl Harbor.

The first shot was fired by the USA. The destroyer Ward, Commanded by Lieutenaunt Outerbridge, Fired at a Japanese Midget sub. A US PBY Flying Boat Let the Ward find it because it put a smoke bomb on top of it thinking it was friendly.  The #1 gun fired and missed.Number 3 gun hit dead on. Then the PBY joined in and hit with a bomb. Depth Charges erupted and sank the midget sub following the ship Antres into the harbor. 6 Imperial Japanese Navy Carriers  Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, and Zuikaku launched planes against Pearl harbor. The First group dropped bombs at the time this post was published. Battleship Rows was bombed and Torpedoed. The first bomb hit a naval seaplane ramp at 7:55. More planes dove on Hickam Field, the Army Air Corp plane base, and blew up wing to wing bombers and destroyed most of them.  At 7:56 Torpedoes Slammed in to cruiser Raleigh and Former Battleship Utah. A torpedo plane hit the Cruiser Helena and made it go up in flames at 7:57.  At 7:58 Rear Admiral Patrick Bellinger Issued warings of the attack to the US main land. 8:00 brought attacks at Kaneohe air station which 33 US planes blew up .  Then Ewa air field was attacked and 47 out of 48 plane blew up. Torpedo planes targeted big ships l;ike the Arizona. The Arizona took a torpedo then 1 on the Oklahoma, 1 on the West Virginnia, and 2 on the Arizona and 2 on the California. The Nevada hit the first plane down but it had already dropped the torpedo on the Nevadas deck while crashing. Another Torpeo hit the Oklahoma and then 3 more torpedo hit her then. The West Virginia caught a torpedo then 2 more to the California. The West Virginia sank then.High level Bomber hit the Arizona and then the Oklahoma rolled over and was upside down. Leading the attack was Leiutenaunt Commander Fuchida in a high level bomber. One of the high level bomber made a lucky hit on the Arizona and the Arizona’s front end blew up since the bomb hit ammo.More than 1,00 men died in a split second. Many more ship were hit and went down like the Maryland, Tennessee  and other ships. US B-17’s came to the Harbor and landed with no problem. US dive bombers from US carrier Enterprise though were shot down (5 ariplanes downed with  3 killed.) More ships were bombed in the second attack. The Nevada beached herself to not sink.  Japanese Midget subs were blow up and crushed. The Defeat made the US enter WW2. Though Japn didnt really win since they

  • Didnt destroy Ammo or oil
  • Didnt get any carriers
  • Didnt get submarines that then went out and sank tons of IJN ships.




8 Responses

  1. thats really sad… my great grandpa was at an army base ( when he was in the army ) when he heard… :(:(

  2. OMG thats said… my friends dad and my grandfather died in that 😦
    rumor says that we ended the war the same way!
    really history tells!


    If ur depressed and u wear black (both like me) and love to cut ut self (me too XD) then ur EMO and GOTH!!


    E- is for emotional, ruins everybodys day!
    M- is for miserable people!
    O- is for on the dark side, cuz we have some fresh cookies, COOKIES!!

  3. that shows u in real dont join the navy if u cant swim! air force or army

  4. p.s. i love those anti air -craft =guns and those fighter planes!!!!! p.s.s. plz dont fight anymore gen and itacha to much madness for a small army or what ever this is!!!!!!! thats what bigger armies do trust me ive seen!

  5. That was a nice post.

  6. Certain people in Pearl Harbor thought that the attack was on the Philippines which was wrong. They bombed Pearl Harbor first before going to the Philippines and enslaving us for months T-T. My granfather was went behind a bush once to err…relieve himself from his various messes…and the Japs were suspicious. When they found my grandfather, they immediatley turned around and went back to their patrol :).


    Benu2:He was lucky and was that before or after vthe Bataan Death March.\?

  7. lol

  8. this i sooo old i just search club penguin fire flames and i come to this post….

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