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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Forget about ACP! :o

Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW, the time has come to Execute Order 67. If army leaders would please, copy and paste this post and keep it up for a few days at the least. Please read with caution, the post below will explain everything.

The time has come. Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW are all forming together to form an ultra alliance, and we have delcared war on all smaller armies ( with a few exceptions ). We are not doing this b/c we are scared of your 2 man army threats or your commitment to the bigger armies, we are doing it b/c of these reasons:

1. Most of you have not tried to make a good commitment to the ANTA or the bigger armies.

2. You are stealing ANTA assigned servers w/o officially declaring war and making a scheduled battle.

3. Smaller armies are starting to think they are better and are mocking it and then they get their ass kicked later. Most of you want war, so we’re going to give you a war.

We are all sorry for those smaller, innocent armies, but there is obviously no way we can all go through 250 small 2 man armies just to find the bad ones. So we are giving the smaller armies 3 options:

Option 1: Surrender your army and end it

Option 2: Surrender your army and start following ANTA rules.

Option 3: Go to war, get unified, and have a chance of winning or losing.

We are not leaving every smaller army in the dust to try to organize a big army. We have already suggested your alliance and your leader. Your suggested leader by us is Mr. Deedledo. He is the leader of the Club Penguin United Nations. Clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com Theres the site. We’ve already took the liberty of scheduling a meeting too. Dont be alarmed if you arent able to make it or dont see this post. The scheduled wars wont be for another few days. Here is the time, date, and place of the meeting:

Date: Saturday, July 12th


– 5:00 est

– 4:00 cst

– 3:00 mst

– 2:00 pst



Pardons: Pardons are being handed out to branches off of this 5 army alliance. For example, If a smaller army leader is a HIGHER rank in one of the Alliance, they wont have to go to war. Or if an army started out from one of the big 5, for example: ACP – SSACP, RPF- TRA. If you have any questions or complaints, GET OVER IT.

~ Shadodw2446, Temporary Leader of the Nacho Army, Nacho Ambassador

~ Fort57, ACP Leader

~ Abercrombe29, UMA Main Leader

~ Iceyfeet1234, IW Main Leader

~ Kg007, RPF Leader

This is getting dangerous. Guys, IDK but this is wrong. Wwe should scatter. And join big armies. PLZ guys.

I’m in RPF, and ACP as an officer. Wwe can’t surrender but…………. IDK


12 Responses

  1. What is Wwe?

  2. Jedi please don’t diss ACP! Otherwise they won’t realize that all of CPUN are innocent armies!

  3. Since there is a complaint that we aren’t making a commitment to bigger armies, the RPA should make its unofficial commitment to ACP official as a first step.

  4. Anyway, as loyal ACP soldiers we need to convince Fort to pull out of this. We need to save the ACP from a big mistake. This is probably a plot to make sure there are no small armies in CP. I can’t see any other real reason they are declaring war. Anyway, here is a Star Wars scene matching the mood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSwy412nttI
    But here is my advice to you all: Even when things seem hopeless, we should still have the courage to stand for what is right. We don’t know how much time we have here. That’s why you must do the best you can with the time that is given you. And I will try to keep a bunch of people from being attacked just because of a lie before I quit CP.
    Here are some more helpful quotes: http://www.alternativereel.com/includes/top-ten/display_review.php?id=00013

  5. I’m not dissing ACP. I compied and pasted from the nachos site. Whatever that means.

  6. Jedi, let’s not say “Forget about ACP.” I know this war is screwed up, but I think that we should still be respectful to the enemy even if they don’t deserve it.

  7. Man…I thought my name would be heard of in a good way. It was always my dream for someone like Shadow or Oagalthorp to mention my name. It would even be an honor. But they used my name like I’m some sort of terrorist or Mafia…How could they do this? I’ve helped ACP and it’s soldiers…I protect every ACP or allie from those other small armies…I talked to Fort. I knew this would happen. That’s why I’m tired of helping out. But I am still ACP. I’ve become friends with a lot of ACP. Anway check out my post now.

  8. Its ok dee. Ive been preparing for this day ever since Shadow posted it. I have many armies prepared and we are ready for war!


  9. Yeah, I don’t get this. They complain small armies haven’t made a commitment to ACP, but RPA has made a commitment to ACP. I wanted publicity for the CPUN and its members, but not like this.

  10. Do you really think I’d let my butt get kicked by some small army-ignoring ignoramus’? That’s why some small armies rebel against “The Great Five” because they’re being ignored by the bigger armies. Dee was supposed to make a post but there was an error. I watched him do it.

  11. Maybe this is why some penguins are Anti-ACP/Nachos/etc.. They might’ve been ignored by some of the large armies. Some “noob” armies are saying ACP attacked them years ago even if they just created an astro-second ago. Oh yeah, there’s an Anit-ACP army called WAD. That’s the army where I reported all the members of it. They were saying that note when you type “e” and “t”. Too bad they’re banned. lol
    (I have no idea what WAD means, and their leaders are Buddyx1, Buddyx2, Buddyx3, Buddyx4, Buddyx5 and Buddyx6)
    And they’re just black penguins with friendship bracelets. Annoyin little black penguins….

    I think their leaders are hackers, I just THINK. Also read my next comment or I might post that story of those annoyin’ penguins.

  12. I agreed with you

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