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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Just to clear things out to Wombat 99

Dear Wombat,

Wombat. My friend. My comrade. Why are you so upset? If there is a negatory in anything we have said, we apologize. Wombat, what Jedi means is, you need to work yourself up the ranks to get to the TOP. Look at Jedi, he’s been working for ACP for almost 2 years+ and he’s close to being a leader, but isn’t. How long have you been working in the CPUN? Less than a year. EFFORT. You always have to show effort. Don’t just make an effort but SHOW your effort to everyone so that they will support you. You’re my friend and I could easily make you leader of an army because I trust you but, I can’t just simply make you a leader of an organization with over 30 armies in it. You only know a few people here. Speed and Freshzac remained active in the CPUN when I told them to. They’ve been with me since the start and they never asked for a rank. They just go with the flow and let their humbleness control them. If you had come here earlier ago and made friends with the CPUN members, more people would’ve knowned you.

Dude how long was your latest post in the MOCP site? 4 months ago? I can even see ACPE1’s comments on your latest posts and his comments date back to July 2008! I’ve invited your army to Practice Wars against other CPUN members but you never showed up. Well Wombat, we can change this. I hope you become a more active person in the CPUN. A gentleman. A leader of an army. A comrade.

One thing I can’t get off my mind:

  • dee i quit forever because of you lot, shut your mouth itachi and shut your mouth general.


    How could you say that to your two friends? Maybe you didn’t even try making friends with them. They MADE the CPUN what it is today. Every single comment on this site of ours helped the CPUN by a mile. Also, almost 1 year in the CPUN, how can you just say, I quit? How can you just say I quit? I quit because of that? So you come and ask for a promotion, we say that maybe you just need to show a little more effort, you get angry and decide to quit. Now, think of everything you’ve been through. Think of all the good times. You quit because of ‘us lot’. Us lot? Is it all because of – US LOT? Us lot meaning your CP lifetime friends? As the closest friend I’ve ever had on CP, how can you say something like that? Have you ever heard of an army leader quit just like that? Also, if you quitted, you would be saying i to your army and making a speech but do you have your army? Wombat, I always looked up at you. Forget what they say, I think you can do anything you want but do it the right way.

    Think about it Wombat. If ever you were well-knowned in the ACP, what would you do? If you became leader, what would you do? Do you just want to do all that just to become famous or to make ACP a better army? Have you forgotten about helping the soldiers and planning on helping small armies? Do you have a plan or do you just want to be famous? If you become CPUN leader, do you know what the CPUN does? have you observed the branches? Do you know people in the CPUN? Do you know how to handle a crisis? Do you know how to help people when they are in need? Or have you forgotten? Wombat, as your friend, and not your leader, I want to help. You know, I posted a few weeks ago about inviting the UGT soon-to-retire soldiers to join the CPUN Forces as a ‘retirement army’. But you didn’t see the invitation perhaps.

    Ok Wombat, do you want me to give you a position? I think we do need someone like you in the Force. Join General98 in the CPUN Forces. It’s sort of like an army but more like a force and you’ll be helping General lead it. You may somehow become famous one day…I believ in you Wombat because your a very imaginative guy and I don’t like seeing people like that have their dreams shatter. Do you want to take the position? Just pledge to us that you’ll try to remain active… Post a comment and speech about what you think about and I’ll post it.


    -Mr Deedledoo


    9 Responses

    1. Yeah Wombat were just saying it in a positive way so you aren’t upset.! Also 1st!!!

    2. Dont take it hard wombat, I Have been around CPUN for months, just became second in command of one of the armys, but I still have gotten a chance to do much (I am minsiter of Recruiting I believe, But I have no Idea what im recruiting!)

      And also, On the ACP website it says they are invading mammoth, Which will likely result in war.


    4. Dee, you got Jedi’s gender wrong. But good speech.

    5. Lol, Dee I am a girl with my cousins account, who predicatably was a Star Wars nerd. Good speech. Wombat, we are not trying to hurt you, we’re just tyring to tell you, you need to work hard, and be patient.
      Artic, you recruit new people. lol

    6. fine i exept your apolgies but i have a few things to say.

      1. dee can i be a mod on this site?
      2. dee i am a making a new mocp site, can you maybe make the cpun people join it.

    7. If you decide you and your men want to join my army her’s the new site: http://mocparmy.wordpress.com/

    8. Glad you came to terms of understanding Wombat.

    9. The CPUN has its own militia, The CPUN Forces

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