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The UPA and the Nachos are officially IN the CPUN. We need a few people to entertain them. If any CPUN staff is free there, please go to their site and…well, entertain them while I prepare their info. Entertain like: Hi welcome to the CPUN, we hope you enjoy our services. Please give us any problems you might have that we could help in.


P.S. Jedi-Admin

Arizona, I’m going to need your e-mail. Thanks.

G98, that’s good but is there a difference between the 2 courts?

Itachi, thanks for getting the UMA in, we’ll need your info.


11 Responses

  1. am i still becoming a mod???

  2. Ok since I am an ambassador I will do this.

  3. Dee I have some questions-

    1. Why does everyone ask to be an editor just because they have an army?

    2. Where and what is the Summit Room

    3. Can I be an editor ^-^


  4. Since when did Nachos join!?

  5. Don’t worry Dee I already added UMA to the members list. I just realized I’m the 1st person to ever get put on this site (besides Dee the creator of the site) 😀 .

  6. what time zone u in dee mine is central

  7. ktman ill help u with it . p.s. look i start using ending marks lol!

  8. Greetings CPUN members.

    Many of you know me, if you do not I am Furbur27, and RPF warlord and UMA head general. I am now up for election for RPF leader, and I ask for the support of CPUN in the coming election.

    Check out my campaign website,

  9. Thanks Dee.
    I want to enter ACP into CPUN.
    I’ll fill out the form and post it on to here ASAP.

  10. Name: Army of Club Penguin
    Leader: Jedimaster17, Boomer20, Shaboom
    Abbreviation: (If any) ACP
    Government type: Federalist-Democracy
    Date joined: November20th, 2008
    Representative on the General Assembly : Jedimaster17 or Boomer20
    Representative on the Security council: Jedimaster17

  11. Secondly Dee, the people on the security council are elected. Thus, I think it should be part of the government.

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