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CPUN Holiday or New Year Tournament

Hello,  I would like to say its 20 or so days till Christmas! I’m going to organize a Holiday or New Year Tournament.

Here are the  TCM ( Tournament Committee Members)

President: general98

Vice President : ktman2

Organizer: Benu2

Advisor: Itachi6dark

Referees: Speed, Extreme the great~ , kingjared and 1 more needed

Armies Participating:

 CPUNNT( CPUN National Team) ( CPUN Forces)

To Sign up, here is a form:

Army Name:

Leader’s Name:




 No cheating

No hacking

No recruiting during battle

Recruiting rules:




– general98


16 Responses

  1. Sweet I’m gonna organizes this!

  2. Awesome idea!

  3. If non CPUN armies are allowed then I will talk to Zie about this. 🙂

  4. Why is there a President for making a Tournement? That makes no sense. Normally it will be just the Organizer who makes everything and the armies participating, no presidents, vice pres., etc.

  5. Shhhhh!!!
    Now stop making those mean comments,
    That is what all Committees do, don’t you know that the IOC has a president!
    It does make sense Itachi, it does!

  6. What’s IOC?

  7. The International Olympic Committee

  8. Well in the Cp army world, there’s no presidents for small things like a 1 week tournement and such. We just have a Host/Organizer to just take care of everything. Presidents aren’t needed.

  9. Well,
    They have presidents for things that happen in 1 DAY, this is my idea, so I should choose what the title of the leader is.

  10. Once again, in the cp army world we don’t do presidents for little things but whatever, atleast my army won’t participate… Plus your job is to do your politics stuff and post about army issues, not do my job for me which currently you have no participants…


  12. Guys, take a chill pill. I agree with both of you:
    No, we don’t need things this complicated, yes General came up with it.
    So, I suggest:
    Chief Organizer : General98
    Assistants: Ktman, Itachi. Extreme, etc…

  13. Supervisor: General98
    Assistant ^ : Ktman
    Other Staff: Benu2, Extreme, Speed, Kingjared etc..

  14. Major affair going on here…-.-

  15. He’s still not supposed to do my job… -.-

  16. SHHH!

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