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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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2 vs. 2 Practice War!

Ok, I decided it will be a 2vs2 Practice war so it will be RR and UT vs CPR and Elites. I hope all 4 armies can make it to this practice war. Here is the information for the battle:

When: Saturday, December 6th

Time: 11:00am penguin standard time

2:00pm eastern

1:00pm central

12:00pm mountain

11:00am pacific

Where: Rainbow server, Snow Forts


1. The battle is only 30 minutes.

2. UT and Elites please try not getting mad at eachother and just have fun! You guys are lucky enough that I put you on separate teams!

3. Try getting pics of the battle for those who know how to make pics.


5. I’m not going to say “Have fun!” like other idiots do for the last rule to make people encouraged. XD

itachis-sign-off This is how I sign off a post. Get used to it.

P.S.- Benu please copy this post and post it on CPR and UT sites only! I will post this on RR and Elites.


13 Responses

  1. 5. Have Fun!

  2. Ok. Itachi that’s good but before that day comes, I really want to get UT and Elites into a debate session. I’m getting the post ready in the Supreme Court site. We might even make them peace before the Practice War and everything will go fine. Let’s give it a try before that PW day comes. Extreme, I’m going to need you to be the one who will be giving the details to us in that debate. Speed, KJ, you 2 convince the UT and Elites to get to the site. give them the link. The link is to the right “CPUN Supreme Court”. G98, be prepared. The Jury as well.

    We won’t host a live debate just yet, we try it from the simpliest form. Commenting on a given post and wait for each other’s replies. Then we, the Jury, can observe and butt in at times but I think we should know what the case is about first so I’m going to go researching on about this war…

    Anyway, after all this is finished, we go to the Practice War! I’m not moving the PW, the case may even go on after the PW so…yeah.

    Cyall there…


  3. Too bad Troopx won’t be commanding the UT on Saturday. It’s his birthday. Happy birthday Troopx 13. Best wishes.


  4. Nice sig itach. Anyways, I’m trying to get active in CPUN again, so feel free in asking me for help. By the way Governor Elections are occuring in ACP.

  5. I will Tach.

  6. Speed, please keep watch over the debate going on at the CPUN Supreme Court since you volunteered to be a guard. Just make sure they don’t make any violent arguing on the post UT vs Elites. Thanks. Remember: Only speak when needed!

    Oh yeah Jedi, no problem. You’re a busy person and so is everyone else so we understand that. Well, you’re part of the Jury right? So I think you should check out the debate at the CPUN Supreme Court. Thanks!

    Nice sig btw Tach.


  7. King Jared, to make a WordPress account, go to http://www.wordpress.com. They’ll ask for your e-mail. Then when you have your account, just tell me the e-mail address you used in your WordPress Account and I’ll make you an editor, BUT remember you’re job. 2nd Ambassador ^^…

    Congratz KJ!

    P.S. Err…It’s really Arctic and not Actic…When you make your wordpress account, you can only put a name that you’re sure of. Something like King Jared would make it sound better. A sturdy name for a worpdress Account. Then we’ll know you’re CPUN Ambassador 2. Thanks!

  8. This is a good idea, I like it.

  9. thats it my army really is crapped up I think i should give it up…………………….

  10. I need opinions, please! Go to my campaign website, http://votefurbur27.wordpress.com/

    Thanks. 🙂

  11. Ok Furbur.

    -Sigh- Monkek, you and the rest of the MUA can get a position in the CPUN if you wish. The MUA was a big help to the CPUN. They were one of the armies that attended most meetings and gave ideas. -Sigh- too bad the MUA is shutting down…:( Well, at least stay here in the CPUN. You and Platimux and any remaining MUA troops…

    Is everyone ready for tomorow? Anyone can attend. So can the MUA. See you all tomorow…


  12. I think all authors should make a signature. So we’ll know if that person really is…that person. Just a suggestion though. I’ll go ahead and make mine…with permission from Itachi. May I, dude? XD


  13. Hello my site is http://www.speed015.com/wordpress.com so go to it cuz it can change the world

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