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Klondike 2009

Hey guys.

I really like the idea of a CPUN Winter Olympic Games, We could host it in Klondike, the server I govern.

We could have many sports like:

Sledding: 4 player, 2 player, 3 player  Will Work. Although you would have to fight against noobs playing sleds.

Swimming: 2 pool lengths,4 pool lengths, 6 pool length Won’t work. That’s just walking across the bottom of a pool. This is also a summer sport.

Marathon: ( 1 referee in each room event in): Running across whole island ( no maps allowed to be used) ( Mountain to Iceberg) This is just who has a faster connection. So won’t really be a marathon. This is also a summer sport.

Card Jitsu: 2 player Will work. This is also not a sport.

Competitive Dancing: Must have routine and requested dance track, held in someones igloo. Won’t work too well, you would need quite a lot of people and those people must have items such as the lei, propellor cap, aprons, such and such. This is also not a sport.

Band: Judged on preformance, presentation , variety of instruments and dancing ( held in a member’s igloo) Won’t work that well. Hard to get people with the right instruments. This is also not a sport.

Find Four:  Four wins for one team equals – winner. Referee at each game is required. Will Work. But this is not a sport.

Fashion: Judged on presenation and if close to theme judges announce. This is just judges’ personal opinion, and there aren’t that many sexy clothes on CP. Plus, fashion and sport don’t mix together, this is supposed to be an Olympics.

Practice Wars: 4 team battle, 2 team battle ( held at Snow Forts) Umm… I think we need more people. It could work if we recruited some people, I guess. Again, it is not really a sport.

Opening Ceromonies:Dancing, Oath, Opening lecture, Held in/at Igloo or Penguin Stadium An idea that will totally fail. In the real Olympics, the Dancing is cultural, and Klondike doesn’t really reflect any cultures, and even if it did, it would be hard to find a dance that matches it. The Opening lecture is going to put people to sleep, and make other players think that you’re retarded, if it’s in the Penguin Stadium.

Closing Ceromonies:  Dancing, Closing lecture, Presentation of server hosting the next Olympic games. Same as above.

All in all, it’s not going to work. There simply aren’t enought Winter Sports that are possible on CP.

IPOC ( International Penguin Olympic Commitee) Members (suggested members):

President: Mr Deeledoo/ Itachi6dark

Vice President: ktman2

Organizer: Itachi6dark

Advisor: general98

Referees: ( needed)


 Itachi6dark: Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape There, here’s my copyright for the CPUN Olympics idea. No one can further do anything to that idea except me.

Benu2: Would I be advisor too since I’m assistant minister of War?

Extreme: I added a few comments and suggestions in Green.


26 Responses

  1. How did you become govenor anyways? You were atoumatically put there and no one else could run for govenor.

  2. And also, ACP claims they own klondike AGAIN, Even if we told them 30 times it was ours.

  3. Can u stop asking that question,

  4. Also, You can’t block people from servers

  5. Great idea, this would be very fun.

  6. I came up with the idea of a CPUN Winter Olympics but now General is overdoing about it and even changing the name into Klondike2009. -.-

    Benu2: Ya you did and we talked about it at the meeting.

  7. Itachi its fun overdoing things and you could be a higher in the planning commitie since you made it.

  8. “It’s fun overdoing things” who in the world would think that? Overdoing is bad if you don’t know. Ex: You start making jokes and make everyone laugh, then someone gets hurt, you laugh your @#$@ off but it ends up no ones laughing with you. That’s overdoing it. I don’t want all that planning crap, I just want fun. General, you and your *&^&%& government @#$# can go to hell. This is cp armies for crying out loud, not cp politics. Before any of you respond to this, I know you all will say “you need to plan” blah blah but just play the game or don’t play. We aren’t playing, we are doing boring politics. Oagal should’ve never came up with the idea of having Governments in cp armies ( I think he made the idea, I’m not sure.)


    P.S.- Sorry for bad language, I just get pissed off and want things good again.

    Extreme: Woooooooooo for this comment. I seriously think that General has gone too far with his government organising.

  9. Actually – Planning ahead is better than planning last minute, you’d cause chaos and stress..

  10. Also, To have land, people and defense is to have government- a lot of organizations have a government even IOC has one. This is not overdoing it – overdoing it is planning Olympics for 2100. Also I’m not planning crap.. are the Olympics crap …… no.. they were just planned ahead.. they elected in 2001 who was going to host the 29th Olympiad ( of course.. Beijing won). Keep those comments to urself!

