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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Members of the board

Hey everyone.

We’re going to have to have a C.P.U.N. board where we can think things over. This is different from the GA representatives because…well they’re representatives. The board can only have leaders as members unless the leader does not want to and let’s someone else will replace him. We will be making the decisions and the activities for the C.P.U.N.. Once again, I will need the email of the leaders of each club/nation/team/army because I can’t hold this blog all by myself.

Here’s the positions in the board:


President- Mr Deedledoo (me)

Vice President-




Leaders can now run for either VP or Sec. If ever a candidate did not win by vote, he will be a member of the board. Please vote wisely. Members of a CPUN member’s team/club/nation/army can vote for their leader. If a person is voting they should submit their:


Army name:



I will be counting the number of votes. The future VP and Sec will be turned into Editors.


Goodluck to all of you! I can’t wait for the Royal Rumble.





28 Responses

  1. I am Ktman and I would like to to be the Vice President of the board.

    Army Name: Club Penguin Rangers (CPR)

    Name: Ktman

    Thank You!


    CPR Suprme Commander

  2. Army name:IPA


  3. I want vice pressident

  4. Stupid birds its 8 in the morning and there screamin chirpin its gettin on nerves . I wish i had a gun right now to shot those birds out of the sky

  5. I don’t think we should call the positions President, Vice President, etc. People might not want a president of Club Penguin. But why do we need a board? The General Assembly can think things over, and the Secretariat can arrange meetings and run the blog and stuff.

  6. Can I be Secretary?

    Army: Red Raiders (RR)
    Name: Itachi6dark
    email: sunnyboy7863@aol.com


  8. That’s sad.

  9. Can I run for Vice President, and if not secretary.
    ~Jedi [Ankita]

  10. The LCP just declared war on Red Raiders! Its on Saturday 1:00 pst. Will the Royal Rumble still go on? I have to accept the challenge or it’ll make my army look bad but i am really looking forward to the Royal Rumble! Wat do i do? Can u postpone the Practice war to next Saturday? Also I’ll need help at the war on Saturday if u guys can make it!

  11. nvm i didnt accept their challenge and said to have it the week after so the Royal Rumble can still go on!

  12. Mr Deedledoo…I don’t understand. What you want for the board is pretty much what the Secretariat and General Assembly already does.
    “We will be making the decisions and the activities for the C.P.U.N.”
    The General Assembly is supposed to make decisions for the CPUN (like whether they want to do a war) and the Secretariat is supposed to decide activities and stuff.

  13. We never have General Assemblies in the first place! So the board should be if in case we cant have a meeting and we have to choose wat to do. Also we need to choose caz Dee has a hard time handling the site on his own so he need helpers (Vice president and Secreatary)

  14. can i run to be a member of it



    Col. P

  16. Ok ok. Maybe we shouldn’t have a Board. We will stick to the GA. But, I still need a VP. And how many members are in the secretariat again? Sorry.


  17. Well here it is.
    VP- Ktman


    Those are the people who want to run for the position.
    I think ACPE1 mentioned that there are more members in the secretariat. I think we should still have a VP though. I just thought maybe we could have a President and a VP even though there is a GA because there really should be a head of the CPUN. And I need help with the blog. But I don’t know…How will we put it?


  18. Well I guess the board could be the Secretariat. And Itachi we have a General Assembly it just hasn’t had a meeting yet.

  19. can i be a member of the board

  20. Ok then. Well, we would need members in the Secretariat. So how will we get members to join the Secretariat? Also I’ making Itachi an Editor.


  21. kool im an editor! i wont let u down dee!

  22. No problem Tach.

  23. Why can’t I be an editor! I help just as much as Itachi around here and my army is one of the most actice members!


    CPR Supreme Commander

  24. And, when are we having this whole election.

  25. Hey Ktman. Sorry. I wasn’t able to add you. Just a sec.

    Well the election? I’m going to make a post of it right now.

  26. Can’t wait for the election! And thanks for the editor position!


    CPR Supreme Commander

  27. Well, now that we have Itachi and Ktman as editors I guess that means they’re part of Secretariat.

  28. i am Wombat 99 i would like to vice president

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