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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Session Day 11/21/08

Hey guys!

Here’s the form:

1. How’s the week been?

2. Share some things that have happened this week.

3. Are you running for any elections?

There. Well that’s it.

The ACP, Nachos, UPA, and UMA are now officially in the CPUN. Now these armies usually have cases against themselves which means, we get involved. All the details are set out in the Supreme Court. G98, is there a representative for the Supreme Court? Someone in an army that goes to scheduled court gatherings?

I’m still studying about the SC. I think everyone should get their SC Representatives active because most armies in the CPUN use their leader as both SC and GA rep which I do not strongly recommend unless you’re a 1-2 man army. When you get new SC Reps, you should get them active. Maybe vote amongst your army to see who becomes the SC Rep like Rapidy, he gave a 1 day election on who should become rep fror both GA and SC.

Ktman, thank you for taking the job on entertaining the people. King Jared too.

Many people want to become editors but I usually make them Authors first and I would like to see more of their backround before I make them editors. So I usually make people eidtors when I’ve seen that they can do the job properly.

Speed, you can become an editor at my blog. www.mrdeedledoo.wordpress.com. Anyone can. Just go there and give me your e-mail and then you can post any news are funny pictures you want.

Meeting! I’m still not sure of this so don’t announce it to your army just yet. Next Saturday we’ll be having a GA assembly in the chat room and in my house at SLEET. I’ll be arranging it at 7:00 PST. Herre’s something I should’ve done long ago, appoint someone to do it in a different time like 10 PST. I’d be asleep by then. Ktman, as Prime Minister, I’ll be appointing you on leading the 2nd GA of that day. Those who can’t come on that 7:00 PST (because it’s too early) can go on Ktman’s. Ktman, we’re going to have to talk on chat so that I can share with you the subjects and matters that the GA will conclude on your part. Is this ok with you?

I’m in the United Arab Emirates just like Monkek Man but I’m not an Arab. My dad works in the embassy and I get alot of information about treaties and negotiations from him. He might finally be getting a promotion…Ambassador but since we already have an amassador in this counrty, he’ll take a different position but..on the level of Ambassador. You might think becoming an Ambassador will have the oppurtunity of having 21 rooms in your house but not if you are a citizen of the Philippines…-sigh-

Anyway, Furbur, we’ll give you some support. Who are the other contenders? Here’s Furb’s comment:

Greetings CPUN members.

Many of you know me, if you do not I am Furbur27, and RPF warlord and UMA head general. I am now up for election for RPF leader, and I ask for the support of CPUN in the coming election.

Check out my campaign website, http://votefurbur27.wordpress.com

That’s a big position. Goodluck Furbur.

It’s good to see friends grow in the CPUN and to see them become leaders of big nations…in front of our very eyes…




22 Responses

  1. 1. How’s the week been? bad

    2. Share some things that have happened this week. Nobody came to v iew

    3. Are you running for any elections? I am running for govenor of South pole in UMA!!! Link: <a href=”http://undergroundmafiasarmyuma.wordpress.com”>undergroundmafiasarmyuma.wordpress.com

  2. Name: Linkin55

    Leader: Akabob22, Person1233, Linkin55

    Abbreviation: (If any) No abbreviation.

    Government type: Democrat .

    Date joined: March 1st 2007

    Representative on the General Assembly: (Don’t know yet, problay one of the the Leaders)

    Representative on the Security council:(Again one of the Leaders most likley)

    Site: http://www.nachosofclubpenguin.wordpress.com

    I guess ill fill the session day thing out.

    1. How’s the week been? Steady

    2. Share some things that have happened this week. It’s been a steady week, getting recruits off and on. Some have quit.

    3. Are you running for any elections? Nope.

  3. I meant Democratic XD Sorry .

  4. 1.OK
    2. Inactivity, no troops

  5. Thanks Linkin, I’ll put it on the list.
    G98 and benu2, may I know why the week has been bad and why your reasons are inactivity? Is the army inactive or is the leader inactive? G98, I think you should try advertising at some sites to join the troops or we can have 2 soldiers from each army in the CPUN contribute to the Force, not for CPUN purposes only. If we need to help a friend, it’s the only thing we can do.


  6. Again RPF isn’t in CPUN… but then again if I’m elected that is subject to change, muahahahaha.

    1. How’s the week been? Not horrible.

    2. Share some things that have happened this week. We are having elections for leader. The vice president retired forabout the 30th time, he will probably come back soon. (this time I will not support his return)

    3. Are you running for any elections? YES!

    And thanks for mentioning me in the post. 🙂

    Dee: lol. I see. No problem. We’ll support you. Thanks for including the CPUN in your plans for the future of RPF.

