Happy Birthday Itachi6Dark!

Itachi6dark: Thanks Dee your a great friend. I couldnt make it too the RRPW because I was still sleeping XD I was tired from my bday.

Yesterday was Itachi’s bday!

Tach, I greet you a happy birthday on behalf of the Royal Penguin Arsenal. May there be many more to come! Maybe you could hold a party after the Royal Rumble later. Anyway everyone please come!

Once again, happy birthday!

Happy birthday Tach! -Dee

Happy birthday Tach! -Dee



9 Responses

  1. Happy B-Day Itachi!


  2. who won the RRPW?

    Ktman: The CPR.

  3. happy b-day itachi!

  4. happy d day
    tell us wat u get

  5. Happy B-day!

  6. Also who participated in the RRPW? and thanks guys

  7. Ktman or Dee can you post a review of the RRPW because I want to know what happened?

  8. happy bday itachi 🙂

  9. ‘appy D-Day errr i mean B-Day

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