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ACP issue

This is a major issue guys.


Here are the reasons why people probably hate ACP nowadays.


1. SOME ACP soldiers like to bully others around (like every army does).

2. Noobs join ACP and think it’s all about attacking people which changes the look of ACP.

3. ACP haters frame ACP by dressing up as them and doing the wrong things to make ACP look bad.

4. Noobs attack ACP (ACP does fight back) which makes it look as if ACP started it.

Ok. there you go. Number 1 is a good reason. I know ACP soldiers used to bully people around. But the last time I saw that was like half a year ago. Anyway, not only ACP does that. Any other army members do.

Number 2. Most noobs don’t follow orders. They do not know the ACP policy that Oagalthorp had put on the blog. You can’t blame them. But some people are so sensitive that if a noob throws them a snowball, they create war. Some ACP noobs do this and make others angry. They like shouting out “ACP OWNS YOU!”. ACP soldiers do not do that. Anyway don’t blame em for pride. ^_^

Number 3. This is the present ok? After ACP were told to stop bullying people, the citizens riot. Anti ACP comes out. I’ve seen people frame ACP soldiers and go around saying “I’M EVIL. I’M EVIL.” Maybe ACP has stopped bad doings, but it’s probably too late.

Number 4. This is the thing I’m so angry about. When I go in (wearing green (RPA uniform)). Every time I go into the Dojo, people attack me for no reason. “ACP is EVIL!” *throws snoballs at me*. sometimes I get so frustrated that my keyboard shakes violently. Once I saw these three ACP soldiers come to the Dojo, takes a seat and talks about Yu-gi-oh. Then these lot come and start attacking them. They say: “Protect Club Penguin” *turns the three ACP soldiers into snowmen*. As you can see, ACP didn’t start it. Later, more armies come and start attacking ACP who didn’t do anything at all! Then they say “ACP IS EVIL” then more team up to defeat ACP.

If ACP was evil before, they aren’t anymore. There was a post saying that their policy was to be followed and that they should not attack citizens. Now they don’t. But it clearly shows that ACP is now different. ACP is good. But if you look at wars…”ACP ‘ARMY OF CUTE PUPPIES'” “ACP sucks!”. THAT is what you call bad. They say ACP likes to insult. I’ve never seen ACP insult anyone since a year ago. Then they say “ACP sucks bad!” “ACP is the worst!” “ACP has stupid soldiers!”. THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL INSULT! The citizens have turned evil and not ACP. You can see them make harsh comments. Oagalthorp saw this and he commented weeks ago saying that ACP has lost it’s great top-soldiers. He has also quit ACP and not just CP. ACP has a policy. It clearly states that in their ACP nation page. An original ACP soldier wouldn’t do anything bad.

I would join ACP in a time like this. They are the MOST HATED ARMY and they admitted that. Well,  ACP was the most successful army last year. Do not blame every bad thing ACP has done on all the ACP soldiers. Most are innocent. Some just don’t know how much it hurts to see innocent players in green get attacked and harshly insulted.


Well, let’s talk about this.


Also, what did they Nachos report? I didn’t see much posts about our war. Anyway, only MOCP is against them. But if they really wan to go against MOCP, we would probably have to help. MOCP is a CPUN member, and CPUN helps.




37 Responses

  1. P.S. How did the PW go?

  2. wow! I never looked at it that way!

  3. Well one thing is 30% of ACP attack any other army thats recruiting.

  4. im even in acp and i didnt know some of that…dang…

  5. I agree Mr Deedledoo. Although I get a little frustrated because we don’t have democracy.

  6. Well I learned this. I talked to Shadow. I asked him are the Nachos really evil because I’ve heard lots of complaints…I asked him why Nachos disrespect ACP. He said: “Nachos disrespect ACP and ACP disrespects Nachos and that’s it.”

  7. Im bak from my vacation and im ready to work!

  8. Also who won the practice war between CPR and UT?

  9. Nobody ever won. It never really happened because it was to late for most people involved in the practice war.


    CPR Supreme Commander

    CPUN Vice President

    UMA Private

  10. Ktman u joined UMA?!

  11. Red Raiders r against Nachos too but we dont worry about Nachos to much

  12. I think disrespect between ACP and Nachos is because of Akabob…and Oagalthorp. I don’t know why lots of people hate Oagalthorp. However I don’t think it matters if people hate Akabob he just hates ACP. Check out this army he created in
    April 2007 that failed: http://penguinforum.miniclip.com/showthread.php?t=7426

  13. I used to think he was evil but now I just think he’s mentally disturbed.
    Oh, and Mr Deedledoo maybe people thought you were ACP when you were in green.

