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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Mr Deedledoo’s speech

Jedi’s sorry Edit: Sorry to de-dramatisize your speech but I belive the point is “They want to show who’s in control”, not the rest of the crap they say. Some pepl are nooblets and losers but some are innocent. THIS IS WHAT I THINK : “Smaller targets are just targets, to inimidate the real “army” or whatever” I read it in a book somewhere. All I can say as advice is Do what you think is right. 

The on going crisis between the CPUN and the Nachos has gone quite a long way. The ANTA wants us to surrender. US. The growing armies of CP. They think we are a ‘threat’ to them. This is the number mistake the Great 5 always does. They ignore. They get prideful.

Look. They say we never delcared war on them to buy a server. Now people, you can see the thousands of wannabee armies on the ACP website saying, we declare war on ACP. Now what has happened? Ignorance. The ANTA says we never declared war. My army, RPA, hasn’t declared war because I have friends on all the Great 5. I’m the type of person who wants to be reasonable. If there is no need for war, then don’t have war. An army is not all about war. It’s not just about protecting your name.

ANTA is telling us to ‘commit’ to them and surrender our beloved community. The CPUN. The home of our alliance. The center of our good relationship. Together we have solved problems. If one member had a problem, all of us together would solve it. Because that’s what the meaning of United is.

The RPA has experienced a time when we nearly had lost all hope. Thanks to others we continued. We have experienced betrayal. But this did not stop us.

The first time I saw ACP, I was amazed at it’s content. Oagalthorp lead it so well. He was a great leader with great personality and charisma. I wanted to be fully dedicated to it and have a high rank just like what everybody else wanted. I wanted my name to be high. Well, now my name looks makes me look like I’m a mafia leader of some sort. I never wanted it to be this way.

I’ve seen many soldiers that some may call noobs to get the attention of their leaders. Nope. Nothing happens. Ignorance. Maybe their leader is too royal to even listen to them. Well this is the biggest mistake. If I had a large army, I would listen to every important or even things that aren’t important at all. Every single cry of a soldier is important.

Well that’s just my story. The ANTA wants to finally destroy the ‘threats’. They’ve targeted us. The Club Penguin United Nations. The community the Navy (aka RPA) built to have small armies make a good relationship with each other. These are the armies that are still growing. I know that a small army nowadays can’t get help on it’s own. This is the whole point of the CPUN! And also, to remind you all, we are not just armies unlike the ANTA, but we also have nations, teams, and clubs on the list. The Sleet Empire is the most valuable member of the CPUN since it is the only nation we can defend. But we are thankful they are not needed in the war.

Guys. This is it. The moment I knew would come. The large takes down the small. The time when pride overtakes the mind. they have finally decided to have just one goal. Order 67. I always thought the large armies would have a mature enough mind to leave small armies to grow.

Message to the Big 5: This is not the CPUN’s fault. We are open to all armies and nations in need. I’m here to understand them and solve their problems with them. Well they have told me their problems. Most of them are about big armies never listening to them or just being completely insulted. That’s why they run here. They have anger and you probably created it. I just lead a group of thriving armies. I thought players had the right to talk. Well I’ve seen people say: “Hey guys join my army”. Then all I see are: “Hahaha we own you little army” “Hahaha we own you”. That’s the leading reason. How can they be fully commited to you, the ANTA, if you don’t even give a thing about them? Yes, life is tough. But you shouldn’t blame it all on the CPUN. We are not all against you. I’ve protected ACP soldiers everywhere. They are always attacked at the Dojo. I always lead those squads to protect themselves. I teach them self defense. I have not seen much upper ranked soldiers in action. I haven’t seen much leading ACP squads. I think the soldiers are even more active than their Generals. I said to myself that I would always want to continue doing this untill ACP would make it’s name clear again. That they’re not evil. But no, instead tey want to terminate us. Well small armies are the root of bigger armies.

If we have to go to war, I just hope everyone becomes active. Some people say they have armies knowing they are just by themselves. If this continues ot be a seven years war between the big armies and the small, I would like everyone to attend every meeting and practice war. This is just an advanced notice in case we DO have war. But we will try to sort things out. All members of the CPUN should become active. I would like all members to try to help us discuss this. I’m doing my best to negotiate.

Anyway, everyone should be ready to whatever may happen. Everyone should try getting the latest news about this issue.

Thank you everyone.

May we have goodluck and that things will turn out well. No one wants war. No one wants to surrender either.


March on!

Itachi6dark: Dee is right that none of the small armies ever get attention. Its been months and finally I have talked with Fort and he’s right I am a n00b but most small armies are so what’s wrong with that? Idc if we lose I just want my army to be known all around ANTA. 


10 Responses

  1. Making peace with the the Big Five will be hard. They can not compromise very easily becuase they always need to have there way with little or no benifit for the other side.


    CPR Supreme Commander

    CPUN Vice President

  2. Well, you guys call yourself innocent. Leaving posts like the “ACP Issue”, and letting in armies that represent nothing but noobism (which is now becoming a disease). Mr Deedledo, I have to admit it, that part about listening to every single soldier was kinda touching, but I seriously doubt it.

  3. Hey. If you read ACP issue, i was PERSUADING evry army here to stop hating it. BECAUSE IM ACP. Also, if that’s what you call smaller armies, that’s bad. If that’ what you all think I’ve become after protecting ACP’s name and keeping it touched with Nachos, then that’s…that’s just unfair and tough.

  4. How can you doubt it? If you all think I’m not the generous type of person, well you’re wrong. I don’t have a large army which is simple for me to control and listen to. Doubt and all those words are the reasons for war. Also, if you think we are those noob armies on CP, you’re wrong too. We are simply annoyed by them too. But we do our best to get along. If you’ve ever seen the RPA make any nuisances against you big armies, that’s not us. I’ve trained my army to not do that. Some of us here aren’t just noob wannabees. You got the wrong community

  5. I am ticked off about people calling this community fully of noob armies. All of the armies in this community have a website (a thing noob armies don’t usually have), an organized army community such as a working government with a president and a senate, and we also have good reasons for what ever we do which can be proven by fact. We are not a group of noob armies, but smaller armies that are growing everyday.


    CPR Supreme Commander

    CPUN Vice President

  6. Maybe this is a community of noob armies, but everyone was at the starting point at one point. What they are complaining about are nuisance armies, but the CPUN is largely innocent. If this keeps up I will quit.

  7. We should just refuse this war. If people don’t want to play fair we shouldn’t play at all.

  8. yeah but anta will call us cowards not doing anything. Its just like anta to think there so great. Also nice speach mr deedledoo


  10. Maybe we should attend, but just stand there and let ourselves get hit. I know it seems dumb, but think about it. If you fire at someone that doesn’t fire back, it eventually feels pretty pointless. Also it will disprove the lie that CPUN wants war anyways.

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