    Itachi6dark: To have land on cp there’s no need for government. All you need to do is have soldiers patrol the servers everyday. There’s no government involved in that. This isn’t real Olympics. This is a game about little penguins! All you need to do is know who’s in what and your set. There’s no band, ceremonies, performances or anything like that in a little game about penguins. You play instruments yet no music come out of it, why would penguins watch that? What kind of ceremonies can you make out of penguins?! What will you perform?! You don’t need real life facts to be put into cp, it just makes things confusing and boring.

  11. Itachi what type of olympics would you enjoy to participate in and to watch, five or 6 penguins walking around with no idea what there doing on the day of the olympics? Or a a good attempt at an opening ceremoney, tons of penguins due to advertising, great and fair sporting events, and to top it all off another nice closing ceremoney. the only way this is possible is to plan ahead and I think General’s decision in doing that is right.

    Itachi6dark: They will have an idea of what they doing, if they don’t then they’re plain right dumb. All you need to do is having regristrations for the events. No stupid ceremonies or performances because on cp that’s weird. Sporting events?!?! The only real sport on cp is sledding and that’s a kid’s sport! Throwing chips into a box or having your penguin waddle isn’t a sport.

  12. what not to be mean in all but it sounds stupid not to be mean

  13. Planning ahead doesn’t mean you have to change the name of the Olympics into Klondike 2009. That’s overdoing it.

  14. I agree with itachi. It was his idea so he should get to organize it.

  15. I do agree Itachi should get to organize but I would like that he would take some of Gebnerals ideas because they would be fun.

  16. Itachi should plan it cause it was his idea.

  17. PS I will pwn you all XD!



    PS: srry for swearin ^-^

  19. I think we should wait until January for the Winter Olympics and get some practice wars in on December.

  20. ya like Tournys and RRPW

  21. Does everyone have to complain….
    Please JUST %^$#*!@ SHUT UP!
    Shut up Itachi, Ex, and Speed.
    Also, the info has to have copyright to make it real plagarism. Therefore it is not plagarism. You understand Speed?

    Itachi6dark: You seriously think saying shut up can comeback everything I just said? 🙄 I made a copyright so that’ll solve the problem.

  22. Une note de la vitesse, Itachi6dark et aussi la grande Extreme.
    Itachi, Extreme et de vitesse ( Speed)
    Je suis très contrarié que vous me traiter comme un rat avec pas d’amis, je suis tellement bouleversée juste s’il vous plaît arrêter de dire vraiment offensive words.Its me faire sentir comme vomir. J’ai toujours des idées, il s’étend Tout le monde, je ne suis pas de soins. Mais lorsque je tente d’étendre l’idée de itachi-je obtenir blessant 70% des réponses. Alors peut-être vous les gars doivent apprendre à être gentil si je ne fais pas confiance, vous les gars maintenant, les seules personnes que je crois que j’ai vraiment confiance sont Dee, Ktman, Benu, articsledder, colorpeng, Jedi, et beaucoup plus de personnes. Si vous me traiter comme merde, Peut-être que quelqu’un va vous traiter comme poop.So pourquoi devrais-je vous traiter de gars bien? J’ai toujours vous traiter de gars bien, mais maintenant c’est ce que je obtenir?
    Apoligize Maintenant, s’il vous plaît.
    – General98

  23. Wait, If General is gonna do this shouldnt I be an advisor? I am Minister of Entertainment.

  24. Shut-up! First off I was tired (for me it was like 2 am) so %$#@ off *&^$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Itachi came up with the idea so it’s idk… kind of like it so yay… and god I was pissed cuz well… Itachi came up with it… you stole it… and now ur actin like U came up with it… u act like all those prepy noobs at my school that call me GOTHIC-EMO-PUNK!!!! And ik ur nice… somtimes (^-^)
    and I think 2 things (THAT R IDEA’S NOT MEAN)

    1. Well should wait till Winter
    2. We should train


  25. Extreme-
    That would mean ummm,
    That there would be NO SPORTS, and Itachi I hate you and Speed and Extreme I hate you too. You guys are such…. Well, I can’t explain it….

  26. Then, Extreme, Itachi and Speed, I should not be kind to you,so whatcha do is whatcha get.

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