  14. I’m not sure why people hate ACP. I’m an ACP Brigadier, and a RPF Marshal, and etc….. But I’ve never encountered problems with me. I wear green in a battle. The truth is that most higher up ACP doesn’t like noobs/. Its a fact. So the ones who dislilke them tend to organize ACP soldiers who “wipe them out”. I try to make friends with everyone, and join all so-called “noob” armies. However 1 major problem with ACP is that its hard to acheive REALLY high ranks starting form the lowest rank [corpoal] REALLY FAST. Fort became leader in a year just b/c Oagal quit. I started as Captain. I had a y-intercept. Most people start from the origin and have low rates. [I’M TALKING MATH PEOPLE, THOUGH ITS 8TH GRADE].So I’d advise you to join ACP. It is possible. Look at ACPE , he became a lieutenant in say 6 months? Thats 2 ranks up in 6 months. Its more than most have actually gotten. He’s lucky and so am I. I got active in April.
    PS I strongly encourage you guys to join my army http://secretservicesofclubpenguin.wordpress.com

  15. Jedi is right. And the reason most people start at the origin is because for many people (like me) ACP is our first army. The other major problem is the fact we aren’t really democratic.

  16. Yes I did.



  18. Color Peng told me that ACP was just attacked (including him) by a bunch of black bold players. Some had 5 accounts at the same time. reported….lol

    Col P banned em all

  19. Wow…good job Col P.

  20. And yes we need a peace meeting if we want the Nachos to call their war off.

  21. Yeh…I guess. I’ll try cathcing Shadow on chat.

  22. We should have a peace meeting with the Nachos in the CPUN Chat Box. We could invite them in a nice way and have an organized, and polite discussion about how we could make peace with eachother.


    CPR Supreme Commander

    CPUN Vice President

    UMA Private

  23. Wow I have to admit that Nachos are very organized. I think Nachos aren’t so serious about this war and is just trying to scare us so I’m not to serious about this either.


  24. The time has come, and we have executed Order 67.

  25. i hate peace

  26. Oagalthorp Had ACP nice and Strong, we need to get back where we started from.


    ~ITACHI6DARK, GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. How about it? the major armies we once looked up to wants to take us down… I hope the meeting is soon but I got my army ready just in case we do go to war.


  29. Here are some more reasons the Nachos have decided to declare war on us.
    1. Most of you have not tried to make a good commitment to the ANTA or the bigger armies. This is not a good reason because only bigger armies are allowed into ANTA, and making a good commitment to a bigger army isn’t really independence.

    2. You are stealing ANTA assigned servers w/o officially declaring war and making a scheduled battle. Okay, I thought the server owning thing was dropped because everyone thinks Oagalthorp did it to advantage ACP. But since you haven’t dropped the server owning thing, prove it’s happening.

    3. Smaller armies are starting to think they are better and are mocking it and then they get their ass kicked later. Most of you want war, so we’re going to give you a war. Not all small armies are just like Abe’s. Stop generalizing.

  30. Anyway, here are the options they gave us:
    Option 1: Surrender your army and end it

    Option 2: Surrender your army and start following ANTA rules.

    Option 3: Go to war, get unified, and have a chance of winning or losing.
    We can’t go for Option 1, otherwise, that’s giving in to cyberbullying. They can’t condemn us for not following ANTA rules because we don’t know what they are.

  31. I think there is hope because the Nachos’ reasons are wrong. But we shall see.

  32. Anyway, if we can’t convince Nachos that it isn’t neccesary to make a commitment to larger armies, here is the plan:
    Everyone makes a commitment to ACP, RPF, or UMA. That way we can get rid of one of their reasons without showing fear or giving into bullying.

  33. Anyway if people don’t like the link I am currently using for my name I will take it out if the war is called off or we win because I don’t agree with all of the views on the site, just some of them.

  34. i am still gonna give my all if they declare war with CPUN. i am not gonna give in cos they threaten alll small armies.

  35. I just realized something: The Nachos can’t force CPUN to go to war. We don’t have any territory. In fact, CPR thinks that it is a crime for an army to claim servers. If they can’t invade CPUN, how can we be forced to make war?

  36. Okay I need to know right now which armies among us claim servers. That way we can know if it is possible for them to force this war on us. If no one among us claims servers, that means they can’t force us.

  37. Ok. Many armies may say some armies think they own servers. Well here’ s one thing: RPA never sed it owned a server. Anyway this is different. It’s as if they’re telling us to bow down to ANTA…

    this is it…the large vs the small…I never dreamed of it…

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