Hello I have arrived/ WW 6

Hi I am a new editor on the CPUN site. In other news WW (World War) 6 has been going on in CP. ACP was defeated at all 3 invasions this weekend andlost on Friday and Wednesday.  Now WW 6 is calming down the Allies are planning other  offensives to crush ACP else where like at Breeze. On Wednesday ACP attacked Muluk but fell back. On Friday the battle started at Sub Zero and ACP left then they went to Snow forts and fot for 4 and a half hours but also snuck into Muluk again but we got them out of both servers. This weekend Allies stopped 3 invasions at Snow forts. Now the ACP is sort of split with a civil war (or says Oagal) so pray for ACP



I just realised that I was added today. Lol. ACP were splitting up, but now they’re changing what they’re doing again. They are looking at doing the same as Nachos, with each leader having a separate responsibility. Anyway, just check their sites.



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  1. It’s WW6

    WW1: Color Wars
    WW2: Roman Invasion
    WW3: ACP vs. UMA
    WW4: ACP vs Nachos, I think…
    WW5: ACP, UMA, and RPF (Nation, I think…) vs. Nachos and IW (Empire)
    WW6: Everyone vs. ACP

    Benu2:Whoops! Sorry bout that.

    Extreme: Weren’t those WWIV and WWV called off? They were too small to be counted anyway.

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  3. That’s ok. Well, I’ll be checking on the ACP site now and see what’s going on. Itachi, do you have any reports on your side?


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