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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Wombat 99

Hi dee,

 As i am second in command of this army please can you make me head of ugt/rpa/thenavy  and if your quitting the cpun please can you make me head of the cpun but only if you feel comfortable here are my reasons



I will be a a great leader because: i have a lot of good i deas for both the CPUN and UGT/RPA/ The Navy, I will conquer new lands for the CPUN and Ugt, Then i could become famous in Acp and maybe become leader of there and then i could promote UGT and CPUN to ACP.


Dee please make me leader of the CPUN and Ugt. if you do you could have made a whole new empire, i’m saying that you are rubbish because in fact i look up to you but as you are retiring the time has come i think. For you to make someone else a leader and i think that should be me!



Please copy this into every site that knows about the Cpun and please dee could you copy this into the Cpun website


Dee: Well Wombat, I’m not quitting the CPUN. Only the UGT and all other army leading bussinesses. Well, you would be leader of the UGT…if I didn’t shut it down or put it in hibernation. The UGT is gone for now. We’re going to be taking a long break and I don’t know when ever I’m going to bring it back. The rest of it’s members will be helping me out on our new blog…Oh yeah, what about the Marines of Club Penguin? I haven’t heard about them in ages. I’ve only heard you keep announcing about war and stuff but I hardly see you in battle gear. I usually see you in hoodies, slip-ons and guitars. Well, I think you should handle the MOCP. The UGT is gone..for now.


8 Responses

  1. well sorry about MUAs lack of communications, i havent have alot of time for the army thing cuz of my IGCSE exams which have ended up starting in grade 9 cuz of cambridge university. while im not around nobody does any work whicj dissapoints me with MUA.

  2. Im not sure if Wombat could even become CPUN leader, he doesn’t even have a big role in CPUN

  3. I think Wombat is just a show-off who thinks he can do it all but does nothing. Sorry Wombat, facts are facts.

  4. Itachi, that statement.. could be an I don’t know.. more artfully presented? Wombat.. to become famous in ACP.. and Leader… like I sort of am… It might help to be well known..and popular..and active.. and a little more… IDK.. perhaps.. less of a such an idealisic person. Wombat. you can do stuff, but you are being slightly idealistic. Maybe UGT can come back.. but ACP LEADER..? ACP, is my area. Kindly, live with that. Look Wombat, I see what you want to do, but look at Itach bayah, and myself. We worked to get where we are in UMA (Itach), ACP (me), Nachos (me), WW (Itach), CPUN & RPF (both of us). Look at my new post. I’m being very open with you wombat, and not trying to be hurtful..
    “i’m saying that you are rubbish because in fact i look up to you but as you are retiring the time has come i think” *Shakes Head*
    That didn’t really make sense did it? Remember this quote: “Think before you ink”
    Secondly, CPUN Leader?
    Dee is still our CPUN man, and in any case Ktman would take over next. Or elections.. :S
    UGT’s yours man, but think about everything else.
    Wombat, I think you should pick one aim, and work on that. Like work on UGT, or a better rank in RPF or UMA, or one of the major armies. I can’t favor you, no more than Itach can, but I can help.
    Take this positively Wombat.
    Vote Jedimaster17 for UMA Supreme Admiral.

  5. dee i quit forever because of you lot, shut your mouth itachi and shut your mouth general.

  6. Wow how long does everyone have to fight. Wombat the reason you can’t be CPUN Leader anyways is because you aren’t in the current staff. Usaully someone right under the Leader moves up. Don’t think this is negetive because I’m not saying you couldn’t be able too.

  7. no offence wombat but i dont think you should be cpun leader you havent reallly posted on your own site for about well alot of months and if you were here there would be alot pf armies comlaining cuz of inactivity

  8. i still hate you itachi and general but monek man ok about that comment. but itachi that was unessary.

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