Memorial Post

I hate to post over Jarlo’s retirement speech. But if you have anything to say about him and what he did, than comment and I’ll add it.

ACPE1 had several identies,all of which he did good with.

Jarlo777. ACPE1, and Ideaman, and probably more . But here is what I have to say.*Salute*

{From Eldest}
May good fortune rule over you
And may your ambitions become true
May peace live in your heart.

I wish you best of luck in reaching your goals.
You have accomplished much in CP World, and I know you will do a lot in the real world. Plz visit once in a while. Goodbye Jarlo-finiarel .
I will miss you.
~Jedimaster17- elda [Hopefully someday]



Goodbye, and may all your lifes ambitions and goals come true.



  • You have helped CPUN be what it is today and we will remember that for a long time. May your dreams come true.



  • *Salute*

    It seems that everyone’s gonna miss you.
    Well I read your really long post.
    I think I quite understand you.
    And the poem makes it clear.
    Well, you may not know me, but I hope you have a good life.
    May your hope to get a scholarship come true.
    (Well, I’m trying to do that too! Lol!)
    Well than, I wish you lead a good life.


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    3 Responses

    1. Wow…. you post the comments.
      Uh….. btw, could I have the URL for the CPUN chat?

    2. Owh….. btw again…….
      Could you add the my army to your blogroll?
      I already add CPUN to my armies blog…..

    3. umm can you add my army to the form please i added you to my blogroll

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