  7. Yes Dee. This will be ok.

  8. What time will be good for you?

    1. How’s the week been? Pretty good.

    2. Share some things that have happened this week. Well, actually nothing much. The ACP has not made made much developement and i am currently thinking of ways to make the CPUN better.

    3. Are you running for any elections? Yes, for governor and senator of ACP.


    Dee: Any time next week. Yes, I can see that the ACP is still in it’s place but it’s still flowing…Goodluck with your voting Ktman. Thanks for taking the job.

  9. RR’s:

    1. Inactive, no wars and few comments. No one joined this week.
    2. Nothing (in RR).
    3. Nope


  10. UMA’s:

    1. Good
    2. Well since WW6 is basically over, we are having Govenor elections. Many are running and we’re very active. Still no one in UMA except Shadow and I know about UMA. I’ll let the GA and SC that they are the GA and SC representing UMA in CPUN and show them the site.
    3. Nope but UMA is having an elections.


    Dee: Good to know. I’m sure your RR comrades would understand your position in the outside of…well, the RR. If they don’t, make sure they do. It will make them more considerate to why you aren’t active in the RR. Thanks.

  11. 1.to much homework but in army stuff goo
    2.no but i would ilke too
    3. p.s. can i be an editdor email jaredcanino@yahoo.com i think and yes my name is jared if u guys didnt know that

    Dee: Ok, let’s see…You’ll start out as author.

  12. I have 2 Jareds in my class lol

    Dee: lol I only have one. Pronounced Jar RED. Some Jareds are like Jared (pronounced Jard). Jared’s face is really..red. Fat people are jolly :D.


    Dee: Err… it’s on the CPUN Links to your right. And yo can only guard doors when we’re in a house on CP since there are no doors in a chatbox are there? The meeting is still on next Saturday but it may vary.

  14. I have 2 Tinas in my class, they ran down the hall with one of the saying” You’ve just been jacked!” with the other Tina’s pencil case, you do not wanna know what happened after that.

    Dee: lol.

  15. I am from the Phillipines, but I’m in Canada. I don’t get it? Filipinos have mansions too, even my uncle owns land there, a mansion and a company that imports stuff. My great grandma used to have lots of money but sigh…. she lost it to gambling.\

    Dee: Cool. ACPE1 had Filipino blood as well. Anyway the Philippines is really corrupted now. My dad is one of the people helping out Filipinos abroad while the givernment in the Philippines is like…(drools). Not the whole government though. Anyway good thing we’re both abroad. I don’t understand why my family is low on money even though my grandfather was the founder of public schools in the Philippines -.-…Cya

  16. How’s the week been?
    Rather well, my influence in armies has grown greatly,
    2. Share some things that have happened this week.
    I became President of ACP, and full Co_leader of ACP, and I am in chrage of 1;2 of the entire army.
    3. Are you running for any elections?
    I’m Indian, but I live in NY.

    Dee: That’s good. Goodluck to you and to the future of the ACP. Of course your not running for any elections XD.

  17. Sh*t XD I screwed up. The name is Nachos not mah name >.< So change that XD

    Dee: lol. ok. Just noticed. XD

  18. I know Dee, the gov’t of the Phillipines is corrupted, during the 1940s or so their economy was almost equivelent to US $ . Due to bad presidents like Joesph Estrada and Fernidad Marcos ( whos wife had more than 1,000 pairs of shoes). My grandma went to the Bible study that started one of the biggest chain churches which were all across the country and it even went to China, even the head pastor had a Chinese name.

  19. Gosh Dee just give the link: http://xat.com/chat/room/42208678/

  20. One of India’s Navy ships sank a Terrorist/Pirate Main Warship on Wednesday! I hope this won’t start another war. I don’t want my country under attack by terrorists.

  21. Lol my bro somtimes goes on my thing so when I yelled it was him… but I locked my com now so ya. And well idk.

    My week sucked!! I am failing school and my gf dumped me and all my friends think I love them (their guys so ya) and I dont!!!!

    Well this week I became a real ninja (killed senise in one day) and I failed my Math Test.

    In school Im tryin to be pres, in CP im tryin to become co-leader of a secret group of real ninjas, OMG I TOLD U AHH IM GONNA DIE *gets knifed*


  22. Ummm…

    1: Alright, I guess
    2: Got perfect in some tests, had all the girls in my class pestering me by saying hi ten times a day (quite usual), some other stuff I can’t remember
    3: Yeah, the elections for the people who cause the best ownage. Nah, jk.

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