The News

Hello folks! Dee made a new site for us to hang around on since the army is…well, gone. It’s a new site he made so that it won’t be a good-bye-I’ll-never-see-you-again. He told me to tell you all to go there. It’s a cool site with fun stuff but it’s not filled up yet. Please go there and comment so that he knows your still here as his friend and comrade!

The Sad News

You know what the sad news is about? Well, it’s because we’re all retiring now… and the site won’t be populated anymore. Wombat’s leaving next year… ACPE1 has retired months ago, Freshzac is gone too… not so fun anymore. Well, let’s all keep in touch in the sites always!

Here’s my latest YouTube Video I made to liven things up.


4 Responses

  1. hopefully i will become a mod on here beause currently i only have one job and that is leading mocp.

  2. Please vist my army:

  3. I can see in the vid you used no animations, just pics after pics…

  4. Yeah, I just did that. Don’t have Hypercam.

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