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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Hey guys. Ok…I was thinking of something.

First of all, i was thinking of filing a court case on you three so that you can debate and say what you want to say. Smart people wouldn’t actually go but then, they would be called the sore-loser since they never debated on anything. That’s what makes people go to courts even if they can just avoid accepting the invittation. No one likes being a loser. Anyway, enough of that. Just now I thought, ok. I’ll make a case. Then I thought of the reason. I was like, wait a minute! Why should we debate on something like this??? I mean like…sheesh. Let’s just settle it. Ok, I’m not going to file a case but here’s a few questions.

"We spotted them sir"

I used your CPUN names on purpose.

1. Extreme, why are you angry?

2. Itachi, why are you angry?

3. G98, why are you angry?

4. Speed, err…how’d you get in to this issue?

5. Anyone else want to be involved?

Then let’s settle this down as soon as we can so that we can just plan out the games and have some fun! Ok, you may have not seen the post below G98’s letter but it’s got alot of things that I said. Better read it. Also, sports are awesome. Politics? I’m used to it. My father wants be to be good at it and so far, it’s ok. Lately if you haven’t noticed, Jedimaster AND G98 have been working hard on the government and it gave people ranks. In the CPUN, it’s either, politics or war. Both do good for the members. War was the 1st introduced to the CPUN. Practice Wars. Then Itachi came up with the idea of a Royal Rumble Practice War which I named but even if I did, I credited him by making him Minister of War. So far, he’s doing good. A few months ago, G98 (who was in the PFA and now has quit) introduced more politics into the CPUN. Many related to his ideas. ACPE1 dropped by to agree with G98’s ideas. Jedi as well. You see, without politics, no war. With no war, no politics. Politic stuff makes the wars. Wars make political issues. Man if this was a speech my tongue would be all tied up…

Politics do good for the CPUN because it keeps everything in control and organized.

Wars keep everyone active and give more issues to the CPUN.

Now look, if the CPUN was just war, where would the issues go? Who would solve it? Politics. If things couldn’t be solved by war, we’d have to go through all those rules and stuff we took time to make and find a solution to victory.

If the CPUN was just politics, politics of what? We’d need some war going on. Some fights.

Now, please. Just answer those questions.

Extreme, I think everyone can see that you have the most ideas right now, why not share them with us. You may have disagreed with alot of things so give us something you do agree in and we’ll add them too everyone else’s suggestion. Give us a suggestion that’s fun.

While you guys are going on with your issue, since the Minister of War is still in an issue, I and the Assistant Minister of War will go on to he -sigh- 2nd issue. Handling UT and the Elites. Let’s go AMoW. (Benu2?) G98, who’s the next highest position in the Supreme Court? I’m going to have to use the court for the UT and Elites…

Note: When you 3 are finishedm I hope we can go back to our old selves again and don’t fuss over something small. Some of that may be personal but please, like what Itachi says, it’s just a game. We don’t have to quarrel like this. When you guys are done, Itachi and I will be talking over with the UT and Elites. We need to get them into the Supreme Court. Ktman, G98, Itachi, Jedi, and I will be handling the case. (Supreme Court link is to your right in the CPUN Links blogroll). Extreme’s job will be a fun one. You’ll be spying over the UT and Elites sites. If they schedule some battles, try getting to them and then report back to us.

For now…I’ll just let you 3 finish your issues…NO SWEARING ^^please… it makes us ALL look like corrupted folks.





14 Responses

  1. Why is (Benu2?) there?


  2. I originally was on Generals side but then early pulled out of the argumment relizing how stupid and small it was. I hope you guys can work this out.

  3. can we stop FIGHTING FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. what is the diff author and editdor??????????do editdors get to post too??

  4. Editors are actually higher than Authors

  5. I think Dee was asking if you were the assistant minister of war.

    To: (Benu2?)

    Benu2: Ya I’m the Assistant Minister of War. OK thanks.

  6. Ok, you got yourself a deal. I’ll come back but just this once. I’ll think about my speech. Expect it to be up by between later this day and Sunday (12/7/08). You let me know when a good time for a party is–preferably Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


  7. P.S. Please delete these comments when you finish reading them.

  8. Lol this arugement is stupid but I look forward to doing this (does matter who makes it) so good luck :0


  9. I’m angry because someone( Ex., Itachi and Speed) is swearing and being disrespectful to me and treating me like vomit.

  10. Instead of going to court I was planning to make a 2 vs 2 practice war this week. It would be RR and UT vs Elites and CPR. We would be having so much fun that UT and Elites would forget about being enemies. It’s a good guess that it will work. Dee if you approve I can post it on RR site and Elites site and Benu can post on CPR and UT sites.

  11. Also Dee, you’re right that war needs politics for war issues and such but all extras aren’t needed. General never posted about war issues, instead he posted extra unneeded stuff like flags, executive branch, supreme court, etc. ACPE’s idea was to make everyone equal and only 1 leader who organizes things for meetings and wars (Dee). All the extra politics General brought in made things uneven and confusing.

    You’re comment explains my point as well, Itachi. I was getting sick of reading all about flags, court systems, whereas we could have been entertaining ourselves with practice wars, talking about war issues.

  12. I think for wars we (in CP) we need guards all around CP not just in that one room where the war is.

    And I was just mad at my gf because she cut me for no reason… I was just talkin to her friends and they all asked me out and I said… yes… lol and she cut me…

  13. Dee or itacha i need to talk to you on chat

  14. itachi*

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